Episode 298.
WA:       The time of decision in the Peyton County courthouse.  Shall 
          Lee Webber be bound over for trial on charges of murdering Ann 
          Howard.  The decision is in the hands of a single individual, 
          Judge Irwin A. Chester. 
Title:    Charges are dropped against Lee Webber. 
Intro:    Man using a leaf rake in front of the courthouse.  Judge 
          Chester, in chambers, turning a page in a large book. 

Scene 1:  Judge Irwin A. Chester greets John Fowler and Steven Cord.  He 
          says it is almost over.  He is exhausted.  He asks John if his 
          next case is before him.  It isn't.  The judge apologizes to 
          John for not removing Cord from the trial when he over stepped 
          the bounds.  But it would have been unfair to the defendant.  
          The decision is not to bind Lee Webber over for trial.  John 
          argues with the Judge.  He says that the judge has made a 
          serious mistake.  Judge Chester says that John can file for 
          another preliminary hearing.  Or wait for a grand jury.  The 
          judge says he deals in the law.  He also says that Cord doesn't 
          care about Lee Webber.  He asks how Cord was able to defend the 
          man who was accused of killing his own sister.  He says that 
          setting Lee Webber free may weigh on his conscience.
Scene 2:  In the courtroom, Judge Chester takes the bench and tersely 
          announces his decision.  Case dismissed.  Lee calls to Sandy.  
          Rossi sarcastically tells Steven he should be very proud.  Lee 
          says to John, "No hard feelings."  John tells Lee that hard 
          feelings are the only ones he has now.  Peyton congratulates 
          Lee.  He says he really means it. 
Scene 3:  In the jail cell collecting his belongings, Lee talks with 
          Steven.  Lee wants Steven to look out the window for the view 
          he had while he was in jail.  Lee says he thinks Steven is 
          great.  Lee said that Steven really had him sweating.  Lee says 
          that Steven should go into politics.  Lee tells Steven that he 
          is his buddy.  
Scene 4:  Lee is set free.  Martin congratulates Steven.   Peyton asks to 
          see Steven alone.  Martin says that Lee is guilty of murder.  
          He says that Steven mocked Ann's death.  Martin has a reason to 
          go on living to see Lee Webber punished. [see episode 400]. 
Scene 5:  Outside on the square, Lee jumps on Mario's back and is 
          congratulated.  Lee asks Robert to shake his hand. Lee sticks 
          his hands in the Pillory. 
Scene 6:  Steven talks to Betty in the courthouse.  Steven says when 
          lawyers dote on themselves, it is always when the guilty beat 
          the gallows.  Betty asks Steven to share his problems with her.  
          Steven tells Betty to go to the Carsons.  She is expected.  
          Betty leaves the courthouse. 
Scene 7:  At the Carson house, Constance and Betty are playing with 
          Matthew.  Constance says she makes chocolate cake from scratch 
          instead of using a mix.  It gives a sense of accomplishment.  
          Constance tells Betty that she is greatful for her help the 
          last few weeks. 
Scene 8:  Sandy is walking home with Chris near the wharf.  They go in 
          the house.  Chris tells Sandy to go pack, and that he will give 
          her money to get away.  Sandy doesn't want to leave Chris with 
          his brother.  Chris says that Lee can still be re-arrested and 
          that most of the people in town know that Lee is guilty.  Chris 
          says he will join Sandy in Boston.  He tells her again to pack.  
          He hands he a suitcase. 

Scene 9:  Lee rides up on his motorcycle and parks in front of his house.  
          Lee then goes in the house.  Lee says, "Like I always said, 
          little brother.  They didn't make the job that could keep me, 
          or the jail which could hold me.  Or the woman who could walk 
          herself out of my life." 
Preview:  Dr. Rossi talks with Constance.  Rodney and Steven argue.  
          Chris and Lee argue. 
          MR:  What kind of a man am I to let him get away with that?
          CM:  You're the kind of man that Ann Howard loved.
          RH:  That's a biological fact.  When are you going to accept 
          SC:  It's what you're trying to make out of it that I won't 
               accept.  Now let's not turn this into a lasting 
               relationship that demands respect and affection.  It's not 
               there.  It won't work.
          LW:  How long are you going to make me pay for it? 
          CW:  Let's set the account straight, Lee.  You haven't begun to 
               pay.  Not yet.
Judge Irwin A. Chester-Jon Lormer
Mario, friend of Lee Webber.
Robert, friend of Lee Webber.