Episode 300.
WA:       Jack Chandler has given up his legal claim to the custody of 
          young Rachel Welles.  Today, however, Chandler still has an 
          overwhelming concern about Rachel, and has brought the girl's 
          few possessions to doctors Hospital to personally give them to 
          her, which will allow him to see her once again. 
Intro:    Chandler drives up in his red panel wagon and takes a suitcase 
          and a carton into the hospital. 

Scene 1:  In the hospital lab, Chandler speaks to miss Choate and asks to 
          give some packages to Rachel personally.  Miss Choate says it 
          would be better to leave the packages with her.  Chandler makes 
          it unmistakeably clear that he wants to give the things to 
          Rachel personally.  Dr. Rossi and Rachel arrive.  Rachel is 
          wearing some new clothes which Constance helped her select.  
          Rossi and Chandler have a heated argument concerning the 
          custody of Rachel.  
Scene 2:  Chandler speaks privately with Rachel, telling her not to say 
          anything about Allison.  They talk.  He wants to know the 
          truth.  Rachel shouts.  The police officer comes in.  He 
          leavces.  Rachel and Chandler fuss.  Rachel says that she found 
          the bracelet on th floor of his car.  Chandler leaves.  Rachel 
          and Rossi talk.  Rachel thanks Rossi for having Constance take 
          her shopping.  Rachel drops the package and then kicks it. 
Scene 3:  Martin and Hannah are talking.  She has to go into town.  He 
          asks her where she is going.  He refers to where she's going 
          when she leaves town.  Martin wants to be apprised of her 
          whereabouts.  Martin asks how she will get along.  She gives 
          him the keys.  He said a real estate person called this 
          morning.  She has put Steven's house on the auction block.  
          Martin says she will take a great loss.  He tells her that 
          Thomas will be at her disposal. 
Scene 4:  In the kitchen, Elliot is wearing an apron.  Constance tells 
          him that she took Rachel shopping.  Elliot tells Constance that 
          Rachel reminds her of Allison.  Constance says that no one can 
          replace Allison.  Constance tells Elliot she wants to have 
          Rachel to take care of Matthew.  Elliot thought Rita was next 
          in line after Betty.  Constance wants Rachel to live with them.  
          Elliot is against it.  He says they should talk to 
          Dr. Rossi about it.  They agree. 

Scene 5:  Hannah shows up at Betty's door to say goodbye and to asks 
          about Steven.  Betty is packing.  [This is convenient since the 
          upcoming fire and Peyton's obligation will let Betty move into 
          the mansion.  Hannah says that ambition is the cement in her 
          relationship to Steven as it was to Rodney. 

Scene 6:  Martin Peyton goes in the library, in the Town Hall building, 
          which also houses the jail and courthouse, Martin speaks to 
          miss Hunt, the librarian.  He is nooking for Norman.  He finds 
          him and tells him he wants to talk.  Peyton says, "Norman, grow 
          up."  Norman says, "Peter Pan had it made."  [The allusion of 
          this is that Peter Pan had no parents].  Peyton thanks Norman 
          for going to the cemetary.  Norman says that his mother was 
          insane.  He says she was willful and destructive.  Asks why 
          Peyton didn't send her to a psychiatrist.  Peyton says it is 
          nothing more than a rationale, she was not insane.  "She was a 
          morally corrupt woman."  Norman says, I know she was insane. 

Scene 7:  Lee Webber is walking on the wharf.  He meets up with Rodney 
          and tells him he shouldn't sneak up on anyone.  Rodney was on 
          his way to Lee's house.  Rodney tries to explain what happened 
          with Sandy.  He said he was taking a check to the Webbers.  He 
          says that he and Sandy were both down.  Lee tells Rodney to 
          stay away from Sandy or he'll wind up like Joe Chernak. 

Preview:  Rossi talks with Elliot and Constance.  Steven talks to Hannah.  
          Rita talks to Martin Peyton. 
          MR:  Are you up to it?  
          EC:  I don't know.  
          MR:  Well, then I wouldn't take her into your home.  
          CM:  Michael.  
          MR:  Listen, Connie, It's something you have to want.  All of 

          SC:  Try to understand.  I wish I could put my arms around you 
               and love you for what you've tried to do.  But I can't. 

          RJ:  He won't let me give him the one thing I can give, a 
               family, children.  And I don't know what to do.
Miss Hunt, librarian-uncredited.
Mention of Joe Chernak.
Mention of auction block.