Episode 306.
          Rachel dances. 

WA:       With each measured step, Chris Webber moves closer and closer 
          to the supreme crime.  In his pocket hanging like a dead weight 
          is a gun, stolen from Ada Jacks' Tavern.  On a night long walk, 
          he has made up his mind to use the gun.  To kill his own 
          brother Lee.  Now as dawn approaches, he must choose the time 
          and place of the execution.  He must choose it with great care. 
Intro:    Chris walks along the wharf in the snow.  He touches the 
          covered motorcycle by the porch and goes into the house.  
Scene 1:  In the Webber house, Chris retrieves the gun from the sofa, and 
          hides it in his overcoat pocket.  Lee comes in and asks Chris 
          whether he is coming or going.  Chris says, "A little of each."  
          Lee mentions how cold it is.  Lee puts on his work boots.  He 
          says he has a new job on the fishing boat.  Chris accuses Lee 
          of killing Ann Howard.  Chris says he was there and that Hannah 
          Cord saw Lee kill Ann.  As Lee is about to leave, Sandy comes out 
          and tells them to quit it.  Sandy comforts Chris.  Chris tells 
          Sandy to go back to bed.  Chris takes the gun from his pocket 
          and hides it in the sofa.  He then tells Sandy he is hungry. 
Scene 2:  In the hospital, Peyton is eating breakfast as Steven knocks 
          and comes in.  Peyton is dissatisfied with the hospital food.  
          Peyton tells of a nice visit with Betty.  They discuss the 
          Peyton mansion.  Steven says, "After the house is fixed up, 
          Betty and I would like to move in."  Peyton agrees to honor 
          his offer to Steven, to let Steven live in the mansion.  
          Steven says it is accepting his birth-right.  Steve says, 
          "After all, I am a Peyton.  Let's get one thing straight.  
          I was the result of a scandal, not the cause."  

Scene 3:  Constance knocks and comes into Rachel's room.  Rachel asks 
          Constance to zip her up.  Constance zips her up.  Constance 
          tells Rachel that she is beautiful.  Constance talks about 
          Rachel's first dinner party.  Rachel asks if Allison would mind 
          her using Allisons room and things. 
Scene 4:  Chris is practicing the piano at Ada's.  Ada comes in with some 
          fish chowder in a spoon and holds it under Chris' nose.  She 
          asks Chris if he is hungry.  He says, no.  She says he looks 
          peaked.  She tells him that she has made a big pot of fish 
          chowder and Norman is coming in.  She goes back in the living 
          area.  Two men and Lee come in rubbing their hands together 
          because of the cold.  Lee says he's had a hard day at the 
          office.  He calls to Ada and asks for bar whiskey.  Chris gets 
          up.  Lee bums a quarter for the juke box and drops it on the 
          counter.  In a later scene, he plays with it.  Chris goes to 
          the closet and gets the gun. 
Scene 5:  In the apartment, Norman is dancing by himself as Rodney knocks 
          and is let in.  Norman points at the bedroom door and tells 
          Rodney to go on in.  He says there is a lot of hair combing 
          going on.  Rodney knocks on Rita's bedroom door and says, 
          "Hurry up there Rita.  I want to be entertained."  He is 
          delighted to find that Rachel is there also.  Rodney tells 
          Rachel that she looks fine.  Rita says she looks more than 
Scene 6:  Back at Ada's Tavern, Lee is still twirling the quarter he 
          bummed from another patron.  He is annoying Chris and is being 
          generally obnoxious so Ada asks him to leave.  Lee continues to 
          drink.  Norman comes in and Lee asks him if he is the new 
          bouncer.  Norman tells Lee to leave.  Lee says that Norman 
          looks puny.  Norman again tells Lee to Leave.  Lee asks Ada for 
          some service.  To preclude a confrontation, Ada tells Norman 
          that the chowder is ready. 

Scene 7:  Back at the Harrington apartment, an un-shod Rachel calling a 
          square dance.  Rodney is dancing with Rita, then begins to 
          dance with Rachel.  They plop together on the couch.  Rachel 
          mentions The Frog.  Rodney corrects her, The Fruge.  Rita is 
          rather amused by the antics of Rodney and Rachel.

Scene 8:  Back at the Tavern, Lee is telling another boring story.  Norman 
          and Lee swap insults.  Lee continues to tell his story and sits 
          on Norman's table.  Norman tells Lee to explain how he got 
          away with the murdering Ann Howard.  Lee says he should know, 
          it runs in the family.  Norman lifts one side of the table 
          knocking Lee to the floor.  Norman swings at Lee and misses.  
          Lee swings and hits Norman.  Ada yells at Lee to get out.  Lee 
          at last starts to leave when Chris says he'll walk him home.  
          He follows Lee out the door. 

          Outside the Tavern, as Chris is about to pull the gun, but Norman 
          comes out unexpectedly.  Lee allows that he's going to White River.  
          He gets on his motorcycle, makes a U-turn, and rides off.  Chris 
          shouts after him. 
Preview:  Peyton tells Rodney he will miss him.  Steven talks to Betty.  
          Rachel and Rodney talk in his car about Allison. 
          MP:  I'm going to miss you.  I am going to miss you because I 
               have grown to like you. 
          RH:  Steven's your grandson, too.
          SC:  You want to live here very much, don't you?  
          BA:  We both have a lot to prove and a lot to gain if we ... 
          SC:  ... and a lot to lose.
          RW:  Did you used to sit out here with Allison like this?
          RH:  Oh yes, I guess we did a few times.
          RW:  Then why do you want to sit out here with me?