Episode 322.
          Rachel shows the belt buckle to Rita.

WA:       The long night for Elliot Carson is at an end.  He has received 
          word from Dr. Michael Rossi that Rachel Welles has awakened 
          from a sedated sleep.  The night began when Rachel left.  
          Determined to avoid his interrogation on the subject of his 
          missing daughter Allison.  He grew more concerned when he 
          realized that Rachel, too, had disappeared.  Rachel's reasons 
          for leaving and exactly what happened to her while she was gone 
          are known at this moment only to her. 

Intro:    Elliot drives up in front of the hospital.

Written by John Wilder and Ann Marcus
Directed by William J. Hole, Jr. 
Scene 1:  Rossi is talking to Rachel in his office as they hear a knock 
          on the door.  Rossi goes outside and warns Elliot not to 
          question or pressure her.  Elliot toes in and apologizes to 
          Rachel and strongly encourages her to come home.  She says that 
          she can't come home with him because he doesn't understand.  He 
          wasn't honest with her.  He wants her to understand.  Elliot 
          tells her he mistrusts people because of the 18 years he spent 
          in prison.  Elliot admits he was responsible for driving 
          Allison away also.  He pleads with her to come home. 
Scene 2:  Constance is in the living room looking out the window, waiting 
          as Elliot and Rachel arrive home.  Constance is delighted to 
          see Rachel.  Elliot asks for coffee but Rachel doesn't.  She 
          just wants to go up to her room.  Elliot says the room is hers 
          for however long she wants it.  Rachel says it may be a long 
          time.  Rachel shows Constance the bracelet and tells her that 
          Elliot says it is hers now.  Rachel goes up to her room.  
          Elliot stokes the fire.  In front of the fireplace, Elliot and 
          Constance talk. 
Scene 3:  In her bedroom, Rachel pulls the belt buckle out of her pocket 
          and examines it. 
Scene 4:  Betty is kneeling in her marvelous red dress in front of the 
          safe, as Peyton comes up behind her.  He says open it Betty.  
          Betty guesses that it is Catherine's necklace.  She tells 
          Peyton that he wants a portrait to substitute for the portrait 
          of Catherine.  Peyton finally admits it to some extent. 
Scene 5:  In her room, Rachel takes the belt buckle out of her pocket and 
          looks at it.  She has a worried look on her face. 

Scene 6:  In the upstairs studio, Peyton tells Betty how to open the 
          safe.  He tells he to remove a box from the safe.  He tells her 
          to open it.  Betty finds Catherine's necklace.  Betty says that 
          she is not Catherine.  Peyton says he is fully aware who Betty 
          is.  Betty turns around and Peyton puts the necklace around her 
          neck and fastens it.  Peyton says they are good for each other.  
          They leave the room. 

Scene 7:  Elliot goes over to the Peyton mill.  He goes into Leslie's 
          office and asks about Jack Chandler.  He asks Leslie why he 
          hired Chandler.  Leslie says he owes Elliot a favor.  Elliot 
          wants to see Chandler's personnel file.  Leslie says that 
          Elliot has a lot of questions.  Leslie says that Elliot can see 
          the file if Chandler okays it.  Leslie asks miss Nolan, his 
          secretary, to send for Jack Chandler.  She calls back with the 
          word that Chandler hasn't clocked in today. 
Scene 8:  Back at the Pharmacy, Rachel is talking with Rita.  Rachel 
          shows Rita the belt buckle and tells Rita how she came to hit 
          Chandler on the head.  Rachel says that she called the mill and 
          Chandler hasn't come in today.  She says she may have killed 
          him.  A breakfast customer interrupts, asking for his eggs, 
          before they freeze to death. 
Scene 9:  In his hospital office, Rossi tells Norman that Rita can get 
          better if she gets enough rest.  Rossi says it is important.  
          Norman thanks Rossi and leaves. 
Scene 10: At the Shoreline Garage, Rodney is washing his hands as he 
          hears a horn honking and he hollers that he is closed.  Lee 
          wants the limousine filled with gas, and the water checked.  
          Lee tells Rodney that he has been hired as Peyton's chauffeur.  
          He says that he started this morning.  Lee is obnoxious.  Lee 
          says that they seem to share a lot of people.  Steven Cord, 
          Peyton, Sandy.  Rodney says it is a small world.  Rodney says, 
          "There is nothing you can tell me about Sandy that I don't 
          already know." 
Preview:  Steven talks with Lee.  Leslie talks to Chandler.  Norman talks 
          to Rodney. 
          SC:  While you're here, and that won't be for long, stay out of 
               my way and out of my wife's way.
          LH:  You think I'm afraid of you.  Here, call the police.  
               Go ahead, call them.
          NH:  They'll love you, make you need them, and make you want 
               them around all the time.  It's beautiful, except times 
               like this.

Betty's red dress.