Episode 314.
          Sandy moves in with Ada Jacks.  Rossi returns from 

WA:       Under ordinary circumstances, Rodney Harrington and young 
          Rachel Welles might be attracted to one another, and at 
          this time in their lives deeply involved.  But Rodney used 
          to bring Allison Mackenzie home to this same house.  And 
          his time with Rachel in his mind is stolen time.  Stolen 
          from the missing Allison.  And tonight still another 
          problem came between them.  Dr. Michael Rossi returned to 
          Peyton Place and Rachel could not hide her interest in him. 
Intro:    Street in front of the Pharmacy.  The front door of the 
          Mackenzie-Carson house.

Written by Michael Gleason and Marcus
Directed by Ted Post 
Scene 1:  Rachel plays with puppy.  She asks Constance if she can 
          keep the dog that Dr. Rossi gave her.  Constance tells her 
          that, of course, she can.  Rachel says that Dr. Rossi has 
          started acting strangely.  Constance tells Rachel not to 
          stay up too late, that she has two babies to take care 
          of now.
Scene 2:  Chandler goes to the Shoreline Garage, knocks, and goes in.  
          Chandler says he wants to talk.  Chandler tells Rodney that 
          he was right.  He isn't going to bother Rachel any more.  
          Chandler says that he saw Rodney with Rachel.  He says that 
          Rachel is not like most of the other girls.  She was raised 
          different.  He tells Rodney to take it easy.  Rodney tells 
          Chandler to stay away from Rachel.  Rodney says that he 
          doesn't need any advice on how to treat Rachel.  Chandler 
Scene 3:  Rita is preparing breakfast for Norman.  She calls to him 
          and then goes in the bedroom to rouse him.  She kisses him.  
          She asks him if he wants fried eggs or scrambled.  She puts 
          his bathrobe on him and ushers him to the breakfast area.  
          She says it is her duty to see that he has a good 
          breakfast.  He tells her about the time he went to sleep in 
          Mr. Hillyard's class.  That's the class in which he is 
          failing.  Rita almost faints and almost collapses.  She 
          says that she feels dizzy.  Norman now has to help her to 
          the sofa.  Norman tells her that she should call Mr. 
          Courtney at the Pharmacy and tell him that she is ill and 
          won't be coming in.  Norman telephones Mr. Courtney and Dr. 

Scene 4:  Steven Cord is sitting in a easy chair covered by a cotton 
          sheet to protect it from paint and dust.  Betty comes in, 
          climbs up on a 6 foot step ladder and talks with Steven.  
          The space over the fireplace is still bare after the 
          damaged replacement portrait of Catherine had been removed.  
          Steven takes her hand in his and holds it.  Steven and 
          Betty harken back to the time when they were married in 
          that very room.  Steven says he sat in that chair and made 
          it his.  Steven wraps up Betty in a sheet.  Betty says that 
          there are no ghosts for her.  Steven kisses her and leaves. 

Scene 5:  Jack Chandler barges in to see Leslie Harrington without 
          being announced.  He explains that there was no one in the 
          outer office.  Chandler talks about the dealings in the 
          back room of the tavern 18 years ago with Leslie and Eddie 
          Jacks.  Chandler reminds Leslie that his name was Jack 
          Forrest at the time.  Leslie says, "Elizabeth Carson was 
          killed by my wife.  My wife is dead.  So is Elizabeth 
          Carson.  Don't try bringing either of them back again."  
          Chandler says, "I get your message, Mr. Harrington."  
          Leslie says, "Make sure that you do."  After some 
          discussion, Leslie tells Chandler that he may be able to 
          find him a job at the mill. 

Scene 6:  Ada and Sandy walk to the back door of the tavern.  Sandy 
          is carrying her two suitcases.  They go in and Ada calls it 
          the "Peyton Place Plaza."  Ada ushers her to the room that 
          used to be Rita's bedroom.  Ada advises Sandy to put as 
          much space between her and Lee as possible.  Sandy admits 
          that she is interested in Rodney Harrington.  Lee knocks on 
          the door and pushes his way in.  He is accompanied by two 
          of the bar regulars.  Ada tells him that normally he would 
          be pointed to the front entrance, but the whole place is 
          off-limits to him.  Sandy says, "I'm not your wife anymore."  
          Lee tells Sandy that it takes a year to get a divorce.  Lee 

Scene 7:  There is a knock on Dr. Rossi's office door.  The puppy comes 
          in followed by Rachel.  Rossi is looking in the file cabinet.  
          Rossi explains that the puppy was the runt of the litter.    
          Rachel puts the dog on top of the file cabinet.  Rachel says 
          it is wonderful that he has been made head of the hospital.  
          Rossi corrects her, that it is chief-of-staff.  Rachel asks 
          if that is the reason he came back.  He says that is one of 
          the reasons.  [The real life reason for his absence was a brief 
          minor illness.]  Rossi tells her that they need to get their 
          relationship straight.  He is too old for her and he can only 
          be a friend.  He only wants to clear the air.  Rachel says 
          that he stirred up a lot of dust.  She leaves. 
Preview.  Rodney talks with Sandy Webber.  Elliot talks with Eli.  
          Ada talks sternly to Jack Chandler. 

          RH:  I don't want any committments.  It's that simple.  
          SW:  Well, I'll buy that.  
          RH:  Well, don't buy it.  It's a bad deal for you.  
          SW:  Let me judge that.
          Eli: What is the matter with you?
          EC:  I don't believe that a girl with her background can 
               adjust as quickly as Rachel has. 
          AJ:  I'm very particular about who I let in here.  Any trouble, 
               and out you go.  All there is for you is beer.

Mr. Hillyard, one of Norman's teachers.  
Steven kisses Betty.