Episode 55.
          Claire Morton sends word that she is coming home. 

WA:       A new week of winter has begun in Peyton Place.  For Elliot 
          Carson this morning seems unusually cold.  Watching Elliot 
          Carson cross the square, William Wainwright can only imagine 
          what is on the other man's mind.  He does know that Elliot 
          Carson has acquired the means to indicate his innocence of the 
          murder of his wife by implicating the possible murderer. 
Intro:    Elliot is walking on the square.  He casually tosses a snowball. 
          William Wainwright is watching him from inside an office.  
Scene 1:  In the Ships Chandlery, attorney William Robert Wainwright 
          comes in to talk with Elliot.  He says that he just got back 
          from Boston.  He had talked to his law partner about the new 
          evidence.  Elliot interrupts to tell him he has changed his 
          mind about the diary.  Wainwright tells Elliot that he will 
          have no way to establish his innocence. 
Scene 2:  Leslie comes in from the dining room as Rodney comes down the 
          stairs.  Leslie wonders who spiked Norman's drink.  Rodney 
          tells Leslie not to interfere.  Rodney says he will handle it 
          this time. 
Scene 3:  Betty is in front of the nurses station as Rossi comes in.  
          Miss Morgan, the duty nurse tells him that Dr. Morton is 
          waiting in his office, to see him.  Rossi goes into Morton's 
          office.  Morton greets him warmly.  They talk.  Morton is 
          buzzed and a cablegram is brought in to him.  His daughter, 
          Claire, is coming home from Lima Peru in middle South America.  
          Miss Esther Choate knocks and comes in.  She brings in the 
          weekly personnel reports.  Choate takes this opportunity to 
          tell him that Betty left early, yesterday afternoon, without 
          permission.  Morton says he ratified the appointment of Miss 
          Anderson as nurses aid.  She says that she is glad that 
          Morton's daughter is coming home.  He calls the Miami 
          International airport and asks that his daughter call him as 
          soon as she gets in from Lima, Peru. 
Scene 4:  Nurse Esther Choate calls to Betty.  She pesters Betty again 
          about not following hospital rules.  She talks about Dr. 
          Morton's daughter and how responsible she was, even when she 
          was ten.  She implies that a ten year old Claire was more 
Scene 5:  At the Harrington house, Leslie looks at his watch and 
          admits Wainwright, telling him that he is punctual.  
          Wainwright asks "How did Leslie get to Elliot Carson?"  
          They spar some more and Wainwright says goodbye and leaves. 

Scene 6:  Allison walks across the square toward the Book store as 
          Rodney drives up in his rag-top convertible and honks 
          lightly.  They stand in the street and talk.  Allison asks 
          of Norman.  Allison asks for a lift, but Rodney says he 
          can't, today.  Another car honks to get by and they move 
          over toward the Rodney's car.  Allison goes in the Book 
Scene 7:  In the Book Gallery, Allison talks with her mother. 

Scene 8:  From the wharf, boats are seen in the background.  Kitch 
          Brunner is working on the dock as Rodney calls to him.  
          Rodney introduces himself and asks who spiked Norman's 
          drink.  Earl throws a snowball, and comes over to be 
          annoying.  Kitch introduces Rodney to him.  He makes fun of 
          the name Rodney.  Rodney picks a fight them both and wins.  
          He tells Kitch for him and his friends to stay away from 
          his brother.

Scene 9:  Outside the Pharmacy, Paul calls to Betty and they talk.  
          Paul says the new owner is taking over the drug store 
          tomorrow.  She tells him that her father is home.  He 
          invites her into the closed drug store, into the past.  
          They go in and talk.  Paul mentions the dirt.  He asks if 
          betty knew his father.  Paul has another one of his strange 
          conversations.  Betty starts to leave.  Paul says don't go.  
          Paul asks if he can fix her something, a chocolate soda 
          with vanilla ice cream.  Paul says he used to work there 
          once in a while.  Paul says that Betty looks a little like 
          his sister, Elizabeth.  They continue to talk.  Paul tells 
          Betty goodnight.  She says goodnight and leaves.  He 
          follows and talks some more.  He tells her goodnight again.  

          She tells him goodnight, again. 
Scene 10: Constance comes in the Chandlery to talk to Elliot.  He 
          says she shouldn't be there.  Constance says, "Leslie 
          killed her, didn't he?"  Paul comes in and strongly asks 
          for the diary back.  Paul says he knows that Elliot is 
          protecting someone.  Paul says he testified against the 
          wrong person.  Paul wants Leslie punished.  Paul threatens 
          to do something. 
Preview:  Paul talks to Leslie.  Mrs. Grace Morton talks to Dr. Robert 
          Morton about their daughter Claire's return.  Norman talks 
          to Rodney. 
          PH:  Mr. Harrington, do you really believe you're in a 
               position to sue me?  And even if you were, what would 
               you hope to collect?  No, I'm the one who's going to 
          LH:  How much?
          GM:  You've no idea?  None at all?
          RM:  Why Claire is coming back?  
          GM:  Strange, even after two years.  Seems so sudden.  
               Without warning. 
          RM:  Without warning?

          NH:  Maybe you don't think I can take care of myself, Rod.  
               Maybe you'd like to teach me the art of self defense.
          RH:  Listen.
          NH:  How?  Would you?

Miss Morgan, duty nurse.
William Robert Wainwright-Gregory Morton
Dr. Claire Morton Markham-Mariette Hartley.
Kitch Brunner-Mickey Dolenz. [Monkees].
Earl, wharf rat-uncredited.
"Innocence" has no esses.