Episode 302.
          Fire at the Peyton Mansion.

WA:       Hannah Cord is leaving town.  The woman who posed for 28 years 
          as the mother of Steven Cord has revealed that Catherine Peyton 
          was Steven's mother.  Now she must set her house in order.  She 
          has seen Steven probably for the last time in her life and 
          realized that he could not control his hatred for her.  Thus 
          the one deeply felt experience in her life, her relationship 
          with Steven is at an end.  There is very little left for Hannah 
          Cord to do. 
MEL:      Hannah sold the house on the auction block and gave the check 
          to Betty.  Steven decides to go to the Peyton mansion to return 
          the check and finds the house in flames.  Rossi is out of town.  
          Both Mary and Thomas have been given the evening off. 
Intro:    Hannah Cord carrying a large black handbag, walks toward the 
          front entrance of the Peyton mansion.  She goes in.  She looks 
          around and walks over to the bottom of the stairs as the maid, 
          Mary, walks up and greets her. 
Scene 1:  Maid Mary tells Hannah that Mr. Peyton doesn't want to be 
          disturbed.  Hannah asks Mary to tell Thomas that she'll be 
          right out.  Mary tells Hannah goodbye.  Hannah looks around, 
          for possibly the last time, then goes over and torches 
          Catherine's portrait.  She then hurriedly leaves apparently 
          locking the door behind her.  
Scene 2:  At the General Store, Eli forecasts snow for tomorrow.  Eli is 
          talking with Rachel and Norman.  Eli loans his copy of "Poor 
          Richard's Almanac" to Rachel and she promises to take good care 
          of it.  Rachel eats an apple and talks to Eli about the 
          "Farmer's Almanac". 
Scene 3:  Steven and Betty drive toward the mansion in Steven's car.  
          He is annoyed that it hasn't snowed yet.  Hannah would not 
          take the money back from Betty for the house.  Betty tells 
          Steven how organized Hannah seems to be.  They arrive at the 
          Peyton mansion to find it ablaze.  

          Steven breaks a window beside the front door, reaches inside, 
          and unlocks the front door.  [Hannah must have locked the door 
          when she left, but this was not shown.]  Steven calls out for 
          his mother and for Peyton.  Through the heavy smoke, Steven 
          carries Martin Peyton to safety.  He places Peyton on his 
          stomach, in the front yard, and rubs his back, an old form of 
          artificial respiration.  When Peyton shows signs of life, 
          Steven rushes back inside yelling for his mother.  Betty asks 
          Peyton if there is anyone still remaining in the house.  Peyton 
          tells her that no one is in the house.  Betty calls to Steven 
          that the house is empty.  Betty tells Steven that Dr. Rossi has 
          gone on vacation in New York City. 

Scene 4:  In the General Store, Norman and Rachel notice the sirens.  
          Rachel is noticeably disturbed.  She puts her hands over her 
          ears.  Eli comes back in and asks Rachel what is wrong.  Rodney 
          comes in the store and tells them that the firetrucks are going 
          up the hill.  Eli tells Rachel that the hot chocolate is ready.  
          Rodney comforts and embraces Rachel.  Rachel asks Rodney not to 
          treat her like a child, not even when she acts likes one.  She 
          adds that she doesn't like the sound of fire engines.  Rachel 
          relates the story that when she was a child, the neighbors' 
          barn burned down.
Scene 5:  A good camera shot from above and north of the Peyton Place 
          fire station pointed toward the Clarion, shows the fire truck 
          commencing its run.  Rodney continues to comfort Rachel.  
          Rachel tells Rodney and Eli that her parents died in a fire.  

          She and Rodney go outside and encounter Lee Webber who is on 
          his motorcycle.  Webber goes out of his way to annoy and 
          irritate them.  Lee tells Rodney to go ahead and hold 
          Rachel's hand.  Rodney tells Lee to move on.  Lee revs his 
          engine and rides off.  Eli rushes out and informs Rodney and 
          Rachel that Mr. Peyton is in the hospital.  And that the fire 
          was at the Peyton mansion. 
Scene 6:  Elliot wanders around his house as Constance prepares for 
          Rachel's imminent arrival.  Elliot indicates that he has 
          reservations, about Rachel, but Constance is excited at the 
          prospect of Rachel coming to live with them.  Rachel is almost 
          the same age as Allison.  

          The telephone rings and Elliot, in his role as Editor of the 
          Clarion, is told by the police sergeant about the fire and 
          that Steven Cord rescued Martin Peyton.  Elliot tells 
          Constance that Peyton is alive and is at the hospital.  
          Elliot says that he'll get right over there. 
Scene 7:  Steven and Betty talk with Dr. Fielding, the acting chief of 
          staff at Doctors Hospital.  Since Dr. Rossi is away, Dr. 
          Cortell, Peyton's Boston physician has been summoned.  Dr. 
          Fielding says that he is concerned about possible burns in 
          Peyton's respiratory passages.  He tells Nurse Fletcher to tend 
          to Steven's wounds, but to let him, the doctor, see the wounds 
          before she covers them with bandages.  Steven says that it was 
          irresponsible for Rossi to leave with Peyton in the condition 
          he was in.  Betty tells Steven how proud she is of him.  Steven 
          says that Dr. Cortell is a very old man.  Steven, showing his 
          concern for the old man, says it will take a lot of will power 
          for Peyton to make it. 
Preview:  Lee talks to Sandy.  Elliot talks to Rachel.  Dr. Fielding 
          talks to Rodney, Betty, and Steven. 
          LW:  I forgave you once because I was in jail.  And you were 
               lonely.  But, I'm home now.
          EC:  But, I do have reservations about you, Rachel.  I don't 
               think you've told me everything about Allison's bracelet 
               for one thing.
          DF:  He's asking for his grandson.  
          BA:  I think he means you, Rod.

Dr. Fielding, fills in as chief of staff while Michael Rossi is on 
    vacation in New York City.  Ed Nelson is on sick leave.
The actor playing Dr. Fielding is never credited.
Dr. Rossi had told Constance that he would be gone a couple of days but it 
  turned out to be well over a month.  [In real life, Ed Nelson is ill.] 
Dr. Cortell, Peyton's old Boston physician.
Nurse Fletcher-not credited.