Episode 311.
          Chris and Sandy make a deal and Chris heads for the house 
          to kill Lee. 
WA:       For Chris Webber, this is the time of waiting, determined to 
          punish his brother Lee, for the death of Ann Howard.  Chris has 
          a gun, taken from Ada Jacks tavern.  A gun he knows he must 
          use.  But he must find the opportunity.  For Sandy Webber, Lee 
          Webber's wife, this is the time of decision.  Unaware that 
          Chris has the gun, she knows she cannot return to her husband's 
          house.  Ironically, her desire to stay away runs head-on into 
          Chris' desire to return home, take the gun from its hiding 
          place and press the trigger. 
Intro:    Chris is walking on the wharf with Sandy following close 
          behind.  They walk past the rooming house stairs toward the 
          Cider Barrel.

Written by Ann Marcus and Jerry Ziegman
Directed by Walter Doniger

Scene 1:  Chris comes into the Cider Barrel and bangs his cane on the 
          counter stools to make a racket.  Charlie tells Sandy he knows 
          that she is off duty but would like for her to help him.  His 
          bus boy has the flu.   But she says she's busy.  Chris 
          apologizes to the folks for the noise he made.  Sandy tells 
          Chris that she cannot stay in the house any longer.  They begin 
          to talk about leaving that very night.  Chris tells her that he 
          is on her side.  Sandy says that she has a few dollars and 
          Chris says that he has some cash stashed at the house.  Chris 
          says that Lee is most likely in White Water, drinking.  Sandy 
          says she will call and see if he is home.  Sandy uses the Cider 
          Barrel pay phone and calls the house to see if Lee is there.  
          She lets it ring three times.  There is no answer.  She hangs 
          up and gets her dime back.  She says that Lee must still be in 
          White River drinking.  [He said he was going for a barbecue 
          sandwich.]  She abruptly asks Chris if he took the gun from 
          Ada's.  In response, Chris asks Sandy how many blind 
          marksmen she knows of.  [In answering this way, Chris 
          doesn't actually tell a lie.]  Charlie again asks Sandy to 
          help.  She again declines.  Chris asks Sandy for her door key.  
          She gives it to him.  He tells her to stay there.  He leaves 
          and Sandy observes through the window.  
Scene 2:  In Peyton's hospital room, he is saying, "No, No, No, miss 
          Stacy.  The dressing gown goes on top."  Nurse Stacy packs 
          Martin Peyton's suitcase but tells him that he must have Dr. 
          Fielding's permission to leave.  Betty comes in and Peyton 
          tells her that he is ready to leave the hospital.  She asks 
          what this nonsense is about his wanting to leave.  He says it 
          is not nonsense and to have Thomas come up to his room.  She 
          says that Thomas did not bring her.  Betty mentions that Rodney 
          has moved out of the house.  Betty tells him that his room is 
          not ready and the house is a mess.  Betty says that the house 
          will be a real home for all of them.  She mentions that Peyton 
          has had pneumonia.  Peyton says that he is sure that she can 
          handle the household responsibilities.  Betty asks Peyton to be 
          civil to the nurse.  Betty says goodbye and leaves. 
Scene 3:  Chris arrives at the house, unlocks the door, and shouts for 
          Lee, of course, expecting him to be not there.  Chris calls 
          out, "Lee, Lee, are you home?"  He drops the keys on the table 
          by the front door.  He begins memorizing the room and prepares 
          a trap for Lee.  He digs the gun out of the sofa.  He moves two 
          dining table chairs.  He moves two chairs and finds some twine. 
          He prepares the trap by tying a string to the door knob and to 
          a chair about 15 feet away.  The other chair is for him to sit 
          in.   He ties it to the door knob.  He ties the other end to 
          one of the chairs.  The string is for aiming.  Outside, Lee is 
          waiting.  Lee leaves.  Chris cocks the gun and prepares to 
          shoot.  Back inside, Chris takes aim.  Lee turns around and 
          goes away. 
Scene 4:  In the mansion, Ada comes in and talks with Steven Cord.  She 
          has figured out that Chris, not Lee, has the gun.  She tells 
          Steven that she now realizes that it was Chris, not Lee, that 
          took the gun.  The phone rings twice and Steven answers.  The 
          call is from Lee and Steven is told that Chris is threatening 
          to commit suicide because of the death of Ann Howard.  Steven 
          doesn't believe Lee.  Lee tells Steven to get down to the 
          wharf. Lee tells Steven to get down to the wharf.  The door 
          chimes ring.  Steven lets Betty in and gives her a report.  She 
          asks what business is it of his.  They kiss.  He leaves. 

Scene 5:  Rachel is in her room in a rocking chair.  She hears a noise 
          from outside.  She gets up and goes over to the window.  She 
          sees Elliot and Constance outside.  She rushes downstairs to 
          the front door and lets them in.  They have been ice-skating.  
          Elliot tells Rachel that he will have to get her some skates.  
          Constance goes upstairs to take a hot bath.  Elliot asks Rachel 
          if she is concerned about being alone in the house.  She denies 
          it.  She won't admit any fear.  Elliot tells Rachel he 
          appreciates her concern for Matthew. 
Scene 6:  In the Cider Barrel, Sandy is drinking and Charlie is over by 
          the cash register.  Charlie continues to complain about the 
          bus-boy having the flu, and not being there to work.  Charlie 
          asks Sandy why she is hanging around.  She doesn't want to 
          answer.  Sandy goes to the pay phone on the wall.  She puts in 
          a dime and dials 7 digits.  Chris turns and looks at the 
          ringing phone.  He tries to ignore it.  He raises the gun and 
          assumes a firing position. 

Preview:  Norman talks to Rita.  Lee talks with Steven.  Sandy Webber 
          shouts to Chris.  The police drive up. 
          NH:  Don't start bargaining.  I might be the biggest 
               goof-off, but I'm still the guy you're married to. 
          LW:  You've taken a lot on your own, Cord.  You suckered me 
               into telling that story.  
          SC:  You suckered me into playing target.

          The police arrive at the Webber house.. 

          SW:  (shouting) Chris.  Chris.
Nurse Stacy-uncredited. 
Constance and Elliot go ice-skating.  
White Water-Lee's drinking spot.