Episode 320.     
          Lee Webber, chauffeur.

WA:       Tonight, Lee Webber was hired as a chauffeur by Martin Peyton, 
          the grandfather of the girl he was accused of murdering.  
          Martin Peyton may have had other more devious reasons aside 
          from Lee's skill as a driver and mechanic.  But Lee has no 
          thought of this only he has gotten a job with a good paycheck 
          and whatever future he can make of it.  Lee is in the mood to 
          brag.  And the audience he craves is Sandy, the wife who has 
          fled from him and filed suit for divorce. 
MEL:      In episode 316, Peyton tells Steven and Betty that Thomas has 
          tendered his resignation as chauffeur to get married.  Peyton 
          asked Steven to place an ad in the Clarion for a replacement.  
          Betty volunteered to do it for him, but Steven wound up with 
          the errand because Peyton wanted Betty to Boston with him.  In 

          In episode 317, Lee read the ad for chauffeur while in the 

          In episode 318, a manicured, cleaned-up Lee Webber, goes to the 
          bar in the Colonial Post Inn and tells Chandler that he is 
          going to get a job as chauffeur for Martin Peyton.  They make a 
          $5.00 bet.  Bartender Frank is rude to Lee. 

          In episode 319, Lee shows up at the mansion to interview with 
          Peyton and is almost thrown out by Steven Cord.  Lee and Peyton 
          go for a test drive. 

          In episode 322, Lee drives the limousine over to the Shoreline 
          garage to get gas and minor service. 
Intro:    Lee walks along the wharf and walks into Ada Jacks Tavern. 

Written by Sonya Roberts and Carol Sobieski
Directed by Ted Post
Scene 1:  Steven comes into the tavern to talk with Ada.  Lee comes over 
          and tells Ada that he is now Martin Peyton's chauffeur.  Ada 
          inquires why Peyton hired him.  Lee asks for congratulations 
          and receives them.  Ada says his time is up and he should 
Scene 2:  Steven complains to Betty about what Peyton said to him 
          regarding Lee Webber.  It was Stevens fault that Lee Webber 
          went free.  Betty says that Steven will have to meet Peyton 
          half way. 
Scene 3:  Rita comes in the kitchen as Rachel is preparing breakfast.  
          Rita says that Norman is still asleep.  [Breakfast with a king, 
          dine with a footman, and sup with a pup, per Rachel's Aunt 
          Lucy.]  Norman comes in and sits at the table.  Rachel           
          says that she is planning on leaving the next day. 
Scene 4:  Elliot is sitting at the breakfast table and Constance is 
          brooding at the sink.  They argue about Elliot's treatment of 
          Rachel.  Elliot says that he will ask Rachel back.  Elliot 
          admits he failed. 
Scene 5:  Leslie is working at the mill as Norman is announced and 
          comes in.  Leslie greets Norman and Rita.  Leslie got a 
          letter from the guidance office of the college.  They 
          wonder why the son of the mill manager needs a student 
          loan.  Norman asks his father for a job.  Leslie says he 
          doesn't have a position open.  Norman tells Leslie that 
          Rachel is the niece of Jack Chandler. 

Scene 6:  Rachel Welles walks over to the courthouse, where the bus 
          by the big BUS STOP sign and gets on an interstate bus with 
          one suitcase.  The destinations on the sign are as follows: 
          The bus pulls out. 
Scene 7:  Chandler drives up in his panel wagon anbd honks.  He asks 
          Rodney for gas.  Rodney asks if he has cash.  Rodney checks his 
          oil and water.  They are okay.  He says that he is going out to 
          see a man about buying his farm.  Rodney said that the oil and 
          water are ok.  The tank was half full.  Rodney asks for 2.50 
          and is paid. [$5.00 fills the tank]. 
Scene 8:  Elliot goes over to the apartment and is told that Rachel left 
          Norman and Rita's and has not returned.  Norman said that she 
          may have gone back to the farm.  Norman said they'll call him 
          when they find out any thing.  Elliot leaves.  Norman asks Rita 
          if she knows more than she is telling. 
Scene 9:  At the farmhouse in Hastings Valley, Rachel breaks a window and 
          unlatches the door.  She gets a candlestick from a cabinet.  
          She puts in a candle and lights it.  She goes down in the 
          basement.  She is looking for clues.  She finds a belt buckle 
          with the initials JF.  She says, "J F."  She puts the buckle in 
          her pocket.  She opens a drawer and peers in.  She looks around 
          and is startled by Chandler.  Chandler says, "Homesick, honey?" 
Preview:  Ada talks to Rodney in the Tavern.  Chandler talks with Rachel. 
          AJ:  Believe me, Rod.  You'll never get it through his head 
               that Sandy really wants to divorce him.  And if you're not 
               really serious about Sandy is it going be worth it? 
          JC:  You and I are going to stick close from now on. 
          RW:  What do you mean? 
          JC:  I'm not going to let you run out on me this time.

Wisdom of Aunt Lucy.
Episode 320 originally ran on 3-20-67.