Episode 313.
          Dr. Rossi returns from vacation in New York City. 
WA:       A fresh snowfall hit Peyton Place last night.  A clean and 
          fresh fall that seemed to cover up the tragedy of blind 
          Chris Webber, who Steven Cord put on a transcontinental 
          bus.  A bus headed for a new life.  Today, as the sun 
          breaks on the square, Eli Carson begins to sweep away the 
          new snow.  A simple act of great meaning to one who has 
          left a small town and one who has made the decision to 
          return to it. 
Intro:    Returning from New York, Dr. Rossi drives by the Colonial 
          Post Inn, and Town Hall and drives half-way around the 
          square and parks in front of the Clarion and General Store.  
          [In episode 301, Rossi told Elliot and Constance that he 
          would be gone a couple of days.]

Written by John Wilder and Carol Sobieski
Directed by William J. Hole, Jr.

Scene 1:  Dr. Rossi gets out of his new red sports car.  Delighted to 
          see the doctor, Eli invites him into the Clarion for 
          coffee.  A pot of coffee is on the wood stove, along with 
          some roasted chestnuts.  Rossi asks Eli to give him the 
          latest gossip.  Rodney, Norman, Rita, Steven, Betty, 
          Peyton, Matthew, Constance, Elliot, Matthew, Lee, and 
          finally Rachel.  Eli talks about the fire at the Peyton 
          mansion and that Steven is moving in.  Rossi says "musical 
          grandsons."  Dr. Rossi gives a lame response and leaves. 
          Rossi says, "What about Rachel?  How's she working out."  
          Eli says that she misses him.  Eli tells him that he is 
          glad he's back.  Rossi responds that he is glad to be back.  
          Eli asks why he left so suddenly.  Rossi leaves. 

MEL:      Your reviewer infers that Rossi bought his new red sports 
          car in New York and drove it back to Peyton Place 
          with the puppy and other gifts and purchases.  If he did 
          so, he would have been required to "naturalize" the car in 
          Massachusetts.  He would have also had to pay New York 
          sales tax on the car.  It would have been more logical to 
          have bought the car in Boston or White River or even Peyton 
          Place.  But then, transporting the puppy might have been a 
Scene 2:  In his office, Steven Cord looks out his window and talks 
          with Sandy Webber about her divorce.  Steven tells Sandy 
          that he is too busy to take her divorce case.  She says 
          that everyone tells her she is a big girl.  She can take 
          care of herself.  
          SC:  Well, if you've made up your mind, I'll give you the 
               names of a couple of attorneys who can help you.  
          SW:  Then you won't do it?  SC:  No. 
          His secretary, miss Nolan, buzzes him and says, "Your wife 
          is here, Mr. Cord."  Sandy goes out to the reception room.  
          Sandy says that she understands that Betty is moving into 
          the Peyton house today.  Sandy says she also is making a 
          move.  Sandy says goodbye and leaves.  

          Betty goes into Steven's office.  She says that somehow she 
          just can't see Sandy with Rodney.  Betty says, "Is Sandy 
          like me?"  Steven tells Betty that he loves her.  Betty 
          tells him that she will always love him.  He holds her face 
          in his hands.  They kiss. 
Scene 3:  Mary opens the door and welcomes Mr. Peyton home.  Peyton 
          tells Thomas to put the car away.  Mary asks if she can get 
          anything for him.  Steven comes down the stairs and 
          welcomes his grandfather home.  Peyton asks Steven if he 
          has moved in already.  Steven says that he has.  Peyton 
          sits and rides around in his motorized wheel-chair.  Peyton 
          says that he is amazed at how the work is progressing.  
          Betty comes in and says "Welcome home, Mr. Peyton."  Peyton 
          says, "Well, Betty.  What a surprise."  Peyton mentions the 
          chess set.  Betty asks Peyton to teach her chess.  The door 
          chime rings.  Betty says she will get it.  Peyton says, 
          "Betty, the queen never makes the first move.  The pawns 
          move first."  Mary admits Leslie.  Leslie comes in to speak 
          to Peyton.  Peyton says, "I am in no mood to talk to an 
          uninvited visitor."  Leslie is hostile.  He wants something 
          for his sons.  Leslie says, "I don't intend to let my sons 
          be pushed around by this spurious accident of nature." 
          Steven says, "I'll remember those words, Mr. Harrington."  
          Leslie says, "How could you forget them?" 
          MP:  You got your position in the mill, Leslie.  You're a 
               big man in town.  These are the things you wanted when 
               you married Catherine.  Don't expect anything more 
               from me. 
          LH:  You understand what I'm saying to you, Martin.  And 
               you know I mean it. 

          Leslie flatly refuses to make the fabric for the drapes that 
          Peyton demanded.  

          LH:  I don't intend to change over a whole assembly like to 
               accommodate your whim.

          Leslie leaves.  Steven tells Betty to find another mill to make 
          the material. 

Scene 4:  The door chimes ring at the Mackenzie-Carson house.  It is the 
          returning Dr. Rossi.  Rossi sets down a cardboard box with the 
          puppy for Rachel.  He informs them that he has been made chief 
          of staff at Doctors Hospital.  Elliot goes to the other room 
          for the champagne.  Rossi talks privately to Constance.  The 
          exudes about the hospital in New York.  

          CM:  Have you really been that unhappy practicing here?  
          MR:  It's just that in New York they have so much money 
               available for research. 
          CM:  And in New York, there are more places to hide.

Scene 5:  At the Italian Village Restaurante, a young kid is eating 
          spaghetti.  Rodney has brought Rachel for a dinner date.  
          Rodney says that they are eating melanzana.  He helps her 
          to pronounce it.  She says that spaghetti reminds her of the 
          farm.  He corrects her grammar.  She asks if he ever brought 
          Allison there.  He says no.  He doesn't want to talk about 
          Allison.  He corrects her grammar.  Rodney does tell Rachel 
          about Allison and that Elliot and Constance have been married 
          only two years.   He tells her that Allison was illegitimate.  
          She mentions how nice the Carsons are to her.  He talks about 
          the picture of Mr. Mackenzie.

Scene 6:  Back at the Carsons, Rossi is eating dinner with Constance 
          and Elliot.  Dr. Rossi's sister has a dog that had just had 
          a litter of puppies.  He is bringing one of the pups to 
          Rachel.  He takes the puppy out of the box.  Dr. Rossi 
          apologizes for causing them trouble.  Elliot asks if the 
          puppy is house broken.  Rossi says that it won't take long.  
          Elliot says, "Now we have two infants."  Rossi opens the 
          door to leave. 
          Elliot tells Rossi to drive carefully.  Rodney pulls up 
          just as Rossi is leaving.  He has brought Rachel home.  
          Rachel runs up and greets Dr. Rossi with a big hug.  Rossi 
          says to take it easy with the fragile old men.  Rodney asks 
          when the fragile old man got back.  Rachel says, "Can I see 
          you tomorrow?"  Rossi corrects her grammar.  Rachel goes in 
          the house. 

          Rodney welcomes Rossi back and asks if his car is new.  
          Rossi says that it is.  Rossi observes that it is good for 
          Rachel to go out with young people.  Rossi asks Rodney if 
          he has been careful with her.  Rodney tells Rossi that he 
          thinks Rossi is jealous.  Rossi gets in his snazzy red 
          sports car and drives off.  Rodney goes into the house. 
Preview:  Sandy talks with Lee.  Rachel talks with Dr. Rossi.  Leslie 
          talks with Jack Chandler. 
          SW:  I'm not your wife anymore. 
          LW:  Since when? 
          SW:  I filed for divorce this morning.
          RW:  Are they going to examine everybody's feelings? 
          MR:  No, I'm not.  Just yours.  And Mine.
          LH:  Elizabeth Carson was killed by my wife.  My wife is dead.
               So is Elizabeth Carson. 
          JC:  I get your message, Mr. Harrington. 
          LH:  Make sure that you do.

Miss Nolan-Penelope Gillette.  [Two jobs]  
Mary-Rose Hobart.