Episode 318.

          Lee applies for job as chauffeur to Martin Peyton. 
WA:       Rachel Welles has left the home of Elliot Carson and his wife 
          Constance.  She has long known that the man who calls himself 
          her uncle, Jack Chandler, has a connection with the Carsons' 
          missing daughter Allison.  Yet, if she reveals this explosive 
          information, to anyone, she and the Carsons face the violence 
          of Jack Chandler.  As a result she must go through the motions 
          of deciding she must leave the Carson house because she's being 
          interrogated constantly by Elliot Carson. 
MEL:      Between episodes 318 and 319 Lee Webber is hired as Martin 
          Peyton's chauffeur.  Dr. Rossi calls on Rita. 
Intro:    Cars driving by the square.  Constance pulls up in front of the 
          Pharmacy in her gold car.  Rachel and the puppy are with her. 

Written by Ann Marcus and Lionel E. Siegel
Directed by William J. Hole Jr. 
Scene 1:  Rachel gets out of the car and goes up to the apartment of 
          Norman and Rita.  Constance explains to Norman why Rachel has 
          come to visit.  Rachel and Constance hug and Constance leaves.  
          Rachel still has her puppy with her. 
Scene 2:  Rodney is working on a red car as Leslie comes in.  Leslie 
          wants to know why Rodney has moved out of the Peyton house.  
          Leslie says he heard about it from his ex-wife, Betty.  Leslie 
          says, "I'm proud of you son.  I always will be.  Now why don't 
          you go after what you want, so you can be proud of yourself, 
          too."  Leslie leaves. 
Scene 3:  In Ada Jacks' Tavern, Leslie Harrington calls Ada over to his 
          table.  He asks her about Rita and Norman.  He gives Ada $50.00 
          to buy something nice for Rita to wear.  He tells her he gave 
          Chandler a job at the mill.  She knows Jack Chandler is Jack 
          Forrest.  Ada says, "Come off it Leslie.  You know Jack 
          Chandler.  Don't give me that.  Why did you hire him, Les?  
          You've been laying guys off at the mill for the past year."
          He avoids answering and leaves.

Scene 4:  At the Colonial Post Inn bar, Chandler is talking with Frank, 
          the bartender.  Lee comes in and sits down by Chandler.  The 
          bartender is rude.  He says to Lee, "You must be lost."  Lee 
          shows him some money.  The bartender brings his drink and gives 
          him five minutes to drink his drink and leave.  Lee shows 
          Chandler his manicured fingernails.  Lee has cleaned himself up 
          and is wearing a suit.  He tells Chandler he is going to get a 
          job as Martin Peyton's chauffeur.  Lee talks with Chandler and 
          makes a $5.00 bet about getting the job.  Chandler tells Lee to 
          leave the money at the boarding house.  Lee leaves.  Harrington 
          comes in and speaks to Frank, calling him by name.  Leslie and 
          Chandler glare at each other and Lee leaves.  

MEL:      [One reason why Lee is confident that he would be hired is 
          because Peyton congratulated him when the murder charges 
          against him in the case of Ann Howard were dropped.  It always 
          seems strange that Peyton did this, because he couldn't forsee 
          Thomas' getting married and resigning his chauffeur position 
          and Lee applying for it.  In a sense, the congratulations were 
          really for Steven Cord and his legal abilities.  Some things 
          just seem to work out for the better.] 
Scene 5:  Steven and Betty are talking in their bedroom in the Peyton 
          house.  Betty tells Steven that he is upset about the Boston 
          trip.  Steven is annoyed that Peyton had to show her the house 
          where Steven grew up.  Betty says, "I am your wife."  Steven 
          was never proud of being the child of a domestic.  Mary comes 
          to their door and speaks to Betty.  Mr. Peyton wants them to 
          join him for coffee.  The door chimes ring.  

Scene 6:  Mary goes to the door and admits Lee Webber.  Steven comes down 
          the stairs and starts to throw Lee out.  Peyton shows up in his 
          wheelchair and tells Steven to let Webber in.  Peyton and Lee 
          Webber talk.  Lee applies for the job as chauffeur.  Peyton 
          talks with Lee Webber.  They leave for a demonstration drive in 
          the limousine. 
Preview:  Elliot talks to Chandler.  Norman talks to Rossi.  Peyton talks 
          to Steven about Lee. 
          EC:  I want to know why you are hanging around.  
          JC:  I haven't committed any crimes.  
          EC:  Since when?
          NH:  She's too worried.  I told her it's not good for her.  
               Is she all right, doctor? 

          MP:  Lee Webber killed my granddaughter.
          SC:  Well then, why bring him here?
          MP:  Now we'll have to make our own justice.  Won't we 

Mary-Rose Hobart
Frank, bartender at the Colonial Post Inn-uncredited.
Peyton's maid was credited, Harrington's (Christine Gordon) wasn't.