Episode 312.
          Chris Webber fails in an attempt to kill Lee.
WA:       Lee Webber has rolled the dice.  In an extra-ordinary 
          gamble, Lee has decided to make use of his knowledge that 
          his blind brother, Chris, is determined to kill him.  Lee 
          is manipulating Steven Cord into the line of fire. 

Intro:    Lee, waiting on the wharf for Steven Cord.

Written by Sonya Roberts and Michael Gleason
Directed by Walter Doniger

Scene 1:  Steven comes to the wharf and talks with Lee.  Lee sets up 
          Steven with a lie.  He says that Chris wants to commit 
          suicide.  Steven asks where Sandy is.  Lee gives Steven the 
          door key to the house.  Lee says that Steven can reason 
          with Chris.  

          Steven goes to the Webber house.  Inside, Chris cocks the 
          gun.  Steven unlocks and opens the door.  Chris fires 
          nicking Steven's coat.  He fires again missing Steven.  
          Steven identifies himself.  Chris says that he missed his 
          chance, that Lee must be destroyed.  Steven tells Chris 
          that he is his lawyer, and not to do anything or say 

Scene 2:  Sandy runs to the Webber house.  Lee Grabs Sandy.  Sandy 
          yells, "Chris".  Police Sgt. Edward Goddard and officer 
          Baxter, and a crowd arrive.  Chris is sitting on the sofa.  
          Lee asks Chris if he is okay.  Sgt. Goddard questions 
          Steven.  Goddard tells Baxter to get Lee Webber.  He brings 
          Lee in.  Lee claims that Chris threatened to kill himself. 

Scene 3:  At the Carson house, Elliot comes in Matthew's room to talk 
          with Constance.  Constance is planning for Matthew's 
          Christening.  She has a note pad and she is pondering 
          godfather and godmother.  Elliot discusses the details with 
Scene 4:  At the apartment, Rita is reading as Norman comes in.  He 
          kisses her.  He has been studying and says that he needs 
          some encouragement.  He makes her lose her place.  
Scene 5:  In the police station, Chris thanks Ada for lying for him.  
          Ada kisses Chris. 

Scene 6:  Lee Webber comes out of the courthouse and walks over to 
          the square.  Ada, Chris, Steven, and Sandy come out of the 
          police interrogation room.  Chris is waiting to take the 
          bus to Boston, New York, and then on to Los Angeles.  Chris 
          says that the bar association frowns on lawyers who have 
          tried to commit murder.  Chris says he is not sorry that he 
          tried to kill Lee.  Chris wants Sandy to go with him.  
          Steven asks Chris what he will do in California.  The bus 
          pulls in front of the courthouse and Steven helps Chris 
          over to the bus.  Chris gets on without kissing Sandy 
          goodbye.  The bus has a placard saying, "Boston."  The bus 
          pulls out.  Lee is watching.  Steven tells Sandy he has 
          made room reservations for her at the Inn.  Sandy heads 
          toward the Colonial Post Inn.  

          Lee comes over and asks Steven where he packed Chris off 
          to.  Steven grabs Lee and accuses him of killing Ann 
          Howard.  Steven gets in his car and drives off. 
Scene 7:  In the Inn, the desk clerk is asking Sandy for her luggage 
          as Rodney walks up.  She asks Rodney if he heard the shot.  
          She tells him that Steven got her a room there at the Inn.  
          Rodney says, "Life goes on, Sandy."  Sandy says she needs a 
          tooth brush.  Rodney says that she would have to walk across 
          town to find an all-night drugstore.  She asks Rodney to 
          stay with her.  Rodney reminds Sandy that Lee is still her 
          husband.  Sandy says, "Is it Lee you are afraid of or me?"  
          Rodney tells Sandy to go to her room and stay there.  Rodney 
          sits guard on a bench in the lobby of the Inn.  The clerk 
          tells Rodney that the police can't get there too quick. 
Preview:  Steven talks with Sandy.  Martin talks with Leslie.  
          Constance talks with Dr. Rossi.  
          SC:  I'll give you the names of a couple of attorneys who 
               can help you.  
          SW:  Then you won't do it? 
          SC:  No.
          MP:  You got your position in the mill, Leslie.  Don't 
               expect anything more from me. 
          LH:  You understand what I'm saying to you, Martin.  And you 
               know I mean it.
          CM:  Have you really been that unhappy practicing here?
          MR:  It's just that in New York they have so much money 
               available for research. 
          CM:  And in New York, there are more places to hide. 

Sgt. Edward Goddard-Garry Walberg.
Frank Baxter, police officer-uncredited.