Episode 319.     
          Lee Webber is hired as chauffeur to Martin Peyton.

WA:       To Lee Webber, the house of Martin Peyton is an imposing symbol 
          of power and wealth.  Under normal circumstances he would never 
          see this house from the inside.  But tonight Lee has seized the 
          opportunity to invade a world so long denied him. 
Intro:    In the Peyton mansion, Mary walks down the stairs and admits 
          Lee Webber. 

Written by Michael Gleason and John Wilder
Directed by Ted Post
Scene 1:  Peyton greets Lee Webber and asks what he wants.  Lee wants a 
          job as chauffeur.  They talks about Lee's qualifications.  
          Peyton asks Lee to get his coat out of the foyer closet.  
          Steven Cord comes in from the living room and asks where Peyton 
          is going.  They are going for a drive.  Peyton tells Steven to 
          ask Betty to save him a piece of pie. 

Scene 2:  In the kitchen, Constance is tending Matthew as Elliot comes 
          in.  She is having trouble getting Matthew to eat his cereal.  
          Constance criticizes the way Elliot treated Rachel. 
Scene 3:  In the apartment, Norman and Rita are putting sheets on the 
          Hide-a-Bed® in the livingroom.  Rachel comes in wearing her 
          nightie.  Rita tells her that if she needs anything, to just 
          ask.  Rachel opens the shutters and looks out the window on the 
          square.  She goes to bed. 
Scene 4:  In the bedroom, Norman and Rita argue about Rachel.  Rita says 
          that is the only friend of Rachel's age she has.  The door 
          buzzer buzzes.  Norman goes to answer and lets Rossi in.  Rossi 
          apologizes for barging in on them.  He has come to check on  
          Rita.  They talk about Rachel.  Rossi listens to Rita's heart.  
          He says everything is ok.  He has some medicines for her to 
          take.  He wants her to come in to the office at 2:00 tomorrow.  
          Rossi asks Norman why Rachel left the Carsons.  He goes into 
          the livingroom and talks with Rachel.  Rachel asks what is 
          wrong with Rita.  He asks how she is.  Rossi says he would like 
          to help.  She asks him not to talk to her like a child.  He 
          says that Elliot is his friend.  He asks her why she left the 
          Carsons.  She says that Elliot doesn't trust her.  She says she 
          can't go back.  He tells her good-night and leaves.  She 
          doesn't respond. 
Scene 5:  Outside, Rossi walks down the stairs.  The Glover street sign 
          is prominent.  He gets in his car and leaves.  Chandler is 
Scene 6:  View from top of the stairs.  Peyton comes in the front door.  
          Steven asks if he enjoyed the ride.  He asks if it was worth 
          it.  Peyton says Lee is a good driver.  Steven says he doesn't 
          want Webber in the house.  Steven insists.  Peyton says for a 
          trial period, Webber will work for him.  Steven says they both 
          know that Lee killed Ann Howard.   Peyton says, "I know that 
          Webber killed my grand-daughter.  Now we'll have to make our 
          own justice, won't we steven." 
Scene 7:  In the General Store, Elliot and Eli argue about Rachel.  They 
          drink coffee.  Eli says she is a poor, scared kid.  Eli 
          compares her to Allison.  They argue.  Elliot leaves. 
Scene 8:  On the street, Elliot meets up with Chandler.  Chandler says 
          that he was on the way to the Clarion to tell him he liked the 
          articles on the fishing industry.  Chandler says it is cold and 
          he is headed to his boarding house.  Chandler tells Elliot to 
          say goodnight to Rachel.  
Preview:  Betty talks to Steven.  Sandy talks with Lee.  Constance talks 
          to Elliot. 
          BA:  We both came into this with our eyes open.
          SC:  Well, then keep them open.  Don't let my grandfather 
               dazzle you into seeing him as your personal Santa 

          LW:  How come you're being so quiet?  
          SW:  Well, what is an ex-wife supposed to say?  
          LW:  You can forget about that "ex-wife" stuff.

          CM:  If you think we can really make a home for Rachel, this 
               time it has to be your decision.  You have to want it.