Episode 301.
          Rossi goes on vacation.
WA:       Tonight, Hannah Cord has taken a long walk.  Her destination the 
          office of Steven Cord.  She must see the young man who who lived 
          all his life, assuming that she was his mother.  Hannah tried 
          desperately to prevent Steven from gaining the knowledge that he 
          was the son of Catherine Peyton.  And now she knows that she 
          must confront Steven.  Perhaps for the last time. 
MEL:      Mary is given the night off.  Thomas is told he won't be needed 
          any more that night.  Only Peyton was alone in the house when 
          Hannah started the fire.  Ed Nelson goes on sick leave. 

Intro:    Hannah walks across the square to Steven's office. 
Scene 1:  Hannah and Steven have a long talk.  He said he wanted to say 
          goodbye to her but he didn't want to go to her. 
Scene 2:  At the library, Eli introduces Rachel to Miss Hunt.  Rachel 
          shakes her hand.  They talk a moment.  Rachel presents the 
          librarian the list that Rossi had given to her.  Miss Hunt 
          explains about index cards.  Eli goes over and wakens Norman who 
          is reading about heredity.  Eli asks Norman to help Rachel find 
          some books.  Eli tells off Norman, good naturedly.  Rachel quotes 
          from the Farmer's Almanac.  Basic Zoology, the Beginnings of 
          Biology, Story of the Human Cell, Handbook of Anatomy.  Eli 
          suggests to Rachel that she should watch what Norman does and 
          learn from him. 
Scene 3:  Meanwhile, back at the mansion, Peyton is returning home, being 
          helped by Thomas, the chauffeur.  Peyton hands Thomas his hat 
          and tells him, "That will be all for now, Thomas."  [Your 
          reviewer doesn't recall Peyton ever being sharp or rude to 
          Thomas."]  Peyton tells Mary to catch up with Thomas and tell 
          him, "to drive Mrs. Cord to the airport.  I don't want her to 
          have to fend for herself.  Then take the night off."  [The 
          writers didn't want the maid or chauffeur to burn up in the 
          fire.  Very considerate of them.] 
Scene 4:  Rita Jacks Harrington has been waiting in the livingroom for 
          Peyton, and he is startled when he sees her.  Mary had earlier 
          told her to wait there for Mr. Peyton.  Rita tells Peyton that 
          Norman feels that his mother, Catherine, was unbalanced.  They 
          proceed to chat about Norman and Catherine.  Rita tells him that 
          Norman believes he inherited an insanity gene.  Peyton asserts 
          that there is no insanity in the Peyton family.  They chat a bit 
          more and Rita leaves.  Peyton goes over and looks at Catherine's 
Scene 5:  Elliot and Constance go to see Dr. Rossi in his office.  Rossi 
          tells them that Dr. Fielding will be responsible for Rachel 
          Welles while he is away.  He says he'll be gone a couple of 
          days.  He has called Mrs. Franks who, as indicated earlier, is 
          still involved in Rachel's case.  Elliot  goes in to check on 
          Matthew before he leaves.  He plans to catch a plane in 40 
          minutes.  [As it turns out later, Rossi goes to New York City 
          to visit his family and to see a big hospital.  He is impressed 
          what a big hospital with big funding can do in research]. 
Scene 6:  At the mansion, Hannah is taking care of some last minute 
          business.  She looks around, for perhaps the last time.  She 
          tells Mary that she wishes to tell Peyton goodbye.  Mary tells 
          her that Mr. Peyton doesn't want to be disturbed.  They say 
          their goodbyes.  Hannah looks around and at the fireplace, and 
          the chess set.  [Note that the chess set is set up wrong.]  She 
          looks at the portrait of Catherine.  She prepares to torch it. 
Preview:  Lee rides up on his motorcycle and annoys Rodney and Rachel.  
          Dr. Fielding, has as oxygen mask on Peyton.  He says Peyton's 
          Boston physician, Cortell, is on his way.  Eli and Norman try 
          to comfort Rachel Welles. 
          LW:  Rodney, boy, if you want to hold her hand, why don't you 
               just go ahead and hold her hand.  I want you to know ma'am 
               you've got yourself the town catch here. 
          RH:  Why don't you get lost.
          DF:  Mr. Peyton's Boston physician.  He's coming down as 
               quickly as he can.  We tried to reach him but so far we 
               haven't been successful. 
          SC:  What are the odds, doctor?  
          DF:  That's hard to say.
          Eli: Girl, what is it?  What's wrong. 
          NH:  Oh, Rachel.

Mrs. Franks, social worker-uncredited.    
Miss Hunt, librarian-uncredited.
Dr. Cortell (or Kortell), Peyton's ageing Boston physician.
Dr. Fielding, the doctor who is apparently second in command to
  Rossi, and who is taking over most of his responsibilities including
  the care of Rachel Welles-uncredited.