Episode 308.
WA:       Today, this small New England town is covered with a snow fall 
          that seems to muffle all the sounds of quiet desperation.  Rita 
          Jacks Harrington and her husband, Norman, want to shout.  
          Although Norman stepped into a bitter argument between Lee 
          Webber and the blind Chris Webber, only to be accused of 
          intrding.  The irony has left a bitter taste. 

Intro:    Rita walks past the Shippers Office toward the Tavern carrying a 
          chowder pot, with a bail.  Children are in front of the tavern 
          building a snow man.  Norman gets hit by a snowball.
Scene 1:  Norman knocks the head off the snowman with a snowball.  He then 
          runs the children off, saying that he is mean and this is his 
          territory.  Norman replaces the snowman's head.  The children 
          throw snowballs at Norman.  Norman and Rita continue to walk.  
          Rita is returning the chowder pot to her mother, Ada, from the 
          Harrington's party last night.  Rita asks Norman is he is still 
          bothered about last night.  He admits that he is.  Rita goes in 
          the Tavern. 

Scene 2:  At the mansion, Mary, carrying a folding rule, has just given 
          Betty a width dimension, 46 inches, as Rodney comes down the 
          stairs.  Rodney asks Mary where his duffle bag is.  She tells 
          him that it is at Norman's.  Betty asks Rodney where he is going 
          to live.  Rodney explains that he is going to live on the wharf.  
          And that it will suit him just fine.  Betty says it sounds 
          comfortable and that he will have more freedom.  Rodney says, 
          "The parade of beauties won't have so far to walk."  [This is 
          possibly a reference to Sandy Webber.]

Scene 3:  At the Book Gallery, Constance is talking on the phone to Dr. 
          Michael Rossi in New York City about Matthew.  He will be back 
          in a couple of days.  She allows that he deserves a rest.  She 
          says they all miss the doctor very much.  Elliot and Rachel 
          come in with Rachel pushing the pram.  Constance says that they 
          just missed Dr. Rossi.  Rachel wants to know when Dr. Rossi is 
          coming back and if he asked about her. 
Scene 4:  In front of the Pharmacy, Rodney talks to Rachel, who is 
          attending to Matthew in the pram.  Rodney asks if he can push 
          the pram.  They go in the Pharmacy, Rodney pushing the pram and 
          Rachel following.  All the patrons at the soda fountain counter 
          turn around to look.  Rodney and Rachel sit and talk.  Rodney 
          asks Rita to heat a bottle of milk and then feeds it to Matthew.  
Scene 6:  Police Sgt. William Wilson Walker comes in to Ada Jacks' Tavern 
          to bring the gun license to her.  After he leaves, Ada opens 
          the drawer and finds the gun missing from its holster.  She 
          tries to think what could have happened to it.  
Scene 7:  Steven comes to visit Peyton in his hospital room.  Peyton wants 
          some advice, legal advice.  Steven complains about being pulled 
          away from a conference.  Peyton says the police consider the 
          fire at the mansion to be arson.  Steven says that he has no 
          desire to see Hannah Cord in jail.  Peyton offers Steven his 
          legal affairs again.  
Scene 8:  At the tavern, Steven talks to Ada about the missing gun.  Ada 
          allows that she thinks that Lee Webber took the gun.  [Ada is 
          wearing two different colored strings of beads.]  Ada says that 
          Lee has the morals of a garbage pail.  Steven leaves and Mario 
          [Freddy] rudely asks for a beer.
Scene 9:  Steven Cord walks over to the Lee Webber house and rings the 
          bell.  The scene ends with his finger on the door bell button. 

Preview:  Chandler talks with Rachel.  Eli talks to Elliot.  Leslie talks 
          to Betty. 
          JC:  You keep your mouth shut about where you found their 
               daughter's bracelet, or ...
          RW:  If you ever touch this child, I'll kill you, Jack Chandler. 
          Eli: Are you concerned about Rachel, or the girl herself, 
               or only for what she can help you find out about Allison? 
          LH:  You have the power if you want to use it.  Remember, 
               you can't hurt the father without also hurting the son.

46 inches is approx 116 cm.