Episode 51.
          Elliot finds the diary of his late wife.

WA:       Within his lonely beach cottage, Elliot Carson is making an 
          important discovery.  On his table, someone has placed a 
          package.  Its crude wrapping vividly recalled the tragedy that 
          sent Elliot to prison.  Inside is a diary, the intimate secrets 
          of the murdered woman who was Elliot's wife.   

Intro:    The ocean.  Elliot drives up in his $50 coupe and goes into the 
          cottage.  He finds the diary of Elizabeth Hanley Carson wrapped 
          in an old Peyton Place Clarion.  The headline reads as follows: 
                          ELIZABETH CARSON MURDERED
Scene 1:  Elliot reads the diary and the voice of Elizabeth is heard 
          speaking the words. 
                Tomorrow, Elliot comes home.  I wonder if he thinks 
                everything will be just the same.  
                Home is the hero and the town put on quite a 
                show.  The local authorities who were so glad 
                he was out of the way, were shaking his hand 
                today, telling him how happy there were to see 
                him back. 
                The gossips have been at it.  Elliot thinks 
                there have been other men.  Well what did he 
                expect.  Four years is a long time.  Now Elliot 
                feels it's one man. 
                We had a row about it just before he left for 
                New York.  I was almost tempted to tell him who 
                it was, just to see the look on his face. 
                Leslie just phoned.  He thinks Catherine's found 
                out about us and insists on coming here tonight 
                to talk things out.  Well we'll talk thing out 
                all right. 
                But If he thinks he is going to break this off, 
                he is due for a shock.  I have landed the biggest 
                fish in Peyton Place.  Why should I let him off the 

          Elliot silently expresses the name Leslie Harrington.

Scene 2:  At the mansion, Dr. Robert Morton talks to Leslie about 
          Norman's testifying in the competency hearing for Catherine.  
          He looks at the portrait of Samuel Peyton.  Morton says that he 
          will have to testify about Catherine.  Leslie makes a veilled 
          threat about Morton's competency.  Morton admits that he failed 
          Catherine as a doctor. 
Scene 3:  Nurse Choate talks to Betty in her own very special nasty way.  
          Betty failed to give a patient a scheduled alcohol rub.  The 
          patient had told Betty she didn't want the rub at that time.  
          Choate says that she tries not to make moral judgments about 
          her patients.  Choate reminds Betty that she is there only on a 
          trial basis. 

Scene 5:  Rodney talks to Norman while waxing his skis.  Raodney says 
          that he is planning to take Allison up to Mt. Griswald to go 
          skiing.  Norman picks up a cue stick and makes a shot of the 
          pool table.  He ask Norman to go with them.  Norman calls 
          Rodney golden boy.  Rodney tells Norman that he is a good 
          skier.  Norman says he is tired of going down hill. 

Scene 4:  In the Book Gallery, John Pearson is trying to sell a large 
          book order to Constance.  Allison is wrapping packages.  
          Pearson asks Constance to dinner, but she declines.  Pearson 
          says goodbye and leaves.  

          Rodney honks and Allison goes outside. Rodney is parked in 
          front of the real estate office.  A "Property management" sign 
          is painted on the window.  He talks about Paul Hanley and waxes 
          poetical.  Allison laughs.  Betty walks up and speaks briefly 
          with Allison and Rodney.  Betty tells them that she is now 
          working at the hospital.  Allison tells Rodney that Constance 
          told her that Betty is a nurse's aid.  Rodney helps Allison in 
          the car with their skis on top.  Rodney wonders is nurse's 
          aides get paid. 
Scene 6:  Betty goes in to Rossi's outer office and talks with Julie 
          about Allison and Rodney.  It makes Betty seem older.  Betty 
          wants to talk with Dr. Rossi.  Betty says that George is coming 
          home for a first visit and that she is fixing roast beef.  
          Betty thinks that Julie is frightened.  Rossi escorts a miss 
          Lane out of his inner office.  He greets Betty and offers to 
          let Betty and her mother go to lunch.  

          Betty asks to talk with the doctor a moment.  Betty goes in his 
          inner office and tells him that the work at the hospital is not 
          for her.  Rossi wants the whole truth.  Betty explains that 
          miss Choate doesn't like her and is being mean to her.  Rossi 
          tries to smooth things over and Betty agrees to stay. 
Scene 7:  Betty and Julie go out on the street and walk past the Clarion 
          and the Ships Chandlery. 

Scene 8:  Elliot turns the Chandlery OPEN sign over.  He talks with 
          Mr. William Wainwright, Mr. Peyton's attorney, about Elizabeth 
          and Leslie.  Elliot asks where Wainwright first got the idea 
          that Leslie was seeing Elizabeth.  Elliot tells Wainwright that 
          he has Elizabeth's diary.  He says that he came back to Peyton 
          Place for just one reason.  He wants to trade the diary for 
          getting his case re-opened, that he is not guilty of murder.  
          Elliot and Wainwright come to an agreement and make a deal.  
          Wainwright agrees to help. 
Scene 9:  Leslie drives up in front of Chandlery and sees attorney 
          William Wainwright coming out and shaking Elliot's hand.  He 
          has a worried look. 
Prewview: Leslie talks with Constance in front of the mantle with the 
          photograph of Mr. Mackenzie.  Rodney talks with Allison.  
          Dr. Rossi talks to Paul. 
          LH:  Constance, you're the only person who can keep Elliot  
               Carson from using that diary.
          CM:  I can't.
          LH:  You can't.  Allison's mother.  

          AM:  I can't.  That would be pretending. 
          RH:  You know, in another moment, you're going to have me 
               believing that I'm on a blind date with a girl I've 
               never met before.  

          PH:  You have been enjoying a social acquaintance with the 
               lovely Mrs. Mackenzie.
          MR:  You have been going around looking for trouble.  Now 
               do you want it from me or do you care where it comes 
Mr. John Pearson, book salesman-uncredited, also seen in episode 85.
Miss Lane, patient of Dr. Rossi-uncredited.
William Robert Wainwright-Gregory Morton.