Episode 52.
          First appearance of Rita Charmaine Jacks.  Leslie collapses 
          Norman's house of cards with a ten-dollar bill. 

WA:       In Peyton Place, the Peyton Mill represents wealth and power.  
          And over the years, Leslie Harrington has learned to take that 
          wealth and power for granted.  Perhaps too much for granted. 
Intro:    The mill whistle. 
Scene 1:  In the office at the mill, attorney William Wainwright tells 
          Leslie to drop the codicil fight.  He says that he has access 
          to Elizabeth Carson's diary.  He has seen the diary.  Elizabeth 
          suspected that Leslie wanted to drop the relationship.  He 
          tells Leslie that the diary says that she wasn't going to let 
          him drop her. 
Scene 2:  At the mansion, Norman is building a house of cards, and 
          singing "Kicking my Dog Around," as Leslie comes down the 
          stairs.  Leslie tells Norman that he won't be home tonight.  He 
          is going to a Community Society dinner.  Norman mentions his 
          mother.  He offers Norman ten dollars so he can take a date out 
          tonight.  Leslie drops the ten spot on the card house 
          collapsing it. 

          The phone rings.  Norman answers as "International Airport."  
          It is Bud.  Norman is sarcastic.  Ellen has a friend from 
          Boston and he sets up a double date with Norman and Ellen's 
Scene 3:  Stock footage of skiers skiing.  At the Mt. Griswald lodge, a 
          folksinger, singing and playing the guitar.  At the lodge, 
          Rodney and Allison have been skiing.  The folksinger continues.  

Scene 4:  Norman and Bud arrive at the Shoreline Cafe but there is no 
          Ellen's friend.  Kitch Brunner is at the table.  
          Kitch tells Rita to go and invite Norman to come over to their 
          table.  Rita goes over.  She says she has been working at the 
          Woodfinch dime store since September.  She says Norman likes 
          books and Allison Mackenzie.  Kitch sarcastically thanks Norman 
          for having such a great dad.  He invites Norman to join him and 
          his friends at their table. 
Scene 5:  Paul Hanley asks Rossi to have a drink with him.  Rossi says he 
          is now staying at the Inn.  Paul rambles on about Elliot moving 
          into the beach cottage and about Constance.  Rossi scolds Paul.  
          Rodney and Allison come in and Paul excuses himself.  Rodney is 
          looking for Norman.  Rossi joins them.  
Scene 6:  At the Shoreline, Rita calls Kitch a rat.  He had put something 
          in Norman's drink.  Norman has found a girl to dance with.  
          Rita says "don't" to Norman to deter him from drinking his 
          spiked drink.  Norman invites them all to his house.  He asks 
          if she isn't his friend.  Rita tells Norman to get out.  Kitch 
          tells Rita she'll be sorry. 
Scene 7:  In her living room, Constance turns off the large-screen 
          [for the time] TV and goes to the window when she hears a 
          noise outside.  The doorbell rings and she ushers Leslie 
          in.  Leslie mentions that his father died when he was only 
          ten.  He has just been to a dinner.  Referring to the 
          picture on the mantle, he allows that Mr. Mackenzie was a 
          fine looking man.  Continuing he tells Constance that they 
          have a problem.  Constance asks "Allison and Rodney?"  He 
          talks about Catherine and the letter, and now the diary.  
          Leslie says that Elliot followed her to New York.  He says 
          that she is the only person that can keep Elliot from using 
          that diary.  He threatens to expose who Allison's father 
          was.  He wants Constance to talk to Elliot about 
          Elizabeth's diary. 
Prewview: Rodney talks to Allison.  Leslie talks to Constance.  Kitch 
          Brunner hassles Norman. 
          RH:  Am I wrong, Allison Mackenzie, or is life taking on a 
               rosy glow again.  Am I wrong?
          AM:  Huh, Huh.  A very rosy glow.
          LH:  Tomorrow afternoon, Constance.  I've got to have the 
               diary by then.  I won't have my family threatened either. 
          CM:  Your family, or yourself?  
          KB:  What Shoreline
          NH:  I changed my mind.
          KB:  We thought we made a new friend.  Change it back again. 
          NH:  Let me go, will you? 
Ellen, teenager
Bud, teenager
Kitch Brunner-Mickey Dolenz-[the Monkees].
Woodfinch Five and Dime store-Rita Jacks