Episode 316.
          Rachel shows off her puppy.  Chauffeur Thomas gives notice.
WA:       Rachel Welles has received a gift from Dr. Michael Rossi, a 
          puppy.  A gift one usually gives to a child.  She also 
          received a lecture from the doctor.  A blunt statement 
          telling her not to misinterpret the gift.  The doctor told 
          her she'd been playing hide-and-seek with her own maturity, 
          that one minute she was a child, the next, a woman.  To 
          Rachel, the doctor's words were inaccurate.  For ever since 
          she met Dr. Rossi and Rodney Harrington, she has felt like 
          a woman. 
Intro:    Rachel is walking on the wharf toward the Shoreline Garage 
          carrying the puppy that Dr. Rossi gave her.

Written by Sonya Roberts and Michael Gleason
Directed by William J. Hole, Jr.
Scene 1:  Rachel brings the puppy into the Shoreline Garage to show 
          to Rodney.  Rachel says that the dog's name is "Puppy."  
          Rodney is using a blowtorch to heat the pot of coffee.  He 
          invites her to the Shoreline, a teen hangout.  Rachel 
          declines.  Rachel leaves.  Rodney turns the blowtorch off.  
Scene 2:  As Rachel leaves the garage, she walks along the wharf and 
          runs into Jack Chandler.  He tells her that he is not 
          following her around.  He is working at the Peyton Mill on 
          a split shift.  Behind Chandler, in the distance, Elliot is 
          seen coming out of Sparhawk Employment, tells a few friends 
          he will see them later, and begins to follow Chandler. 
Scene 3:  In the dining room of the mansion, Steven, Betty and Peyton 
          are eating breakfast.  Steven is looking at the newspaper.  
          Peyton tells Steven it bourgeuois (middle-class) to 
          read the paper at the table.  "Don't substitute sarcasm for 
          self-assurance, is the basic rule."  Peyton says that he 
          fears Greeks even when they are not bearing gifts.  He tells 
          them that Thomas has given his notice.  He is getting married 
          in two weeks.  [Reviewer's comment:  The writers seemed to 
          think that when a man marries, he should quit his job.  The 
          logic of thist escapes me.]  Peyton asks Steven to go to the 
          Clarion and place a help-wanted ad for a chauffeur.  Betty 
          offers to take care of it, but Peyton says that he has other 
          plans for her.  He says that they are driving to Boston 
          together.  While he is meeting with his lawyers, Wainwright 
          and Kennerly, and while he is there she can go shopping.  
          Steven mentions Charlie Tomlinson, the banker.  Betty says 
          she will get ready.  

          Steven leaves to finish getting ready to go to work.  
          Peyton tells Betty that he does not like the landscape 
          currently over the fireplace.  Peyton tells her he wants to 
          replace it with a portrait of Betty.  He wants it as a 
          birthday surprise for Steven.  He will talk to the artist 
          while they are in Boston.  
Scene 4:  Rodney parks his car in front of the Pharmacy.  Rita is 
          ironing as Rodney comes up to the apartment to visit.  She 
          invites him in.  [Triple diamond coat rack on the wall].  
          He says that she should be resting.  She asks if Norman 
          sent him over to spy on her.  She says that Norman ironed 
          some shirts last night and she had to redo them.  Rita 
          feels like she should be at work.  He says that their 
          double date for the Shoreline is off.  Rita then suggests a 
          dinner at the apartment instead.  She says that she will 
          order pizza.  Rita allows that he really likes her.  Rodney 
          says he wants to lead his own life.  He doesn't want any 
          strings.  Rita says that you can't change what you 
          are.  He leaves. 
Scene 5:  In the Clarion, Elliot is hammering a nail in the east wall 
          for a picture as Rachel knocks and comes in.  She says that 
          she came to show him his son, Matthew, riding in the pram.  
          He asks her if she has ever seen a football game.  She says 
          that she hasn't.  Elliot asks her if she has seen Chandler.  
          She tells Elliot he hasn't been bothering her.  Elliot 
          knows she lied because he saw her.  Elliot says he went to 
          the employment hall by the wharf [Sparhawk Employment] to 
          interview the men for an article on sea workers and saw 
          Rachel there on the wharf.  She says that he trapped her.  
          He asks why she is lying.  They raise their voices and fuss 
          at each other.  He asks why Chandler moved back in town.  
          Rachel says she is not his daughter and she is not beholden 
          to him.  She leaves. 
Scene 6:  Snow is on the ground as Rodney drives over to the Webber's 
          house and knocks.  Sandy swings the door open wide and they 
          kiss.  He tells her to get her coat.  She asks where they are 
          going.  He says anywhere she likes.
Preview:  In the Pharmacy, Rita contends with Lee.  Rossi admonishes 
          Rachel.  Constance fusses at Elliot. 
          RH:  Rodney is a gentleman and a ...
          LW:  What more is he, Rita?  
          RH:  Let go of me.
          MR:  You haven't been listening to a thing I've said, have 
          RW:  I've been listening.  But it's just a mouthful of the 
               same old things.
          CM:  It'll be a long time before I forgive you.
          EC:  I haven't seen you quite so angry. 
          CM:  I've never been quite so angry.
Sparhawk Employment, Employment Hall on the wharf, near the Shoreline 
Rodney kisses Sandy Webber.
Barrett Costa, portrait artist-Don Keefer