Episode 299.
WA:       Several weeks have passed since Lee Webber was arrested for the 
          murder of Ann Howard.  During that time, he spent his days and 
          nights in a small cell in the Peyton County jail.  Now the 
          charges against Lee have been dropped.  He has been released 
          after an investigation and hearing.  And he has returned to his 
          home and family. 
Intro:    Lee rides up on his motorcycle and parks in front of his house. 
Scene 1:  Lee comes in and spars with Chris.  Lee says, "They never made 
          the job that could keep me or the jail that could hold me.  Or 
          the chick that could walk herself out of my life."  Lee says he 
          wants to set the record straight with both of them.  Lee tells 
          Chis that he is very important to him.  Lee somewhat admits 
          pushing Chris.  Chris accuses Lee of murdering Ann Howard.  
          [The grammar in this scene is abysmal.  Objective case and 
          nominative case interchanged.] 
Scene 2:  Dr. Rossi is deep in thought, and reading the paper, as Rachel 
          comes in.  She says she remembers Lee Webber.  The Clarion 
          headline reads as follows: 
                             LEE WEBBER RELEASED 
          Rachel wants to talk to Dr. Rossi about a job.  She also talks 
          about dyeing her hair blonde.  Dr. Rossi says that if he ever 
          sees her in blonde hair, he will give her the spanking of her 
Scene 3:  Rodney Harrington goes into Steven Cord's inner office and they 
          talk.  Rodney says that he feels pain also.  Not just Steven.  
          Betty joins them just as Rodney is leaving.  Steven Cord says, 
          "I am a Peyton."  [Compare this to "Young Frankenstein," where 
          Gene Wilder says, "I am a Frankenstein."]  
Scene 4:  At the Carson house, Rossi has made a "house call."  Rossi and 
          Constance talk.  Rossi says, "The rotten part is, I helped turn 
          him loose," referring to Lee Webber.  Rossi says that Rachel 
          has becomed attached to him.  He says that Rachel needs clothes 
          and things.  Constance says that she would be delighted to take 
          Rachel shopping.  Rossi says to send him the bill.  They talk 
          some more and he says, "I think doctors should make more house 
          calls, don't you?" 
Scene 5:  At the Les Femmes botique, Rachel comes out of the dressing 
          room.  Constance says, "we'll take it."  Rachel says that she 
          plans to pay Constance back.  Constance tells Rachel not to 
          think about that.  Rachel tries on a skirt.  Constance says 
          that Rachel looks lovely.  Rachel talks about working on a 
          dress at Mrs. Burrows house.  She says that her aunt Lucy 
          made all her clothers.  Lucy hated the dress that Rachel made.  
          She told Chandler to burn the dress.  He burned some rags 
          instead but he never gave the dress back. 
Scene 6:  At the Pharmacy, Rodney and Rita talk.  Rodney is not eating 
          his ham and egg sandwich.  Rodney says he wishes that Rita 
          could tell him her problems.  Rodney says that Norman is trying 
          to build a case to explain why his mother did what she did.  
          Rachel comes in to show off her new clothes to Rita.  Rita says 
          she looks beautiful.  Rita goes in the back.  Rachel says she 
          was teasing Rodney.  She wanted him to notice her.  He says 
          that he did notice her.  Rodney offers to buy her some coffee 
          or hot chocolate.  Rodney leaves as Constance comes in. 
Scene 7:  Outside the Pharmacy, Dr. Rossi gets out of his car and meets 
          up with Constance and Rachel as they are coming out of Les 
          Femmes.  Rodney is watching and gets in his car. 

Preview:  Chandler talks with Rachel.  Rossi tells him to take off.  
          Elliot fusses at Constance.  Hannah fusses at Betty. 

          JC:  That's a new outfit you've got on.  I thought you might 
               want something new.  Looks like the good doctor beat me to 
          MR:  Now, why don't you take off.
          EC:  The next thing, you'll want to be giving her Allison's 
               clothes.  What do you really want, Connie?  Do you want a 
               baby sitter or do you want a replacement for Allison? 
          BA:  How can I help him be on the loving way?          
          HC:  By refusing to let him use your ambitions to justify 
               his own.
Mrs. Linden, Les Femmes saleslady-Virginia Vincent 297, 299 
Tommy McNatt, only mentioned by Rachel.