Episode 323.
          Rachel Welles returns to the Carson house.
WA:       Rachel Welles has returned to the sanctuary of the Carson home, 
          carrying with her, the secret fear that Jack Chandler is dead.  
          Jack Chandler, the man she thought she escaped when she came to 
          Peyton Place.  Chandler followed her to the old farmhouse.  In 
          a moment of terror, she struck out at him hitting him with a 
          heavy candlestick.  She watched him fall to the floor.  In 
          Rachel's mind the idea of self-defense has not yet taken shape.  
          All she knows at this moment is that because of her, a human 
          being may be dead.

Intro:    Rachel walks across the snow covered square.  In the window 
          of the Book Gallery is displayed a copy of a classic Russian 
          novel, CRIME AND PUNISHMENT, by Fydor Mikhailovich 
          Dostoyevsky, published in 1866. 

Written by Lionel E. Siegel and Sonya Roberts
Directed by Ted Post 
Scene 1:  In the Book Gallery, a sign is posted:

                       Read a good book, lately?  
                         Special on Classics  

          Rachel comes inside the Book Gallery and asks Constance what 
          a "classic" is.  Constance tries to explain to Rachel what a 
          classic is.  Rachel looks out the window and sees Chandler 
          watching them.  He has a bandage on the right side of his 
          forehead from the candlestick blow he received from Rachel.    
Scene 2:  Martin Peyton is looking at himself in a mirror.  Steven Cord 
          knocks and comes in.  Steven says that he has no idea of riding 
          in the same car as Lee Webber.  They are going to the Peyton 
          Mill.  Lee offers Steven a ride.  Steven tells Webber that he 
          is not not to come upstairs.  Webber goes downstairs. 
Scene 3:  At the Peyton Mills, Leslie is dictating a letter to miss 
          Nolan.  He asks her to send Chandler in.  Leslie asks Chandler 
          if he has anymore to say before he is fired.  Chandler has a 
          bandage on the left side of his forehead.  Chandler leaves.  
          [Others who had bandages in the series were Rachel, miss 
          Choate, Norman, Rodney, Joe Rossi, and Eddie.  Betty's only 
          injuries were the car wreck with Rodney, and her mis-carriage.  
          Constance cut her finger on a broken ornament.] 
Scene 4:  Two ladies coming out of a store.  Chandler gets up and walks 
          into the Book Gallery.  He greets Constance.  He picks up 
          Rachel's dog.  He wants a copy of a hunting and fishing 
          magazine.  Cost, 35 cents.  Chandler wants to know what he did 
          this morning to upset Constance and Rachel.  
Scene 5:  As Chandler is leaving the Book Gallery, Rodney almost runs 
          into him.  Rodney is on his way up to see Norman in the 
          apartment.  Rodney tells Norman that he has come to whine a 
          little bit.  Leslie came to see him.  That Rodney is hiding.  
          Running away from life.  Rodney says he is glad to be out of 
          the Peyton house.  Norman tells Rodney that he is the executive 
          type.  Norman asks Rodney what he wants out of life.  Norman 
          says the Rossi told him there is something wrong with Rita's 
          heart.  And that she could get worse.  Rodney tries to 
          re-assure Norman.  Norman cries. 
Preview:  Peyton and his elderly attorney, William Kennerly, are riding 
          in the limousine, talking.  Jack Chandler talks with Elliot 
          MP:  You don't have to read it, Webber.
          LH:  I think it is the most destructive provision ever 
               entered into a will. 
          MP:  But it's legal, isn't it?  I trust you are absolutely 
               certain about that. 
          JC:  I love Rachel.  Do you understand?  I love her.
               One of these days ...
          EC:  That day will never come, Chandler.
          JC:  You going to stop me?
          EC:  If I have to.

Miss Nolan, usually Steven Cord's secretary, but now at the mill-
  Penelope Gillette.