Episode 305.
          Chris steals Ada's gun.
WA:       Not so long ago, Chris Webber used to wait anxiously for the 
          first snow of winter.  Blind since his childhood, he found 
          great pleasure in feeling the cold fall of the flakes on his 
          face.  Now, Chris hardly knows that snow, at last, has come to 
          Peyton Place.  His mind is bursting with hatred of his brother, 
          Lee.  Chris is convinced that Lee murdered Ann Howard.  He is 
          further convinced that Lee must be punished. 
Intro:    Chris is walking through the snow by the Pillory in the square 
          in downtown Peyton Place.  Lee follows about 10 paces back.  
          Lee jumps up on the Pillory base and then continues following 
          Chris.  Ada opens the Tavern door and ushers Lee inside. 
Scene 1:  Chris has come in early to Ada's to practice on the piano.  Ada 
          asks him why he is so early.  Chris says he needs the practice.  
          Police Sgt. Edward Goddard comes in.  The sergeant greets 
          Chris, and Ada.  Ada mentions the Police Christmas Benefit.  
          [This episode was originally shown in early January 1967 and 
          would probably have been filmed in December 1966.]  There is 
          snow on the ground.  Sgt. Goddard duns Ada $7.50 for her gun 
          license renewal.  Ada complains that she paid only $20.00 for 
          the "stupid gun" five years ago.  He checks the serial number 
          on the gun, and gives her a receipt for the money.  He promises 
          to bring her the license in a day or two.  Sgt. Goddard greets 
          Chris and then leaves.  [From the harbor, a fog horn is heard].  

          Lee comes in, sits down at a table, and sarcastically reads the 
          want ads out loud.  Nothing seems to fit him.  Chris abruptly 
          stops playing That Old Feeling on the piano as Lee walks over.  
          Lee imposes on Chris.  Ada suggests that Lee leave the tavern 
          and find that job for himself.  Lee makes a few more caustic 
          remarks and leaves.  Chris talks to Ada about his fears for 
          Sandy.  He says that nobody can win all the time.  He resumes 
          playing the piano. 
Scene 2:  Leslie goes in the still fire-damaged Peyton mansion and pours 
          himself a drink.  Rodney comes down the stairs and talks to 
          Leslie.  Rodney says that he is saddened by all the things his 
          grandfather lost.  Rodney mentions that all of Peyton's books 
          and some other irreplaceable things are all gone.  Leslie says 
          it is a clean break with the past.  Leslie and Rodney fuss.  
          They talk about Martin, Steven, Betty, and Norman.  Leslie says 
          that Steven is creating a new world. 
Scene 3:  Steven is talking to his dictaphone in his second floor office.  
          Betty walks in and sits on his lap.  His right hand is bandaged 
          as a result of rescuing Peyton from the fire.  Steven kisses 
          Betty.   She tells Steven that Peyton has summoned her to his 
          hospital room.  He tells her to go see Peyton but not to make 
          any bargains. 
Scene 4:  At the Pharmacy, Rita takes a ham sandwich and two cups of 
          coffee over to Rodney.  She drinks the second cup as they talk.  
          Rodney talks with Rita about the damage to the Peyton house.  
          The upstairs was not damaged much but the downstairs was.  Rita 
          tells Rodney that he needs someone.  She mentions Allison.  He 
          tells her not to try to make a match.  As he leaves he mentions 
          Rachel Welles. 
Scene 5:  In his bed in the hospital, Peyton is fussing at nurse Stacy.  
          Nurse Stacy is cranking Peyton's bed down as Betty comes in.  
          Peyton orders nurse Stacy to leave.  Betty adjusts the bed.  He 
          compliments her on her looks.  She asks how he feels.  She 
          wonders why he asked her to come over.  He asks her to do the 
          decorating to the house.  He intends to pay her.  Actually he 
          calls it patching.  He tells her she will be well rewarded.  
          She indicates she would be wasting her time and his money.  She 
          tells him she thinks the drapes were awful.  Peyton tells Stacy 
          to leave.  Peyton hires Betty to redocorate the Peyton house.  
          He indicates he may just might use a professional.  Betty says 
          he can always buy obedience.  Betty agrees to do the job and 
          Martin tells her to consider that Thomas and the car will be at 
          her disposal. 
Scene 6:  About dinner time, Rita goes over to Constance Mackenzie's 
          house and Rachel answers the door.  Rita wants to invite Rachel 
          over to dinner the next night for a couple of hours.  Constance 
          comes down the stairs with Matthew and tells Rachel that it 
          will be all right with her for Rachel to dine out tomorrow 
          night.  Rachel is unsure, but Constance encourages her to do 
          it.  Constance is carrying Matthew and Rita comes over to look 
          at him. 
Scene 7:  At the Tavern, Ada is closing.  Chris tells Ada he wants to 
          practice some more.  She tells him to turn off the lights and 
          lock up when he leaves.  He tells her he won't need the lights.  
          He starts to play "Deep Purple," stops, tells Ada goodnight, 
          and heads for the drawer to steal her gun.  With the gun in his 
          pocket, he leaves the tavern. 
Preview:  Steven talks to Peyton.  Norman talks with Lee.  Norman hits 
          Lee, knocking him to the floor. 
          SC:  After the house is fixed up, Betty and I would like to 
               move in. 
          MP:  Oh, I see.  
          SC:  Are you reneging on your offer?  
          MP:  Perhaps I'm just curious, that you didn't set your 
               sights a little bit higher.  Or have you?
          NH:  How does it feel, Lee, to kill someone and just walk away 
          LW:  Didn't your dear departed mother ever tell you how she got 
               away with killing the Carson dame. 
Nurse Stacy-uncredited.
Police Sgt. Edward Goddard-Garry Walberg.