Episode 317.
03-06-67  Pre-empted for Brigadoon
          Lee reads the ad for Peyton's chauffeur.
WA:       20 years ago, Jack Chandler walked this same wharf in Peyton 
          Place, stood outside this same tavern.  In those days he came 
          here for a very special purpose, to meet Leslie Harrington in 
          the rear room to talk business.  A peculiar kind of business.  
          Recently Jack Chandler revisited the Tavern but the owner, the 
          lady in charge, Ada Jacks gave him a cold welcome.  Today, he's 
          decided to try again.  For if he wishes to reclaim Rachel 
          Welles, he must have a friend and an ally in Peyton Place. 
Intro:    On the wharf, Chandler walks over to Ada Jacks' Tavern.

Written by Carol Sobieski and Jerry Ziegman
Directed by Harvey Hart
Scene 1:  Chandler comes in the Tavern as two men are leaving.  Ada walks 
          over and asks since when Harrington allowed men to drink on the 
          job.  He tells her that he is on his lunch hour and he came in 
          for a cup of coffee.  He tries to cozy up to Ada by telling her 
          that she is still a handsome woman.  Ada makes it abundantly 
          clear that she isn't interested.  She tells him that if he 
          wants to get something to eat to go to the other end of the 

          Chandler is still sitting at the bar as Norman comes in.  Ada 
          asks Norman why he is not in school.  Chandler observes that 
          Ada is holding out on him.  He didn't know that she had a 
          married daughter.  Norman asks Chandler if by some chance he 
          might be Rachel Welles' uncle.  Chandler introduces himself to 
          Norman and leaves.  

          Norman chats with his mother-in-law.  They talk about Eddie.  
          He says he will see her friday and leaves for class.  Norman 
          asks Ada how she knew him.  Ada claims not to be good with 
          names.  She didn't make the connection.  It was 20 years ago.  
          She didn't recognize him.  Eddie took off right after Rita was 
          born.  Ada says that Eddie was a crumb.  When Eddie left, the 
          trash didn't keep coming around.  She says that is why she does 
          not like to talk to Rita about her father.  Norman says he has 
          to get to class.  She asks Norman not to mention Chandler and 
          Eddie to Rita. 
Scene 3:  Rita is in the Pharmacy talking with Rachel on the phone.  Lee 
          tells Rita to warm up his coffee.  He reads in the paper that 
          Peyton needs a driver.  Lee says he thinks he will like being 
          Peyton's chauffeur.  They don't get their hands dirty.  They 
          wear gloves.  Rita says Rodney is a gentleman.  He tells Rita 
          to tell Norman to stay away from him.  She asks to be paid.  He 
          pays.  She refuses a tip.  Rita prepares to leave.  Another 
          girl walks up and apologizes for being late.  Lee asks her what 
          her name is.  She only gives him a dirty look. 

Scene 4:  Behind the Colonial Post Inn sign, Rachel talks with to Rita.  
          Rachel says that she needs someone to talk to someone she can 
          trust.  She tells Rita that she is leaving.  She found the 
          bracelet on the floor of Chandler's car.  They walk and they 
          talk.  Rachel is annoyed that Rita doesn't comprehend the 
          significance.  Rita doesn't understand the importance of this.  
          Rachel says that Chandler didn't have anything with him when he 
          came to the farm.  Her aunt Lucy met Jack Chandler at a church 
          social.  They never went to church when they lived on the farm.  
          Chandler and aunt Lucy were married for 10 years. 

Scene 5:  In the mansion livingroom, Steven is fixing a drink as Betty 
          and Martin Peyton come in.  Peyton tells Steven that he has an 
          amusing wife.  They have just gotten back from Boston.  He 
          showed her the Boston house.  Betty says that Peyton threatened 
          to chop off her head if she didn't entertain him on the way 
          back.  Steven was worried about her because the roads were bad 
          and she didn't call.  He mentions inflicting the family 
          portrait album on Betty. He mentions running into one of the 
          Governor's aides in the law office.  They talked about Steven's 
          qualifications for public office.  Steven mentions that when 
          the magician asked Aladdin for the lamp back, he sealed Aladdin 
          in a hole in the ground. 

Scene 6:  Dr. Rossi is working in the lab when Rachel comes in.  She 
          tells Rossi that Elliot is mad at her.  Rossi asks what 
          happened.  She tells about lying to Elliot about seeing 
          Chandler.  Rossi tells her to tell the truth to Elliot.  She 
          doesn't get the answer she wanted. 
Scene 7:  Rodney and Sandy are walking on the wharf.  They go in Cider 
          Barrel and begin to throw darts.  She asks Rodney why he is 
          unhappy.  She mentions "No strings."  Rodney orders two cups of 
          coffee from Charlie.  They continue to throw darts.  He calls 
          her "Sandra Webber."  He says she wants to be protected.  
          Charlie brings them their coffee.  She says she is not Allison 
          and doesn't want to be put on a pedestal.  And she doesn't want 
          to be called "Sandra."  Rodney says he owes her.  Sandy says, 
          "Liar, you don't owe me anything." 
Scene 8:  At the Carson house, Elliot is shouting at Constance.  
          Constance says, "It will be a long time before I forgive you if 
          you drive her off."  Rachel comes in the front door.  Constance 
          asks Rachel if she is all right.  She says Rita will be taking 
          care of the baby from now on.  She's leaving.  They continue to 
          argue as Rachel goes upstairs.  
Scene 9:  In the baby's room, Rachel tells Matthew goodbye. 

Preview:  Ada talks to Leslie about Jack Chandler.  Betty talks to 
          Steven.  Leslie scolds Rodney. 
          AJ:  You know Jack Chandler.  Don't give me that.  Why did 
               you hire him, Les?  You've been laying guys off at the 
               mill for the past year. 
          BA:  What role do you want me to play?  
          SC:  I just want you to be my wife. 
          BA:  I am your wife.  But we happen to be living here in 
               the Peyton house where you wanted to live. 
          LH:  I'm proud of you son.  I always will be.  Now, why 
               don't you go after what you want, so you can be proud 
               of yourself, too? 
Aunt Lucy was married to Jack Chandler for 10 years.