Episode 56.
          Claire Morton phones her father from Miami, Florida. 

WA:       For Paul Hanley, a quest which parallels Elliot Carson's.  A 
          search for the murderer of his sister seems about to end. 
Intro:    At night, Paul, walking on the sidewalk across from the square. 
Scene 1:  In the Chandlery, with Elliot and Constance, Paul insists that 
          he wants the diary back.  He leaves.  Constance continues her 
          conversation with Elliot.  Elliot again asserts that he thinks 
          Leslie killed Elizabeth. 
Scene 2:  At home, Betty comes in, as Julie is talking on the phone with 
          Dr. Kessler at the sanitarium.  She is to call back tomorrow 
          after the staff meeting.  Julie offers to heat up some 
          spaghetti that is already on the stove.  Betty declines.  Julie 
          gives Betty the good news that George is coming home for a 
          full week. 
Scene 3;  Late that night, Paul goes to the mansion to talk with Leslie.  
          Paul now is convinced that it was Leslie who killed his sister.  
          They talk and argue a while and Paul leaves.  Leslie walks 
Scene 4:  Dr. Morton is talking to the operator at the Miami 
          International Airport checking on the arrival of his daughter, 
          Dr. Claire Morton's plane.  He wants Claire to call him as soon 
          as she gets in.  He talks with his wife about Claire.  He says 
          the plane is expected to land in half an hour. 
          Claire Morton gets off the plane in Miami, Florida.  Claire is 
          paged to the phone.  She talks with her father on the phone.  
          They talk briefly.  He hands the telephone to Grace.  They talk 
          briefly.  She hands the phone back to Dr. Morton.  He asks when 
          they can expect her.  The phone call ends.  She changes her 
          mind and decides to go into town. 
Scene 5:  Elliot is talking with Dr. Rossi about Eli in the doctor's 
          office.  Rossi mentions that he sent Eli to Florida to get some 
          rest.  Eli says he is unable to get yellow pills in Florida.  
          Rossi agrees to give him another prescription. 
          In Rossi's outer office, Julie is talking to Dr. Kessler at the 
          Greenvale sanitarium in Green Valley, Massachusetts.  He says 
          George can come for a whole week this time.  Elliot, who has 
          come out of Rossi's office says to Julie that is good news.  
          Julie allows that she needs to get off during busy hours to 
          pick up George.  Elliot offers to pick up George at the 
Scene 6:  From his college office, Paul phones the Inn.  He asks to talk 
          with Attorney William Wainwright.  Paul offers to help with the 
          will litigation and asks to see him.  Wainwright is in room 
          209.  Paul says he will be there at 7:00 that evening.  Allison 
          shows up to turn in a late paper.  Paul says that Allison has 
          too many virtues.  Paul opens the door for her and they leave. 
Scene 7:  In the Woodfinch 5 & 10 Variety Store, Norman goes in to talk 
          with Rita.  Norman puts on eyelashes to simulate a mustache.  
          Rita tells him to take them off before the manager comes over 
          and throws him out.  She apologizes to Norman about the 
          incident with Kitch Brunner.  Rita says she broke off with 
          Kitch.  She says that the whole crowd was kind of wild.  Norman 
          says he would like to take Rita out sometime on a date.  A 
          movie or something.  She doesn't respond, at first.  She is 
          concerned about what the family would think.  Rita informs 
          Norman that Rodney and Kitch got into it again.  Norman hurries 
Scene 8:  At the mansion, Norman hollers, "Rod, Rodney."  Norman 
          complains to Rodney about the fight with Kitch and Earl.  
          Norman argues.  Rodney downplays it.  Norman tries to pick a 
          fight as Leslie comes in and breaks it up. 
Scene 9:  At the Colonial Post Inn, Paul comes in to see attorney William 
          Wainwright.  Paul gets right to the point.  Paul gives 
          Wainwright some information.  He tells Wainwright how Elliot 
          got hold of the diary.  Wainwright tells Paul, he wasn't given 
          the diary.  He only read part of it. 
Scene 10: Betty is walking home as Paul drives up.  She tells him she 
          missed her bus and is walking home.  He offers her a ride.   
          Betty says thanks and gets in. that one of the patients died.  
          So young.  Only 36.  Paul asks her how her father, George, is 
          doing.  She tells him that George is coming home for a week.  
          She tells Paul that George and Leslie don't like one another. 
Preview:  Matthew talks to Elliot.  Allison talks with Norman.  Leslie 
          talks with George. 
          MS:  And when you take that diary into court, Harrington's 
               not going to stop to think of Constance or Allison.   
               He's going to tell the whole town the truth. 
          EC:  I promised Constance that would never happen.
          AM:  No, really, Norman.  I'm glad you have a girl friend.
          NH:  You mean you're not jealous?  
          AM:  Of course not.                 
          NH:  Not even a little?
          AM:  Well, maybe a little.
          LH:  I've had a difficult day, George.  I'm in no mood to 
               coddle your delusions. 
          GA:  Delusions?
          LH:  You're still a sick man.
          GA:  Thanks for the drink.
          George smashes his glass on the table.

Lima, Peru.       
Claire Morton-Mariette Hartley.
Dr. Robert Morton-Kent Smith.
Grace Morton-Edith Atwater.
William Robert Wainwright-Gregory Morton.
Dr. Kessler-John Zaremba.