Episode 310.

WA:       On this bitterly cold night, Lee Webber has returned from a 
          part-time job on a fishing boat to face an angry accusation.  
          The boat had barely been secured to the wharf when he found 
          himself face-to-face with his former attorney, Steven Cord, who 
          accused him of stealing a gun from Ada Jacks' near-by Tavern.  
          The charge shocked Lee Webber because it wasn't true.  But Lee 
          must now try to control his anger even with passing crewmen.  
          And he must contend with the possibility that whoever took the 
          gun could be determined to use it on him.  Who has reason to 
          hate Lee Webber?  His blind brother, Chris, for one.  Chris 
          testified against him in the Ann Howard case.  His wife, Sandy, 
          has sided with Chris.  There is one other person who has reason 
          to hate him, Rodney Harrington. 
Intro:    Steven leaves the boat.  Lee breaks the marine lamp.  Steven 
          walks past Ada Jacks' Tavern. 
Scene 1:  On the wharf, Lee comes in the Shoreline Garage to confront 
          Rodney.  Lee asks Rodney where he is going to live.  He talks 
          about Sandy.  Rodney is moving his things into the garage.  
          Including a tennis racket in a clamp, clothes, and a football.  
          Lee helps him set up a camp cot.  While Rodney is in the other 
          room, Lee slices the canvas on Rodney's cot.  Rodney grabs a 
          hammer and threatens Lee.  
Scene 2:  Lee goes to his house and puts his arm around Sandy.  Lee is 
          abusing Sandy.  Chris tries to break it up.  Chris and Sandy 
          leave to go to a movie.  Lee says that he is going to White 
          River to get him a barbeque sandwich. 
Scene 3:  Rachel is rocking in a chair, watching Matthew, as the phone 
          rings.  It is Jack Chandler.  She talks a moment and hears the 
          door chimes ring.  She puts the phone down to go to the door.  
          Rodney has come to visit.  Rachel unhooks the chain and lets 
          him in.  Rachel runs to the phone and hangs it up.  The phone 
          rings again.  This time Rodney answers it.  There is no reply 
          so he hangs up.  Rachel won't tell Rodney who called.  Rachel 
          tells Rodney to go away.  Rodney hugs and kisses her.  Rodney 
          says he's going to see Chandler. 

Scene 4:  Norman is walking across the square and is hit with a snowball.  
          Elliot says he thought it was Constance.  Norman said there 
          were two people he would never have thought would throw a snow 
          ball, Martin Peyton and Elliot Carson.  Connie walks over.  She 
          and Elliot are going ice skating.  She calls Rachel to check on 
          things.  There is now a phone booth in front of the Peyton 
          Pharmacy by the apartment stairs.  Rachel takes a long time to 
Scene 5:  On the wharf, Rodney calls to Chandler.  Chandler goes into the 
          Cider Barrel cafe and Rodney follows.  The cash register shows 
          $0.75.  Rodney talks and then threatens Chandler.  Chandler 
          says, "I'm no Joe Chernak."  Rodney glares as Chandler leaves. 
Scene 6:  Lee goes home and searches under the bed, in a flower pot, in a 
          chair, then in another chair.  He finds the gun in the sofa.  
          He examines it and then replaces it. 
Preview:  Chris calls to Lee.  Peyton talks to Betty and warns her.  
          CW:  Lee.  Lee, are you home?  Lee. 

          MP:  You have the iron will of Mrs. Cord, Hannah and the charm 
               and spirit of my daughter, Catherine.      
          BA:  Am I to accept that as a compliment?
          MP:  I meant it as a warning.

Rodney hugs and kisses Rachel.
In this episode a new telephone booth is seen outside the Pharmacy by the 
  stairs up to the apartment.