Episode 57.
          George entertains Julie and Betty at the pizza parlor. 

WA:       Some time ago, when George Anderson created a scene of violence 
          in Peyton Place, he was helped by Elliot Carson.  Now after 
          some months in the shelter of Geeenvale Sanitarium, George is 
          going home for a trial visit.  Once again, Elliot Carson, by 
          driving him home, is helping him.  But in George's confused 
          mind, Elliot Carson is the one who needs help. 

Intro:    The square.  The pillory.  The cannon.  Snow on the ground.  
          Elliot and George drive up in Elliot's fifty dollar crate.  
          Cars and the pickup with sideboards drive around the square. 

Scene 1:  George is talking to Elliot as they arrive at the square and 
          park in front of the Clarion.  Paul comes around the corner as 
          George goes in the double doors of the Peyton Professional 
          Building to the east of the Clarion.  He is carrying a 
          suitcase.  This is the entrance to Dr. Rossi's office building.  
          Elliot is carrying a package and is about to walk into the 
          Chandlery as Paul walks up.  Paul is wearing a coat with 
          fasteners like a loop and stick.  Paul asks Elliot if he has 
          brought in a visitor.  Paul says he has never met George 
          Anderson but has heard of him.  Paul refers to George Anderson 
          as the embattled insurance man.  They talk briefly about 
Scene 2:  Rossi is in his office talking to Julie as George comes in.  
          Rossi asks George how he feels and tells him it is good to have 
          him home.  Julie manages to confirm this.  Rossi says that he 
          has some house calls to make.  George thanks Rossi for getting 
          Betty a job.  Since he gave Julie a job also, he opines aloud 
          if Rossi can get him a job.  Rossi says that there should be 
          plenty of jobs in town.  He tells George to come by the next 
          day.  Rossi goes on a house call.  George and Julie talk. 
Scene 3:  Constance sees Elliot through the window of the Book Gallery, 
          and rushes outside.  Constance calls to Elliot and they talk 
          about Elliot's trip to pick up George at the sanitarium.  
          Elliot said he saw some Canadian Honkers.  Constance suggests  
          to Elliot that he should be careful. 
Scene 4:  Inside the Chandlery, Elliot Carson is opening the package as a 
          process server, in plain clothes, comes in and serves Elliot 
          with a subpoena ordering him to appear in court the next day 
          concerning Catherine Peyton Harrington's will, and to produce 
          Elizabeth's diary. 
Scene 5:  In Rossi's outer office, Julie reminds George that he is home.  
          George says that he will sit over at the side.  Julie says that 
          he is not in the way.  They embrace. 
Scene 6:  Matthew Swain comes in the Chandlery and Elliot shows him the 
          subpoena.  Matthew and Elliot discuss Paul Hanley, Leslie, 
          William Robert Wainwright, the diary and Elliot's parole.  
          Elliot tells Matthew that he promised Constance not to tell 
          Allison about her heritage.  He says that he might burn the 
          diary to protect Allison.  Matthew warns him not to destroy 
Scene 7:  Allison, walks up and sees Norman sitting on a ledge in front 
          of a closed shop on the wharf.  She tells him he won't get much 
          service sitting there.  She asks him to walk with her.  They 
          walk off together. 
Scene 8:  In the Book Gallery, Rita Jacks has selected a self-help beauty 
          book.  She tells Constance that she will come back the next day 
          when she is paid, and pick it up.  Rita is about to leave as 
          Norman and Allison come in the book store.  Norman introduces 
          Rita to Allison.  Rita leaves to go back to work.  The book is 
          "Style and Beauty 1001 ways to good grooming".  Even though 
          Constance is there, Allison talks with Norman.  Allison says she 
          is glad that Norman has a girl friend.  Allison confides in 
          Norman that she cares about him.  With a bit of prodding, Allison 
          admits that she is a little jealous. 
Scene 9:  In the law office over the bank, lawyer Theodore Dowell talks 
          to Leslie.  Leslie says Paul found the diary.  Leslie admits he 
          no longer denies seeing Elizabeth.  Leslie says Paul now thinks 
          it was Leslie who was at the beach house and killed Elizabeth 
          and that Paul is willing to testify that it was Leslie's voice 
          he heard.  Dowell asks if Paul is interested in blackmail.  
          Dowell advises Leslie to drop the case.  Dowell says what was a 
          simple fight over a codicil and now it could be a retrial of a 
Scene 10: Rita is in the bar area of Ada Jacks' Tavern doing her 
          fingernails, as her mother walks in the front door.  It is 
          inferred that the tavern is closed because the chairs and 
          stools are on the tables and the counter.  Ada says that Kitch 
          Brunner never noticed her nails.  Rita tells Ada that she is 
          dating Norman Harrington.  Ada says that Norman is a nice boy.  
          Ada encourages Rita to go ahead and date Norman.  Ada says not 
          to worry about Leslie Harrington, that she can handle him.  
          Rita asks Ada if she knows Leslie Harrington.  She says she 
          knew Leslie Harrington a long, long, time ago.  Ada gets up and 
          hits the NO SALE key on the cash register.  Behind the 
          register is a Lunch Special sign indicating $1.25.  [Later in 
          the series Ada tells Jack Chandler that she doesn't fix 
          sandwiches anymore.] 
Scene 11: In a pizza parlor, George is trying to entertain Julie and 
          Betty.  He tells them the psychiatrist joke.  Julie says its 
          time to get back to the office and leaves.  Julie says she will 
          be back early, that she is planning something special for 
          dinner.  George asks how Betty likes her work at the hospital.  
          Betty inquires what he plans to do.  George comments that he 
          plans to sit in the easy chair living room all afternoon.  The 
          dark-haired waitress is not identified.  Betty says goodbye and 
          leaves.  George pays the bill and leaves. 

Scene 12: Out on the Peyton square, Rodney runs into Betty Anderson.  
          Rodney tells Betty that he saw her father, but he didn't speak, 
          because he didn't want to upset him.  Betty says she is going 
          back to work so Rodney offers her a ride back to the hospital.  
          She declines. 

Scene 13: At the Peyton Mills, Leslie's temporary secretary Marian, is 
          talking with Leslie in his inner office.  Leslie tells her that 
          if Elliot calls to tell him she can't get a hold of him.  Paul 
          comes in to talk to Leslie.  Paul accuses Leslie of killing his 
          sister.  Paul says that he had his share of disadvantages but 
          at least he didn't draw Leslie as his father.  Leslie tells 
          Paul to leave the office immediately.  Leslie tells him to drop 
          it.  Paul continues to press Leslie.  Leslie tells him to get 
          out.  Paul finally leaves.  [Later in the series, David 
          Schuster inherits Marian and later transfers her to accounting 
          when he re-hires Julie Anderson.  Marian had been brought into 
          the office from the factory by Leslie after Julie abruptly 
          resigned.  Leslie calls her Mary.] 

          In Leslie's outer office at the mill, George is waiting to see 
          Leslie.  Paul comes out and introduces himself to George. 

          George goes in Leslie's office asks Leslie how he is.  Leslie 
          offers him a seat and a drink.  George has some ginger ale.  He 
          says he has had some problems but is in good shape now.  George 
          says he wants to pay Leslie back for the hospital bills.  
          George becomes angry over the annulment settlement.  George 
          says that Leslie had him locked up in Greenvale.  George takes 
          another drink and smashes the glass on the desk.  He storms out 
          and is offered a lift home by Paul Hanley.  George gets in.
Preview:  Elliot talks to Constance.  William Wainwright talks to Leslie. 
          Paul talks to George. 
          EC:  Connie, I'm going away.
          CM:  Because of me? 
          EC:  Yes. If I go.  At least I'm not complicating your lives. 
          WW:  There will be a settlement in return for your letter 
               of resignation.  
          LH:  You can tell him there isn't going to be any letter.  
          RW:  You don't give up easily.  
          PH:  You're ought to listen to me.  You really should 
               listen to me George.  Leslie Harrington was very 
               interested in your wife. 
          GA:  I've heard enough, Paul. 
          PH:  Don't get angry with me, George.

Canadian Honkers.
The pizza parlor waitress is not identified.
The pizza parlor is not identified.
William Robert Wainwright-Gregory Morton