Episode 303.

WA:       Doctors Hospital.  Tonight, a fire raced through the interior 
          of the ancient Peyton house.  Martin Peyton has been brought 
          here to Doctors Hospital.  Steven Cord found him collapsed on 
          the staircase of his home, a victim of smoke inhalation and 
          shock.  The man whose image dominates the town, lies in 
          critical condition. 
Intro:    Light blue car.  A nurse gets out.  Rodney running. 
Scene 1:  Steven and Betty are sitting on a bench.  Rodney rushes in.  
          Steven's hand is bandaged.  Rodney asks Steven how his hand is.  
          Rodney thanks Steven for saving Peyton's life.  Dr. Fielding, 
          who is filling in while Rossi is away in New YOrk City,  comes 
          out and tells them that Peyton has regained consciousness.  he 
          is asking for his grandson.  Betty says, "I think he means you, 
          Rod." [actually he meant Steven]. 
Scene 2:  Rodney speaks to Peyton.  Peyton says, "Steven."  Peyton is not 
          well.  Peyton says, "Rodney, I thought I'd never see you again.  
          They talk a while and Rodney leaves.  Then Steven comes in.  
          Peyton asks why he Steven came to the house.  He was looking 
          for Hannah Cord to return the check that Hannah had given Betty 
          for the sale of the house.  Peyton asks Steven what his price 
          is.  Steven says, "When the time comes, you'll know."  [MEL:  
          He wants to live in the mansion.  With his house being sold and 
          Hannah leaving, everything falls into place for Steven and 
          Betty to move into the mansion, and for Rodney to leave.  With 
          Rodney living in the Shoreline Garage on the wharf, he will be 
          close to the Webber house and Sandy.] 
Scene 3:  In another room in the hospital, Elliot knocks and looks in 
          where Rachel is lying on the bed.  Elliot invites Rachel to 
          come and live in their house.  Elliot tells Rachel that 
          Constance needs help with the baby.  Elliot tells her that he 
          has reservations.
Scene 4:  Lee opens the door and comes in his house.  He calls for Sandy 
          and Chris.  There is no reply.  He takes off his jacket.  Sandy 
          is standing in front of the antique refrigerator. [probably a 
          General Electric®.]  Lee Webber, looks in the mirror and says 
          to himself, "Welcome home, Lee."   He picks up a plate and 
          says to Sandy, "Fix one of these things for me".  She does.  
          He tells Sandy that he saw Rodney getting cozy with his new 
          girl.  Sandy tells Lee that the name of the girl is "Rachel" 
          and they aren't going together.  Lee says, "I forgave you once 
          because I was in jail and you were lonely.  But I'm home now."
          Lee uses the word hopscotch. 
Scene 5:  Meanwhile back at the hospital, Rachel gets up and puts some 
          of her things away.  Rodney knocks on the door.  He asks if 
          she is crying.  He asks what the suitcase if for.  She says 
          that a social worker, Mrs. Franks, is coming. 
Scene 6:  Steven and Betty go to the smoke damaged house and look around.  
          Steven lights a three-branch candleabra.  The upstairs is 
          hardly damaged at all.  Betty says it is awful.  Steven says, 
          "What a mess."  Betty says, "The fire has burned away the 
          past."  Steven allows that he wants it just the way it is. 
Preview:  Steven confronts Lee.  Rodney talks to Sandy. 
          SC:  I'm going to chop you into tiny pieces and I'm going to 
               wash you down the drain, in my own way and in my own time. 
          LW:  Want to go another round, like we did that night in the 
               Shoreline?  You remember how fast you hit the deck, boy.
          RH:  Do me a favor, will you?  Stay away from here.
          SW:  Because I let you know how I feel.
          RH:  No, because you're married.
          SW:  If being married means having a life together with 
               someone, I'm as single as you are.
Dr. Fielding-uncredited.
Rachel mentions Mrs. Franks.
The other social worker is Mrs. Thomas.
Antique General Electric® refrigerator with the coils on top.  State 
 of the art at one time.