Episode 54.
          George comes home for a visit. 

WA:       It is very late on a Saturday night.  Constance Mackenzie has 
          gone to Elliot Carson's beach house to tell him of Leslie 
          Harrington's threat to reveal that Elliot is Allison's father. 

MEL:      George is not happy about the deal Betty made with Leslie 
Intro:    The ocean.  Two cars are parked outside Elliot's beach house. 
          Elliot's fifty dollar crate and Constance' car. 
Scene 1:  Constance talks to Elliot about Allison and Elizabeth's diary.  
          Constance tells Elliot that she is afraid.  She says that 
          Elliot must not return the diary because it is his only chance 
          to clear himself of the murder conviction. 
Scene 2:  The Anderson mailbox, the Anderson house.  Julie is staying 
          temporarily in the Anderson house.  Betty talks to her about 
          George.  They are both worried at the prospect of his visit.  
          Julie tells Betty she will pick George up at 1:00 p.m. tomorrow 
          and have him back at 8:30 that evening.  Betty wonders how much 
          they should tell him.  Betty can't go with her to pick George 
          up, but can go with her, to take him back. 
Scene 3:  In Norman's hospital room, Rodney comes in bringing Norman a 
          clean shirt.  Rodney wants to know where Norman went last night 
          and who beat him up.  Betty comes in to tell them that Norman 
          has a visitor.  Rita comes in and Norman introduces her to 
          Rodney.  Rita says that her mother's sister works in the 
          hospital at night.  Norman tells Rita that what happened 
          the previous night was not her fault.  Rita tells Norman that 
          Rodney disapproves of her.  Rita says she walked over, so 
          Norman says that Rodney has his car outside, and that they will 
          give her a ride home.  
Scene 4:  Julie comes in the livingroom, followed by George, carrying a 
          box.  In the box is a clay bust of a football player.  
Scene 5:  At the Harrington house, Leslie, Rodney and Norman are eating.  
          Christine brings a plate of food to the table.  Leslie asks his 
          boys to go for a drive with him.  Leslie says that it is 
          important to talk.  Leslie says that he loves them both very 
          much.  Christine interrupts to say there is a gentleman on the 
          phone for Leslie, who wouldn't give his name but says it is 
          urgent.  Leslie picks up the phone.  It is Elliot.  He says 
          that he has the diary.  Leslie doesn't want to go to the beach 
          house, but Elliot insists he be there at 6:00 o'clock.  Norman 
          has changed his mind and agrees to go on a drive to White 
          River.  But, because of Elliot's call, Leslie's plans have 
Scene 6:  At the Mackenzie house, the phone rings and Allison answers.  
          It is for her.  Constance tells Matthew that she thought it 
          would be for her.  She is expecting a call from Elliot.  She 
          says that Leslie knows that Elliot has the diary.  She says 
          that Leslie wants her to tell Elliot that he wants the diary.  
          Allison says it was Paul Hanley and he said "Hello", then went 
          on and on about nothing. 
Scene 7:  In the Anderson house, George is helping dry the dishes and put 
          them in the cupboard.  Betty tells George that it is good to 
          have him back.  George says that it is a happy day for him.  
          George has a surprise.  He shows them the bust, a player 
          wearing a football helmet.  George made the bust while he was 
          at the Greenvale Sanitarium.  Betty tells George that her 
          settlement with Rodney took care of George's medical bills, 
          that She and Rodney had an annulment.  George assures her that 
          he is well now. 
Scene 8:  As ordered, Leslie walks up to the beach house and knocks.  
          Elliot ushers him in.  Leslie says that he came to the beach 
          house that night, but he didn't kill Elizabeth.  Elliot shakes 
          a poker at Leslie, threatingly.  [This infers that Elizabeth 
          was beaten to death with a poker].  He really believes that 
          Leslie killed Elizabeth.  [Leslie says that Elliot can't be 
          sure].  Elliot offers a deal.  He won't let Martin Peyton's 
          lawyer use the diary against Leslie and in return Leslie won't 
          bother Constance any more.  Leslie says he has no desire to 
          harm Constance or Allison.  Elliot yells at Leslie to get 
Preview:  Paul tells Elliot he wants the diary back.  Leslie tells Elliot 
          he wants the diary back.  William Robert Wainwright tells 
          Leslie that they will fight him to the bitter end.  Rodney 
          tells Kitch Brunner to stay away from Norman.  Rodney fights 
          Kitch and Earl in the snow. 
          PH:  Elliot, I want you to give me back that diary.  
          EC:  Now look, Paul. 
          PH:  Well what are you going to do?  Threaten to destroy me 
               instead of Harrington.  
          WW:  We'll fight you to the bitter end.  
          LH:  Don't make that mistake.  It would be a very serious 
               one.  You can't even imagine the consequences. 
          RH:  You and your crowd, you stay away from my brother.

Paul Hanley-Richard Evans.
William Robert Wainwright-Gregory Morton.