Episode 321.
          Elliot searches the farmhouse.

WA:       Rachel Welles has returned to the farmhouse where she was 
          raised, the farmhouse owned by Jack Chandler.  She has returned 
          out of a driving determination to find something that will lead 
          to certain knowledge of Chandler.  His life and his habits and 
          throw light on the disappearance of Elliot Carson's daughter, 
          Allison.  Now having broken into the house, she finds a belt 
          buckle, an initialed belt buckle.  Perhaps it is the sort of 
          thing that can open up Chandler's past. 
Intro:    Rachel walking around carrying a candle in a candlestick.  She 
          searches in drawers and boxes.  She finds a belt buckle. 

Written by Ann Marcus and Lionel E. Siegel
Directed by William J. Hole, Jr.
Scene 1:  In the basement, Rachel holds the buckle near the candle and 
          reads the initials, J F.  She starts back up the stairs and 
          Chandler appears from out of almost nowhere.  She asks him what 
          he is doing there.  He says that he lives there.  He asks her 
          to come back up stairs to talk.  She tries to get away from 
          him.  He tells her that she is not going back.  When she gets 
          the chance, she hits him on the right side of his head with the 
          candlestick and runs away.  [see episode 325]. 
Scene 2:  Rachel Welles apparently ran over to the Burrows farmhouse as 
          Mr. Burrows is now driving her back to town in his old car.  
          Rachel is sobbing.  As they are chatting, Mr. Burrows allows 
          that he has heart trouble and his wife was upstairs in bed, 
          too sick to move when they heard her.  He says that the Carsons 
          are fine people. 
Scene 3:  Elliot Carson shows up at the farmhouse with a flashlight and 
          begins looking around.  There is a photograph with presumably 
          Chandler and aunt Lucy in the foreground.  Elliot finds the 
          candlestick on the floor and notices that the candle is still 
          warm.  But Chandler is nowhere to be seen. 
Scene 4:  Mr. Burrows drops Rachel off at the front entrance of Doctors 
          Hospital.  [Mr. Burrows looks like the stereotypical farmer.  
          He looks a bit like Pa Kettle and a little bit like the one 
          armed man in "The Fugitive."]  Rachel graciously thanks him for 
          the ride and he wishes her good luck.  

          She runs up the main steps of the hospital and goes directly to 
          Dr. Rossi's office.  Rossi asks Rachel if she had gone to Jack 
          Chandler's farm.  Rachel wants him to call the social worker, 
          Mrs. Franks.  She tells the doctor that she has been to 
          Hastings Valley.  Rossi thinks that she did go to the farm.   
          The Burrows were too sick to stay with.  Rossi hugs and 
          comforts her like a daughter, but almost like a girl-friend.  
          He says she can sleep on the couch in his office.  He gives her 
          a sleeping pill and water.  She lies down and he covers her with 
          a blanket.  She pleads for him to stay.  But he won't.  He tells 
          her good-night and leaves.  Outside he asks Miss House the duty 
          nurse for a file box.  
Scene 5:  Elliot pounds on Chandler's door at the Boarding house.  No 
          answer.  Eli opens his door.  Neither knows where Rachel is.  
          Elliot goes in Eli's room and has coffee.  Elliot says that 
          Norman suggested that she might have gone back to the farm.  
          Elliot tells Eli that he went to the farm and that somebody had 
          been there.  Constance calls Eli's room to say that Rachel is safe.  

Scene 6:  At Ada Jacks Tavern, Rodney comes in and asks for half a cup of 
          coffee.  Black will be fine.  Ada advises Rodney to be careful.  
          She refers to Sandy Webber.  She says that Lee can't give up his 
          desire for Sandy.  Sandy comes in the bar wearing an attractive 
          turquoise blue dress.  Rodney tells Sandy he wants to go to White 
          River instead of the Shoreline because he's had a rough day. 

Scene 7:  Dr. Rossi is sitting on a couch outside his office.  Rachel is
          still sleeping inside his office.  Elliot walks up and says that 
          someone had broken into Chandler's farmhouse and made a real mess.  
          He tells Rossi that his house will be Rachel's home.  About this 
          time Rachel screams and Elliot and Rossi go into Rossi's office 
          to calm and comfort her.  Rachel falls asleep again and Elliot 
          leaves.  Rossi continues to wait outside his office. 

Preview:  Rachel talks to Rita.  Elliot talks to Leslie.  Lee talks to 
          RW:  I called the mill today.  He didn't go to work.  
               Maybe I killed him. 
          EC:  You're still the same old leopard, aren't you?  
               Same old spots. 
          LW:  Maybe someday I can do the samething for you, with Sandy. 
          RH:  There isn't anything you can tell me about Sandy, I don't 
               already know.

Miss House-Duty nurse.
Mrs. Franks, social worker-uncredited. [see episode 301].
Mr. Burrows is the husband of Mrs. Burrows who came to Doctors 
  Hospital to warn Dr. Rossi about Jack Chandler and to give the 
  doctor five dollars for Rachel to use for whatever she wishes. 
Guy Raymond played the role of Mr. Burrows.  He had a bit part in 
  The Reluctant Astronaut starring Don Knotts.