Episode 304.
          Rachel moves in with the Carsons.

WA:       Tonight, Rodney Harrington convinced Rachel Welles that she 
          should accept the offer made to her by Constance and Elliot 
          Carson to move into their home, his own second home when his 
          own life centered around Allison Mackenzie. 

Intro:    Rodney drives Rachel to the Carson house. 
Scene 1:  Rodney and Rachel talk for a while still in the car.  Rachel 
          says that Mr. Carson doesn't believe her.  They get out of the 
          car.  Rodney escorts Rachel to the front door and rings the 
          Carson door Chime.  Constance seems surprised but welcomes 
          Rachel into the house.  Elliot welcomes her also.  Rodney says 
          he can't stay.  The three go up to Allison's bed room.  Rachel 
          expresses concern that Elliot doesn't want her.  Rachel picks 
          up some of Allison's toys and dolls.  Then she picks up 
          Matthew.  Constance excuses herself to fix coffee.  Elliot 
          thanks Rachel for changing her mind. 
Scene 2:  Rachel pushes the pram around the square.  The townsfolk gather 
          to look at Matthew.  She heads for the General Store. 
Scene 3:  In the General Store, Eli has just put some wood in the stove 
          as Rachel goes in to see him and to show him his grandson.  Eli 
          says that stove sitting is a lost art.  They play the almanac 
          game.  Eli says that Iceland is one of three countries that 
          doesn't have an army.  As Rachel is leaving, Norman comes into 
          the General Store.  Norman asks Eli if he is a betting man.  
          They talk about snow.  Norman says he bets it will snow 
          tomorrow.  Eli goes outside to test the air and make a few 
          scientific observations.  Norman and Eli walk across the street 
          to the square and to the bandstand.  Norman repeats that it 
          will snow tomorrow.  
Scene 4:  Lee goes into the Cider Barrel to annoy Sandy.  He asks her if 
          she has noticed that "on a clear day you can see the Shoreline 
          Garage" from there in the Cider Barrel.  Sandy is drying 
          glasses and mugs.  He orders coffee.  The sign says Coffee 
          10 cents.  Another sign says Lettuce and Tomato Sandwich 
          20 cents.  Lee asks if Sandy is coming home after her 
          shift.  Lee says that the only man who congratulated him was 
          Martin Peyton.  He pays, says, "Keep the change," and leaves. 
Scene 5:  The phone rings in the Carson livingroom and Rachel answers.  
          It is Rodney calling from the Shoreline Garage.  He asks her 
          how she is getting along.  Matthew starts crying.  Rodney asks 
          Rachel for a date.  She says, "Not tonight."  Rodney says, 
          "Another time."  

          Sandy Webber comes into the Shoreline Garage while Rodney is 
          still on the phone.  When he hangs up she starts hitting on 
          him.  Sandy inquires of his grandfather Peyton.  Rodney reminds 
          her that she has a husband.  He asks her to stay away.  Sandy 
          says, "If being married means having a life together, I'm as 
          single as you are."  Sandy looks out the window and sees Lee 
          ride up on his motorcycle and talk to a lady wearing a black 
          coat, white hat and white gloves.  No plot follow up on this. 
Scene 6:  Lee comes into the hospital and asks miss Choate, who is caring 
          for Mr. Peyton.  Steven comes in and Lee asks how the old man 
          is doing.  Steven and Lee walk up to Dr. Fielding's office.  
          Lee introduces himself to Dr. Fielding.  Fielding doesn't tarry 
          long.  Steven gets a drink of water.  Lee gets a drink of 
          water.  Lee asks Steven what was in the box that he gave the 
          doctor for Mr. Peyton.  Steven tells Lee he hates him.  Lee 
          says, "Want to go another round like we did at the Shoreline." 

Preview:  Steven talks with Betty.  Lee talks with Chris.  Leslie talks 
          to Rodney. 
          SC:  No bargains, remember that.
          BA:  I just want you to be sure.  That's all I ask.  
               Because when you've taken the first step, there's
               no turning back.
          LW:  I wanted to talk to you this morning but you left so 
               early.  What was your hurry?
          CW:  I can't stand being in the same room with you.
          LH:  There's a new world and Steven Cord's creating it.  We 
               can't let that happen, Rod.  We both lose.  Both of us. 

Dr. Fielding-actor unknown.
Three countries don't have an army.  Iceland is one.
[Japan is two.  Germany is three.]