Episode 46.
          Eli Carson leaves for Florida.

WA:       Every day the 10:05 local crawls down the grade into Peyton 
          Place to pick up freight, passengers, and mail.  Today, one of 
          its passengers, old Eli Carson, a man who may be leaving Peyton 
          Place forever.  But neither Eli nor Allison Mackenzie, now on 
          her way to say goodbye to him, know at this moment, how much of 
          his life he may be leaving behind. 
Intro:    The train is steaming into Peyton Place.  Allison is on her way 
          to the Chandlery. 
Scene 1:  Allison goes into the Chandlery and talks to Eli.  She tells 
          him goodbye and leaves.  Eli says that Elliot's mother died 
          and Elliot went to the navy.  Eli tells him not to waste his 
          life.  Elliot tells Eli that Allison Mackenzie is his 
          granddaughter.  Elliot followed Constance to New York.  
          Constance's mother had sent her to New York to break them up.  
          Eli puts on his overcoat and then he leaves. 
Scene 2:  In the Book Gallery Allison and Constance argue about New York.  
          Constance mentions Lucy Frisby who is coming in for a book.  
          Leaving Allison in charge, Constance goes on an errand.  
          Matthew taps on the window and goes into the book store.  
          Allison tells Matthew that Constance always gets uncomfortable 
          when she mentions New York.  Allison says it is unfair.  That 
          she has a right to know what happened in New York.  Matthew 
          tells her she doesn't. 

Scene 3:  Julie Anderson is now Dr. Rossi's secretary, and Betty comes in 
          to see her mother and to send a box of chocolates to her 
          father, George.  Julie is going to see George.  They talk 
          briefly and Dr. Rossi comes out of his office.  Rossi says 
          he'll be back at 1:00 so Julie can visit with George as long as 
          she wants.  Rossi talks a moment more and leaves.  Julie says 
          that she enjoys working for Rossi.  Betty speaks of her 
          annulment from Rodney. 
Scene 4:  In the Chandlery, Robert Wainwright, Peyton's Boston lawyer, 
          comes to visit Elliot.  They talk about the trial of Elliot for 
          the murder of Elizabeth Hanley Carson.  Wainwright has studied 
          the transcript.  He asks Elliot if he has any idea who the man 
          was that visited Elizabeth that night.  Elliot says no.  
          Wainwright starts to leave.  Elliot detains him by asking if he 

Scene 5:  In the Harrington house, Leslie talks to his lawyer, Theodore 
          Dowell.  They talk about his relationship with Elizabeth 
          Carson.  The door chimes ring.  Norman comes down the stairs 
          and admits Elliot Carson.  Elliot asks Norman to see Leslie.  
          Leslie greets Elliot.  Elliot greets and shakes hands with 
          Theodore Dowell.  Dowell excuses himself and leaves.  
          Leslie tells Norman to go do his homework.  Elliot asks Leslie 
          how well he knew Elizabeth Carson.  Leslie says that Elizabeth 
          went to school with his sister, Laura Brooks.  Elliot tells him 
          that Peyton's attorney, Wainwright had been to see him.  Leslie 
          says he never had anything to do with Elliot's wife.  [This is, 
          of course, a lie].  Leslie offers Elliot a drink.  He declines 
          and leaves. 

Scene 6:  A small fire is burning in the fireplace at beach house that 
          Dr. Rossi is renting from the Carsons.  A man stumbles over the 
          snow shovel.  Hearing the noise, Rossi looks out the window and 
          sees a visitor approach.  It is Paul Hanley.  Rossi opens the 
          door and Paul introduces himself saying that his sister used to 
          live there.  Rossi offers him a drink.  Paul asks Rossi if he 
          enjoys living there.  Paul says that he wouldn't.  Not because 
          of the memories, but because of all the clutter.  Paul speaks 
          in french saying, 

          "Plus les choses changent, plus elles sont les mêmes." 

          Rossi translates into English.  

          "The more things change, the more they stay the same."  

          Paul asks Dr. Rossi if he [Rossi] is a "pilgrim" or a "wayfarer."
          A pilgrim has a destination.  Paul, allows that he himself, is 
          a wayfarer with no destination.  Rossi asked why he came there.  
          This is a very strange conversation.  Elliot shows up, knocks, 
          and is invited in.  Paul excuses himself and leaves.  
          [In the next episode, Rossi offers Elliot a drink.  They talk 
          about how strange Paul is.  Elliot is trying to prove he is not 
          a murderer.  Elliot tells Rossi he must move back into his 
Preview:  Matthew talks with Elliot.  Elliot talks to Allison.  Leslie's 
          lawyer, Theodore Dowell talks with Betty and Rodney. 
          MS:  I just talked to Elliot Carson.  He said that Paul Hanley 
               saw him leave your house the other night.  He asked a lot 
               of question.  And Elliot thinks he might find some 
          EC:  I knew men like him in prison.  They want to destroy 
               everything clean and decent.  You'd be a prime target for 
               a man like Paul Hanley. 
          TD:  Are you sure you want to go through with this?  Have you 
               thought about grounds? 
          BA:  Sir, there was fraud.  He thought I was going to have the 
William Robert Wainwright-Gregory Morton.
As mentioned in the narration, in 1965 mail was still being carried by 
  train.  This practice has been superceded by airplanes.  Old western 
  movies often showed the mail cars.