George buys          Peyton Place         Style and Beauty     Crime and Punishment
Sophisticates        College              1001 Ways to Good    Fydor Mikhailovich
for Julie            Catalog              Grooming             Dostoyevsky 
Episode 5            Episode 37           Episode 57           Episode 323

Mia Farrow-What Falls Away

Mariette Hartley-Breaking the Silence

Ruth Warrick-Confessions of Phoebe Tyler

Lana Wood-Natalie: A Memoir by her Sister.

Joyce Jillson-Life signs, Real Women don't pump gas.

Ken Beck, Jim Clark-Andy Griffith Show Book.

Kasey Rogers-Bewitched Cookbook: Magic in the kitchen.>.

John Cooper-The Fugitive episode guide. [ $42.00 ] 

Bruce B. Morris-Prime Time Network Serials. [ $82.50 ] 

Tim Brooks, Earle Marsh-Complete Directory to 
        Prime Time Network and Cable TV Shows 1964-present. [ $24.95 ] 

Barbara Rush-Jewish Year, Celebrating the Holidays. [ $28.00 ] 

Barbara Rush-Kid's Catalog of Passover: [ $12.76 ] 

Barbara Rush-Book of Jewish Women's Tales. [ $30.00, $35.00 ] 

Barbara Rush-Family Blessings. [ $16.95, $39.95 ]

Barbara Rush-Women of Independent Means. [ ]

Barbara Rush-How to be a 10 after 39. [ ]

001. Allison carries a plethora of books.
005. George Anderson buys Sophisticates for Julie.
023. Allison with her plethora of books talks with Dr. Rossi in front of 
     the Peyton Place Real Estate Office.
036. Allison checks out some books at the library.
039. Eli gives Elliot a book that Constance had selected for him.
052. Rita says that Norman likes books and Allison Mackenzie.
066. Elliot tells Constance that Allison learned about life from books.
079. Allison falls asleep with her books while babysitting at the mansion.
082. Student in a hurry bumps into Allison causing her books to fall to the floor.
085. Allison checks out some books on deafness.
085. Book salesman, John Pearson, tries to make a sale to Constance.
088. Norman comes down the steps from the apartment carrying books.
089. Elliot picks up Rita's books.
099. David Schuster shows some books to Kim.
120. A man comes in the Book Gallery to buy Kenner's book on Samuel 
     Beckett's Contribution to the Avant Guarde Theater Movement.
123. Elliot tells Leslie that he has taken some books to Rodney.
124. In his jail cell, Rodney tells Allison he has books and magazines.
155. Russ Gehring tells Allison that he read Tom Swift as a boy.
196. Peyton goes in the Book Gallery and orders three books.
197. Peyton gives Rodney Lord Chesterfield's Letters to his Son 
     and Pilgrim's Progress.
206. Rita asks Dr. Rossi about his little black book.
230. Allison and Chris leave the library.
234. Chris drops a book at the Book Gallery.
236. Hannah looks for books for Peyton at the Book Gallery.
238. Allison types notes from law books for Chris.
246. Ann t4ells Constance that selling books is a wonderful way to make a living.
260. Steven opines to Ann that in law books they would be listed as 
     siblings, not in fact, but in blood.
269. Steven Cord provides library books for Lee Webber.
275. Steven removes a large law book from the bookshelf.
288. Norman comes in the Pharmacy carrying eight books.
297. In front of the Book Gallery, Elliot moves a shipment of paper-back books.
301. Eli introduces Rachel to librarian, miss Hunt.
305. Rodney mentions that some of Peyton's books were lost in the fire.
328. Rachel is walking on the wharf carrying four books.