Episode 53.
          Norman gets roughed up.  Second appearance of Rita Jacks. 

WA:       Constance Mackenzie and Leslie Harrington have known each 
          other many years.  And they've always appeared to be 
          friends.  Tonight the mask of friendship has been savagely 
          torn away. 

Intro:    The Constance Mackenzie house. 

Scene 1:  Leslie assures Constance that he didn't kill Elizabeth.  
          Leslie insists that Constance to talk with Elliot.  He 
          threatens to expose Allison's embarassing heritage if he 
          doesn't have the diary by the next day.  Having completed 
          his mission, Leslie leaves. 
Scene 2:  Constance calls Elliot but doesn't stay on the line long enough 
          for him to answer.  Elliot picks up the phone, but he is too 
Scene 3:  In Rodney's car, Rodney talks with Allison.  Rodney walks her 
          to the gate of the Mackenzie residence. 
Scene 4:  In a drunken stupor caused by a spiked drink, Norman is 
          stumbling home by the square.  Leslie drives in his car by but 
          doesn't see or hear Norman.  Another car drives up with Kitch, 
          Rita, and the others.  They jump Norman and tie him to the 
Scene 5:  Constance calls Elliot again.  This time he answers.  She says 
          she'll come over.  Allison comes in interrupting the call.  
          They talk. 

Scene 6:  Paul Hanley walks onto the square sees Norman dangling from the 
          Pillory.  His right wrist is tied to the left wrist hole of the 
          Pillory.  Paul asks Norman what happened.  He proceedes to take 
          Norman to the hospital. 
Scene 7:  In the hospital, Rossi is examining Norman.  Betty is 
          assisting.  Betty asks the duty nurse, miss Juris, if there is 
          a room available for Norman Harrington.  There is.  She will 
          have room 212 made up.  Paul walks up and they talk for a 
          moment.  Leslie comes in and talks to Betty for a moment then 
          Betty leaves.  Paul comes back and introduces himself to 
          Leslie.  He said he was the one who brought Norman in. 
          [The place in the hall which has an elevator later in the 
          series, has only a door at this time.  The wall beyond the 
          double entrance door has a picture instead of the directory 
          which was installed later in the series.]  Leslie thanked him.  
          Leslie expressed his condolences to Paul for the death of his 
          father.  Rossi comes out and said Norman has a few bruises.  
          Rossi tells Leslie that Norman was drugged and should stay in 
          the hospital, at least over night.  The nurses' phone rings and 
          is answered by a nurse who identifies herself as miss Juris.  
          Rodney comes in and talks to Leslie.  Rossi tells Norman it was 
          a police matter.  Norman is reluctant to tell who did this to 
          him.  Betty talks to Norman.  Norman tells Betty that he wishes 
          she was still his sister-in-law.  Rossi speaks to Leslie again.  
          Betty talks to Rodney and tells Leslie he can go in see Norman.   
          As Leslie goes in, Norman is washing his face as Leslie comes 
          in.  Norman says he was at the Shoreline.  Norman says he was 
          not with the Shoreline crowd.  Leslie asserts that he loved 
          Norman's mother. 
Scene 8:  At the cottage, Elliot hears Constance, goes to the door and 
          lets her in.  They talk about the diary and about Allison.  
          Elliot gives Constance the diary and she says she can't take 
          it.  Constance tells Elliot that she knows that he did not kill 
          Elizabeth.  Elliot says, "No one can force you to give him that 
          diary."  Constance says, "How can we stop him?"  Elliot says, 
          "I'll stop him."  Constance says, "How?"  Elliot says, "I'll 
          stop him." 

Preview:  Betty and Julie talk to George about the annulment.  Constance 
          talks to Matthew Swain.  Elliot threatens Leslie. 
          BA:  Rodney and I had our marriage annulled.  
          GA:  You had your marriage annulled?
          JA:  We thought it was the best thing for all concerned, 
          GA:  Annulled?
          MS:  And he came here to threaten you?
          CM:  He told me to persuade Elliot to give him that diary 
               or he would tell what he knew about Allison. 

          EC:  Didn't you think it was dangerous to come here alone 
               and face a convicted murderer?  Answer me. 

Nurse Juris-uncredited.