Episode 47.
          Elliot tells Rossi that he wants his beach cottage back. 

WA:       When Michael Rossi rented the beach house he wasn't concerned 
          about its history.  He simply liked the solitude, the 
          atmosphere.  But there are others drawn to the same house 
          though for different reasons. 
Intro:    The marina.  The beach house with Rossi and Hanley. 
Scene 1:  A continuation of last scene of the previous episode.  At the 
          beach house, Elliot comes in, they speak and Paul leaves.  
          Rossi offers Elliot a drink.  Rossi downplays why Paul was 
          there.  Elliot says he has to prove he is innocent.  Elliot 
          says, "Rossi, this is my house."  Rossi says, "Do you want me 
          to move out?"  Elliot says, "I've got to move in.  All this 
          time, you must have known I was coming home." 
Scene 2:  At the Mill, Julie visits Leslie in his office.  She said she 
          tried phoning the house and they said he was at the mill.  He 
          asks of George.  They discuss the settlement and Detective 
          Blaine's report.  Julie has come to ask that Leslie do no more 
          damage to Betty.  He gives her what he calls the last remaining 
          copies of the report.  He asks to see her smile. She says it is 
Scene 3:  The square, the Pillory.  Rodney comes into lawyer Theodore 
          Dowell's office to sign the annulment papers.  Betty is 
          waiting.  They talk.  Dowell's elderly secretary brings papers 
          to Betty to read.  The secretary says the hearing will be in 
          Judge Whitley's chambers.  Dowell comes in.  He says everything 
          is in order.  He asks if they have thought everything over.  
          They discuss grounds.  Fraud.  Failure to fulfill obligations 
          of marital relationship.  Betty asks to leave.  She leaves.  
          Dowell says that no matter what the court says, the marriage 
          will never be over. 
Scene 4:  Julie Anderson has brought a box of chocolates to George in the 
          sanitarium.  The chocolates are from Betty.  Dr. Kessler comes 
          in and George leaves.  

          The doctor assures Julie that George is making good progress 
          and he would benefit by a trial visit home.  He should be ready 
          in a week or two, perhaps.  Julie asks if that might be a 
          little too soon.  Kessler tells her that George will need 
          patience, understanding, and love. 
Scene 5:  In front of the Clarion, Allison runs into Elliot.  Allison 
          asks Elliot why he asked Paul for a ride.  She says that she 
          knows that Elliot doesn't like Paul.  Elliot admits that she is 
          right.  He does dislike Paul.  Elliot says that Paul is 
          vicious, like the men in prison.  Elliot tells Allison to stay 
          away from Paul.  Allison asks if Elliot will wish her luck on 
          the trip to New York.  Elliot says, "Absolutely not". 

Scene 6:  Matthew comes in the Chandlery to visit Elliot.  They discuss 
          the advisability of telling Allison the truth.  Elliot says he 
          can thank Matthew for his getting out of prison.  They discuss 
          Paul Hanley, and the magic number 18. 
Scene 7:  Constance is trying to install tape in the cash register.  Dr. 
          Rossi comes in and offers to help.  Rossi tells her that he is 
          moving from the beach house and will be staying at the Colonial 
          Post Inn.  He gets the tape installed and proclaims that the 
          patient will live.  Constance thanks him and he leaves.  
          Matthew Swain comes in to visit.  Matthew tells Constance that 
          she must tell Allison the simple and bitter truth. 
Scene 8:  After hours, attorney William Robert Wainwright knocks on the 
          Pharmacy door and and is admitted by Calvin Hanley.  They talk 
          about Elizabeth.  As Wainwright leaves, Elliot shows up, greets 
          Wainwright, and chats for a moment.  Elliot then forces his way 
          into the Pharmacy.  Elliot argues viciously with Calvin Hanley. 
Preview:  Elliot talks with Paul Hanley.  Allison talks with Constance.   
          Leslie talks with Calvin. 
          EC:  What are you trying to get at Paul?
          PH:  The truth.
          EC:  When I needed the truth from you, you were afraid of it.
          PH:  I've never been afraid of it.
          EC:  Your voice is shaking, Paul.

          AM:  We're strange.  The widow Mackenzie and her chaste young
          CM:  Allison.
          AM:  You say you want me to live my life.  And the minute I 
               try, you stop me cold.
          LH:  I think you're threatening me.
          CH:  I certainly am Mr. Harrington.  Unless you do something 
               to stop this, I promise you my daughter's reputation 
               won't be the only thing dragged through the mud. 
Attorney William Robert Wainwright-Gregory Morton.
Theodore Dowell's elderly secretary talks with Betty and Rodney.
Dr. Kessler-John Zaremba.