Episode 45.
          Constance Mackenzie celebrates her 36th birthday.

WA:       In the Harrington house, Leslie and his two sons breakfast in 
          silence.  With a court fight pending over Catherine 
          Harrington's will, her legacy of bitterness threatens to 
          destroy whatever harmony survives within her family. 

Intro:    The snow covered trees in front of the Harrington house. 

Scene 1:  The three Harrington men are having breakfast.  Norman gets up 
          to refill his glass and then sits down again at the table.  
          Norman tries to make small talk.  Norman asks if they knew that 
          "they scrape a ton of rust off the bridge over the Yukon each 
          year."  Leslie asks, "Why is this is suddenly so important?"  
          Norman gets up, goes to the closet, puts on his coat, and 
          leaves.  Rodney says he's going to see Betty to take some 
          pearls she forgot.  Leslie suggests mailing them to her.  
          Leslie hands Rodney the Blaine report.  Rodney glances at it.  
          He says, "I thought you hired him to find Betty, not spy on 
          her."  He tears up the report. 
Scene 2:  The outside of the Mackenzie house.  Then inside, Allison is 
          lighting a single candle to celebrate Constance's 36th 
          birthday.  Allison gives her mother a set of earrings.  A knock 
          at the back door, and Allison lets Mr. Baskin in.  He has some 
          long-stemmed American Beauties at nine dollars a dozen.  They 
          are from Michael Rossi.  Allison told her mother that it sort 
          of slipped out.  [He could have just looked at her medical 

Scene 3:  In the livingroom of the Anderson house, Rodney attempts to 
          return the cultured pearls that he had given to Betty.  Rodney 
          mentions the Blaine detective report.  Betty compares Rodney to 
          his father.  Betty says, "You're becoming a chip off the old 
          block."  Rodney slaps Betty.  Betty says there may be some hope 
          for Rodney if he feels insulted by being compared to his 
Scene 4:  In the Book Gallery, Matthew kisses Constance and wishes her 
          many joys and few sorrows.  They discuss Elliot.  Elliot comes 
          in and asks her to have birthday dinner with him that night.  
          She explains that she already has a date with Michael Rossi.  

Scene 5:  Rossi is working in his private office in the Peyton Place 
          Professional Building, as Betty walks comes in to see her 
          mother.  Rossi mentions that Julie has gone to GreenVale 
          sanitarium to see George.  They begin chatting.  Betty says she 
          is marking time.  They hear a girl crying and calling for her 
          mother.  Lucy Adams has cut her arm, running her sled into a 
          tree.  Betty calls her "Marcibel Lunchpocket."  The girl calms 
          down.  Betty asks Lucy if she is an Indian princess.  [We have 
          to assume she means an American indian, but that's not a clear 
          certainty.]  Lucy asks Betty what her name is.  [In episode 50, 
          Betty interviews with miss Choate to become a nurse's aide.] 

Scene 6:  Allison leaves the college movie theater alone and meets up 
          with Paul Hanley.  He opines that the movie had a depressing 
          ending.  He then speaks of the New York field trip.  Allison 
          says she saw a notice on the bulletin board and that only 
          regular students could attend.  Allison says that she thinks 
          her mother will let her go.  Paul offers to drive her home.  
          Paul assumed that Constance would be with Elliot Carson.  
          Allison says that her mother has a date with Dr. Rossi. 

Scene 7:  Dr. Rossi is entertaining Constance at dinner at an 
          unidentified restaurant.  It isn't the Inn.  Rossi talks 
          plainly about Elliot, Constance, and himself.  Constance talks 
          about Allison turning from punishment to salvation.  Constance 
          says that if Elliot killed Elizabeth, then she, Constance is to 
          blame.  Rossi wishes her a happy birthday.  They leave to go 
          back to the Mackenzie house.  
Scene 8:  At the Mackenzie house, Dr. Rossi and Constance get out of the 
          car.  Rossi walks Connie to her door and they say goodnight. 
          Inside, Allison gives Connie a present that she found on the 
          door step when Paul brought her home.  It is a book of poetry 
          from Elliot.  Allison asks if she can go to New York.  
          Constance says that she will think about it.  The chaperon will 
          be Paul Hanley, the Drama Club faculty advisor.  Allison 
          mentions that Connie went to New York when she was Allison's 
          age.  This would make Constance 36.  Constance goes upstairs. 
Preview:  Leslie talks to Julie.  Allison talks to Matthew.  Elliot 
          tells Eli that he is a grandfather. 
          LH:  I suppose you're right but the damage is done now.
          JA:  I came here to ask just one thing, Les.  No more damage.  
               Not to my daughter. 
          AM:  I have a right to know.
          MS:  You do not.  If your mother wants to tell you, something 
               she will.  If she doesn't want to tell you, she darn well 
               doesn't have to. 
          EC:  Your are a grandfather.  Allison Mackenzie 
               is your granddaughter. 
          Eli: No.

Mr. Baskin, florist deliveryman.
Lucy Adams.
Constance celebrates her 36th birthday with Dr. Rossi.
Betty slaps Rodney.