Episode 315.

          Dr. Rossi examines Rita Harrington. 

WA:       Today, Rachel Welles is a very confused and unhappy girl.  
          For weeks she has eagerly awaited the return of Dr. Michael 
          Rossi from New York.  Rossi was her protector.  Her deeply 
          concerned protector.  Now he has come back and told Rachel 
          she must not consider him as anything more than a friend. 
MEL:      Betty begins redecoration of the mansion.  At some point a 
          landscape painting is selected to hang over the fireplace.  
          The portrait of Catherine Harrington is damaged beyond 
Intro:    Rachel walks past the Colonial Post Inn and the bank and 
          goes to the Book Gallery.

Written by Jerry Ziegman and Sonya Roberts
Directed by Ted Post
Scene 1:  Rachel, carrying the puppy, goes inside the Carson house 
          and talks with Constance.  She tells Constance that Dr. 
          Rossi was cold and unfriendly, not like when she first came 
          to town.  Constance explains that Rossi is busy getting 
          things arranged for his new position at the hospital as 
          chief-of-staff.  His new job came on suddenly.  Rachel says 
          that Rodney is very nice.  She asks Constance if she will 
          tell her more about Dr. Rossi after supper that evening. 
Scene 2:  Dr. Rossi is examining Rita.  He talks with her about 
          Rachel.  Rita says that Rachel taught them a new dance.  He 
          thinks that she is suffering from general fatigue.  He 
          wants to see her every week or two.  Rossi mentions that he 
          thinks that Rita probably had rheumatic fever as a child 
          but it was diagnosed as something else.  He says that often 
          rheumatic fever is often mistaken for something else.  He 
          tells her to come back in to see him in a week.  And no 
          square dancing.  Rita leaves.  Rossi telephones a nurse, 
          miss Raffer to put a note on Rita's chart that she might 
          have mitral stenosis. 
Scene 3:  Steven comes in the front door of the mansion and speaks to 
          Betty at the top of the stairs.  He says that she looks 
          very nice.  Steven goes upstairs.  Betty tells Steven that 
          Peyton wants to talk to her before she and Steven go out to 
          eat.  Betty goes in to see the old man.  Peyton tells her 
          that he mis-inscribed 14 checks since Mrs. Cord 
          left.  And he tells her that he needs for her to start 
          running the household, paying the bills, planning the 
          menus, hiring and firing.  Betty tells him that she will be 
          too busy being Mrs. Cord to do all those things.  Betty 
          reminds him that she is Mrs. Cord, too.  Peyton shows 
          her where the records are kept.  He shows her a list of 
          merchants they no longer deal with.  Steven and Betty are 
          going out to dine with old Charlie Tomlinson, banker.  
          Peyton tells Betty about Regina Tomlinson.  Peyton hands 
          over the keys to Betty.  He says that he will tell her what 
          they are for later. 

Scene 4:  Chandler is walking on the wharf and goes into a phone 
          booth.  He dials the mill and tells the operator that he 
          got a message from Harrington.  Leslie asks Chandler if he 
          has a strong back.  He tells Chandler to report to the 
          loading dock in the morning.  And he adds not to phone him 
          or drop in.  Chandler says, "You're the boss." 

          Chandler walks down to Ada Jacks' Tavern and goes in.  Ada 
          says, "What'll it be?"  He orders a beer and says his name 
          is Jack.  She finally recognizes him as Jack Forrest.  But 
          he asks her to call him Chandler.  Chandler says he's 
          looking for one of those sandwiches she used to make.  Ada 
          says she no longer serves sandwiches.  He talks with Ada 
          about Leslie and Eddie.  He asks Ada if she ever hears from 
          Eddie.  Chandler says that Ada is his only friend.  She 
          says he is not her friend.  He says he will see her again, 
          soon.  He pays and leaves. Dialog 
Scene 5:  Eli is typing away as Elliot comes in the Clarion.  [Looks 
          like an Underwood®].  Eli is writing a nastygram to 
          a supplier concerning merchandise he was billed for, but 
          did not receive.  Elliot wants to use the typewriter to get 
          the Clarion out.  Eli says that Rachel is a nice girl who 
          deserves tender loving care.  Elliot tells about making up 
          a dream to tell Rachel.  Eli fusses at Elliot regarding the 
          way he is treating Rachel.  
Scene 6:  Sandy goes in the Shoreline garage to talk with Rodney.  
          She tells Rodney that she is free now.  She makes it clear 
          that she is available for him.  Rodney doesn't take up on 
          the suggestion.  Rodney says that Lee is big and strong.  
          Sandy tells Rodney that there will be no strings.  She 
          says if it weren't for him she would be on the next bus out 
          of there going anywhere and nowhere.  She calls him 
          Golden Boy.  Rodney says that Golden Boy is what Lee 
          calls him.  He doesn't want to work at the mill, he wants 
          to be free.  Sandy promises that she won't bother him 
Preview:  Martin Peyton talks with Steven Cord.  Elliot Carson talks 
          with Rachel.  Rodney talks with Sandy Webber. 
          MP:  Never attempt to substitute sarcasm for self 
               assurance.  Once the creature cries "oink" the whole 
               world knows his origin.  
          SC:  I'm afraid mine are already well advertised, 

          EC:  Now I'm going to ask you one more time.  Do you have 
               anything you'd like to talk to me about? 
          RH:  Do you always swing open the door like that?
          SW:  I had a feeling it would be you.
          RH:  Go get your coat.
          SW:  Where are we going?
          RH:  Anywhere you like.

Miss Raffer, nurse-uncredited.