Episode 48.
          Paul finally pays his bill at the Book Gallery.

WA:       As the working day ends for Calvin Hanley, he confronts the 
          man who married his daughter and served a prison sentence 
          for murdering her. 
Intro:    The square in Peyton Place. 
Scene 1:  Calvin Hanley is closing the door of his Pharmacy when 
          Elliot forces his way in.  Elliot insists that Leslie was 
          seeing Elizabeth.  Calvin maintains that Elliot killed her.  
          Elliot continues to insist that he didn't.  Elliot says 
          someone planted the idea in Paul that Elliot killed her.  
          Elliot leaves and Hanley looks through his Rolodex®.  
          Hanley telephones Leslie Harrington. 
Scene 2:  Hanley goes to the Harrington house, is let in by Christine 
          Gordon and talks to Leslie.  Leslie tells him that 
          Catherine wrote a letter to Martin telling him of Leslie's 
          relationship with Elizabeth.  Calvin threatens him.  At 
          this point, Norman comes in, interrupting the conversation.  
          The Peyton Place high school basketball team won.  They are 
          in second place.  Norman tries to find out what is going 
          on.  Leslie says that he is protecting the interests of 
          Norman and Rodney in a business matter. 
Scene 3:  Using a hand puppet, Betty sings to Lucy Adams. 
                  Eat your breakfast with a smile,
                  And you'll feel better in a while.
                  When you're well as well can be,
                  You'll go home so happily.

                  Happy doodle doodle dee,
                  Sing and sing so happily,
                  Happy doodle, doodle dee,
                  Sing and sing this song with me.
          [Speaking].  Come on Lucy please sing a song with me.
                  Happy doodle doodle dee,
                  Sing and sing so happily,
                  Happy doodle doodle dee,
                  We are jolly as can be.  [Rossi chimes in.]
          Rossi comes in and refers to Betty with the honorarium, 
          "Nurse."  A "bona fide" nurse comes in to give Lucy a bath.  
          Rossi asks if Betty ever considered becoming a nurses aide.  
          She said no, she thought it required some kind of special 

Scene 4:  Paul Hanley meets up with Constance on the street.  He says 
          that he has finally come to pay his bill.  Constance turns 
          up the heat then begins to talk with him about Allison.  
          His balance is $45.25.  Constance tells him that she lived 
          on Washington square so Paul assumed she knew the village.  
          He writes a check.  He asks if he can show Allison around 
          New York.  Constance tells him, she isn't going.  They talk 
          some more.  Paul is insistent that Allison be allowed to 
          go.  Constance is determined.  She tells him that Allison 
          is too young.  She tells him good day to get rid of him.  
          He says, "Good day, Mrs. Mackenzie.  As soon as Paul 
          leaves, Constance phones Elliot at the chandlery to tell 
          him that Paul had been there and had some disturbing 
          comments.  He says he will be right over and abruptly hangs 
Scene 5:  Elliot immediately goes over to the Book Gallery and 
          discusses Paul and Allison with Constance.  They know that 
          Paul Hanley suspects something.  Elliot says, "You're not 
          going to let her go to New York with him, are you?"  
          Constance says no.  Elliot says that Paul is a twisted boy.  
Scene 6:  Peyton's attorney, William Wainwright, is talking to his 
          tape recorder.  Norman knocks and is let in.  Wainwright is 
          unusually friendly.  Norman wants to offer his help in 
          finding the truth.  They talk about Catherine's competancy.  
          Norman asks why Calvin Hanley would have come to visit 
          Leslie, late at night. 
Scene 7:  Wainwright comes into the Pharmacy to talk to Calvin 
          Hanley.  A lady, Mrs. Miller, pays and leaves.  Hanley said 
          that he told Wainwright to stay away.  Robert Wainwright 
          tells Hanley that he will be at the Inn.  Calvin wants to 
Scene 8:  Allison is in the kitchen as Constance comes in.  She is 
          fixing Beef Stroganoff.  Constance tells Allison she can't 
          go to New York.  She doesn't think Paul is reliable.  
          Allison thinks that may be why she is drawn to him. 
Scene 9:  Paul runs into Elliot on the street.  Paul tells Elliot that 
          he has won.  Allison is not going to New York with the drama 
          club.  Elliot says it has nothing to do with him.  He asks 
          Paul why he was afraid in court.  He asks if Calvin still hits 
          him with a belt.  Elliot tells Paul that Paul needs him as 
          much as he needs Paul.  Calvin comes out of the Pharmacy and 
          collapses.  Paul says, "Father, Father."  Calvin assumes 
          ambient temperature. 
Preview:  Norman talks to Leslie.  Allison talks to Constance.  Judge 
          Whitley annuls the marriage.  Betty responds.
          NH:  Dad, if you try to prove that mother didn't know what 
               she was doing, I'll testify against you.
          AM:  It wasn't so long ago, I used to say, "I love you."  
               You remember, I love you. 
          JW:  The marriage entered into by Rodney and Betty Harrington 
               is hereby dissolved.  Plaintiff is restored the use of 
               her maiden name. 
          BA:  That's all?

Lucy Adams, the girl involved in sled accident-uncredited
Marcibel Lunchpocket-hand puppet.
William Robert Wainwright-Gregory Morton.