Episode 50.
          Elliot finds Elizabeth's diary.
WA:       The second night after his father's funeral, Paul Hanley sat in 
          the moonlit room the old man had lived in for so many years.  
          Then he opened the trunk Calvin always kept locked away in the 
          closet.  The memories set loose will drive Paul Hanley to an 
          act that will change the lives of many in Peyton Place. 

Intro:    Outside the Hanley apartment over the Pharmacy.  Inside, Paul 
          opens the trunk. 
Scene 1:  Paul, reaches in the trunk and removes his sister's wedding 
          veil.  Paul imagines hearing the voice of his sister, 
          Elizabeth, reciting her marriage vows.  He imagines hearing his 
          fathers voice saying, "You did the right thing.  The only 
Scene 2:  Constance comes in Rossi's outer office.  Rossi is with Abby 
          Chapman, a patient who has laryngitis but wants to become a 
          cheerleader.  Julie tells Constance to wait.  It shouldn't be 
          long.  Julie tells Constance that Betty has gone into nurses 
          aide training.  She says she is not worried about George.  She 
          is worried about herself.  Rossi and the girl come out of the 
          office.  Rossi sees Constance. 
Scene 3:  At the hospital, Dr. Rossi knocks and goes into miss Esther 
          Choate's office and talks with her about hiring Betty Anderson.  
          [Nursing Director Esther Choate's first appearance in the 
Scene 4:  Sign on door:    DR. R. B. MORTON

          In Dr. Robert Morton's office, Norman Harrington talks with the 
          doctor about his deceased mother.  He is worried about Leslie 
          filing incompetence papers. 
Scene 5:  In the corridor of Doctors Hospital, Betty comes for a job 
          interview with miss Choate who is the head nurse.  Betty talks 
          to the nurse on duty at the Information Desk.  As she is 
          waiting, Norman walks up and visits with her.  The nurse tells 
          Betty she can now go in and talk with miss Choate.        

          In Nursing director, miss Choate's office, the interview is 
          held.  Choate is rude, curt, and hostile to Betty.  Choate 
          tells her the job pays $237 per month.
          Betty comes out into the corridor and talks with Dr. Rossi.  
          Betty says she didn't impress Miss Choate.  He has her fill out 
          the application right then.  He goes in to see miss Choate.  
          She says she wants to study the application.  Miss Choate 
          doesn't see anything about Betty to indicate that she will work 
          out.  Rossi thanks her and leaves. 

Scene 6:  At Peyton College, Allison goes in to see Paul Hanley.  She 
          extends her sympathy for the death of his father.  Paul doesn't 
          accept it well.  Paul says as death is a terrible waste of time 
          for the living.  Paul says he is at least four days behind in 
          his work.  He asks her if she had really expected tears from 
          him.  Allison turns and leaves. 
          Rodney speaks to Allison in the hall.  He said it is too bad 
          about Paul's father.  He offers her a ride home.  She says she 
          isn't going home.  He then offers her a ride to the store.  
          Allison says that Rodney is angry.  He tells her to be herself.  
          Rodney says he isn't married now and that he would like to see 
          her again.  She agrees to accept his ride to the village 
Scene 7:  Paul Hanley sneaks into the beach cottage and leaves a small 
          package on Elliot's desk.  We aren't told at this time, but it 
          is his late sister's diary.  He manages to get away without 
          being discovered. 
Scene 8:  Rodney has driven Allison to the square and they talk.  Rodney 
          tells Allison that he enjoys being with her.  He asks her to go 
          skiing with him Saturday, at Mt. Griswald.  He says that he 
          hasn't been there all year.  She thanks him and gets out.  
          [Another skiing option was Sutter's Hill as mentioned by Betty 
          Anderson in the following episode.] 
Scene 9:  In front of the Book Gallery, Allison speaks to Elliot and 
          tells him she knows of a boy at school who has a $75.00 car for 
          sale.  She says it is a long way to the beach house and he 
          needs a car.  Elliot says he has already moved in and he has 
          just bought one for $50.00.  She says "That is a very good 
          price."  She goes in the Book Gallery. 
          Allison talks with her mother about Elliot Carson.  She says 
          that Elliot has already moved into the beach house.  Constance 
          says that Elliot has a great deal on his mind.  Allison wants 
          to invite Elliot to dinner.  Allison tells her mother that 
          Rodney has invited her to so skiing Saturday.
Scene 10: Elliot arrives home at the beach house, lights a fire, and 
          finds the diary.  He looks around the room cautiously and 
          unwraps the diary.  It is wrapped in an 18-year-old Clarion 
          newspaper with the headline: 
                      ELIZABETH CARSON MURDERED 

Preview:  Leslie talks with Dr. Robert Morton.  Betty talks with Dr. 
          Rossi.  Elliot talks with attorney old Robert Wainwright. 
          LH:  And it would be very unfortunate if you were to 
               testify on Catherine's behalf.
          RM:  Which means?
          LH:  You and I both know that your incorrect diagnosis was 
               largely responsible for Catherine's death. 
          BA:  Doctor, she was on duty the night I lost the baby.
          MR:  She mentioned that.
          EC:  If I let you use this diary against Leslie Harrington,  
               I want you to use it for me. 
          RW:  If it's all in here we have a deal.
Mt. Griswald-Skiing locale.

Abby Chapman, Allison's friend-Melinda Plowman, uncredited.
  Abby Chapman is probably the daughter of Gail Chapman, epi 49.
Atty. Robert Wainwright.