Episode 307.

          Chandler skulks.
WA:       Chris Webber has taken it upon himself to be his brother Lee's 
          executioner.  He has stolen a gun from Ada Jacks' Tavern, and 
          carries it with him, awaiting the opprtunity to put an end to 
          Lee's destructive life.  A few moments ago he had that 
          opportunity, but Norman Harrington, thinking it was Lee who was 
          about to harm Chris, separated the two brothers before Chris 
          could accomplish his mission.  Now, Norman still 
          mis-interpreting, has insisted that Chris stay with him and 
          join a small party in progress at the apartment. 
Intro:    In his red rag-top convertible, Norman drives Chris Webber to 
          the apartment to join the Harrington's party.  
Scene 1:  Rodney is dancing with Rachel, as Norman and Chris arrive at 
          the apartment.  Norman introduces Chris to Rachel Welles.  
          Chris says that he really can't stay, he just came up to say, 
Scene 2:  Rodney drives Rachel to the Carson house.  Rachel wants to talk 
          about Allison, but Rodney doesn't.  Rachel says, "Did you used 
          to sit out here with Allison like this?"  Rodney walks her to 
          the door.  Chandler is skulking, watching from the shadows. 
Scene 3:  Rodney and Constance meet up on the street in front of the 
          Pharmacy and he offers to buy her a cup of coffee.  She talks 
          about how much Rodney meant to Allison.  She tells him that it 
          is ok to see Rachel.  Rodney mentions the bird feeder.  They 
          chat but they don't go in for coffee. 

Scene 4:  In the foyer, Betty is gets her red coat and Steven's overcoat 
          out of the closet and talks to Steven.  Steven kisses Betty.  
          Betty says that the first thing she is going to do is put in a 
          skylight.  Steven says that Rodney used to share a room with 
          Norman.  Steven says, "You want to live here very much, don't 
          you?"  Betty says, "We both have a lot to prove and a lot to 
          gain if we ..."   They go upstairs to the left and find a room 
          locked.  [There is probably a profound meaning to this but 
          your reviewer didn't catch the significance.]  This seems an 
          insurmountable challenge so they leave. 
Scene 5:  Rodney knocks first, then and goes into Peyton's hospital room.  
          Rodney asks Peyton how he is.  Rodney tells his grandfather 
          that he is moving out of the mansion.  Peyton asks if he means 
          while it is being redecorated.  Rodney says no.  For good.  
          Peyton says, "I'm going to miss you.  I am going to miss you 
          because I have grown to like you.  Peyton asks Rodney if his 
          decision to move was influenced by Betty and Steven moving in.  
Scene 6:  Chandler is walking on the wharf near Ada Jacks' Tavern.  He 
          goes to a pay phone and calls Leslie at the mill.  [Phone 
          booths were still fairly common in the 60's.  At that time 
          phone booths often even had directories.]  He talks with 
          Leslie's secretary.  She tells him that Leslie is tied up.  
          Chandler asks her if it is rope or chains.  [Chandler usually 
          isn't this humorous.]

Scene 7:  Chandler goes in to the Shoreline Garage to confront Rodney.  
          Rodney is working on a white-over-red hard-top convertible.  
          Chandler asks if he is using bonded brake liners.  He tells 
          Rodney that he has his Hastings Valley farm up for sale.  He 
          says that Rachel is on her own.  Rodney is bleeding brake 
          fluid.  Chandler helps him by stepping on the brake pedal.  The 
          first time it is real spongy.  The next time it is hard as a 
          rock.  Chandler is hoping to work at the mill to pay off some 
          doctor bills.  He tells Rodney that he is glad that Rachel has 
          found someone here in town.  He pays Rodney what he owes him.  
          Chandler says, "I want you to know that I trust you with my 
          niece."  Rodney says, "I don't want your trust, Chandler.  I 
          don't need it."  He leaves saying, "I'll be around." 

Preview:  Steven talks to Peyton.  Betty talks to Rodney.  Ada talks to 
          SC:  You want me to make a moral decision for you. 
          MP:  I thought you considered yourself an expert on moral 
          SC:  Whether or not you tell the truth is your business. 
          BA:  I have a committment to Steven.  That's something you 
               could never understand, could you?  Because you've never 
               been able to commit yourself to anyone.
          AJ:  That doesn't change the fact that he's a scheming hoodlum 
               with the morals of a garbage pail. 
          SC:  He'd be a fool to get mixed up in something like this so 
               soon after the hearing.