Episode 309.
WA:       Steven Cord is convinced that his former client, Lee Webber, 
          stole a gun from Ada Jacks' waterfront Tavern, and Steven is 
          determined to find Lee and disarm him.  Steven has long 
          resisted any feeling of continuing responsibility toward Lee, 
          who he defended in court against the charge of murdering Ann 
          Howard.  Lee was released, a decision based largely on Steven's 
          professional skills.  But Steven's growing feeling that he had 
          let loose a killer is overwhelming him.  Ironically, Steven 
          is on the wrong track.  Lee's blind brother, Chris, took the 
          gun.  And the more time Steven spends searching for Lee, the 
          more time Chris has, to set a plot in motion. 

Intro:    Steven walks from Ada Jacks' Tavern and rings the Webbers' 
          door bell.

Scene 1:  At the Cider Barrel, Chris is looking out the window 
          toward the Tavern.  Steven comes in and asks Sandy if she has 
          seen Lee.

Scene 2:  Rachel is returning to the Carson house when Chandler accosts 
          her.  Rachel threatens to kill him.  She takes Matthew and 
          the buggy in the house and closes the door.  Chandler walks 
          off headed to the Clarion.  When Rachel goes inside, it can 
          be seen that a door chain has been added to the front double 

Scene 3:  At the Clarion, Chander comes in and asks for an early copy 
          of the next day's paper.  Constance and Eli are there with 
          Elliot.  Chandler says that he has given up claim to Rachel. 

Scene 4:  At the mill, Leslie Harrington receives Betty in his office and 
          is annoyed by Betty's request for a special order for material 
          to make the replacement drapes for the Peyton mansion.

Scene 5:  Inside the Carson house, there is a knock on the door.  Elliot 
          comes in.  Elliot tells Rachel that Chandler came to the 
          Clarion.  Chandler told him that he is closing the farmhouse.

Scene 6:  At the wharf, in a snow storm, Lee's boat has come in.  Mario
          [episode 308] ties up the boat to a post.  Steven comes aboard 
          to talk with Lee.  They go b'low.  Steven accuses Lee of taking 
          the gun from Ada Jacks' Tavern.  Lee denies it.  Steven says 
          that he is sorry about only one thing, that I won't be the 
          one to prosecute you."  Steven leaves.  Lee swings wildly 
          breaking the glass globe of a marine lamp. 

Preview:  Chandler talks to Rodney.  Lee pushes Chris and fusses at Sandy.  
          Lee starts to fight with Chris,.

          JC:  You're kind of a local celebrity.  I mean the guys in the 
               fishing boats point you out,.
          RH:  Something else they point out.  They say now there's a guy 
               who can be pushed.  Because he's afraid to mix it up. 
          JC:  That's the story..
          RH:  Forget it..

          LW:  Get back in your cave.  I mean it, boy..
          SW:  Chris get over here..
          CW:  Leave her alone..
          SW:  (screaming) Stop it..