Episode 297.
WA:       A long night has passed since Hannah Cord's startling testimony 
          in the Lee Webber hearing, revealed the secret that Martin 
          Peyton tried so desperately to keep.  And so the truth, like 
          the sun, has finally come out.  Hannah testified that Catherine 
          Peyton had an illicit relationship with Brian Cord, and that 
          she was the mother of Steven Cord and Ann Howard.  Peyton's 
          long and bitter struggle to protect his daughter is at an end. 
Intro:    In the livingroom of the Peyton mansion, Martin is riding in 
          his motorized wheelchair.  He goes over to the fireplace and 
          pokes the fire.  He stands up using his two canes and looks at 
          the portrait of his daughter. 

Scene 1:  Rodney comes in the front door and talks with his grandfather.  
          Peyton talks about Hannah's performance in court.  Rodney talks 
          about learning that his mother gave birth to two illegitimate 
          children.  He criticizes his grandfather for using that 
          information to manipulate their lives.  Peyton says he did it 
          to protect his daughter and Rodney and Norman. 
Scene 2:  Hannah Cord comes down the stairs.  Thomas has been helping her 
          pack and moving trunks.  She tells Peyton that she has left 
          detailed instructions for his care.  She says that breakfast is 
          almost ready.  She leaves.  Rodney goes upstairs. 
Scene 3:  Mrs. Linden, the Les Femmes saleslady, greets Elliot who is 
          about to move a shipment of paper-back books in front of the 
          Book Gallery, and she greets Eli who is pushing the baby buggy.  
          Eli says that Matthew has gained 3 ounces this week.  [Mrs. 
          Linden appears in a later episode as a customer of Eli Carson.] 
Scene 4:  Rodney drives up to the Shoreline Garage in a light blue car 
          and is met by Jack Chandler who introduces himself.  He wants 
          Rodney to fix his car.  He says that it has been hard to start.  
          Chandler offers to buy Rodney a cup of coffee. 
Scene 5:  In the Book Gallery, Elliot talks to Constance.  Court begins 
          in a half hour.  Betty is worried and comes in to talk to 
          Elliot.  Steven says that he believes that Ann Howard was a 
Scene 6:  Betty runs up and kisses Steven and they go in the Bank 
          building where Steven's office is located, just across the 
          street from the Pillory. 
Scene 7:  Rachel is sitting in Rossi's chair as he comes in.  Mrs. Healey 
          made the dress for Rachel and told her she could use her sewing 
          machine.  Rossi does an imitation of an old lady with back pain 
          and other ailments.  Rachel hugs and kisses Rossi to thank him.  
          Rossi offers to get Rachel an advance on her salary so she can 
          get some material to make clothes. 
Scene 8:  In the Shoreline Garage, Rodney is looking under the hood, as 
          Chandler annoys him. Chandler is short on cash today but will 
          have it tomorrow.  He says his address is RFD 11 Hastings 
          valley.  Rodney says he's Norman's brother.  Chandler says he 
          was married to Lucy for ten years.  Lucy died recently.  Rodney 
          replaced the battery.  Chandler pays Rodney $15 and promises 
          the other half later. 

Scene 9:  Steven is shaving with a safety razor as Betty watches.  He 
          tells her about the Boston manor.  He finishes, washes his 
          face, and puts on after-shave lotion.  He takes off his shirt 
          and tosses it aside.  He puts on a clean shirt.  He asks Betty 
          to help him with his cuff-links.  He tells her about a gift he 
          got from Catherine.  The card said, "To a bright boy.  Best 
          wished for a winning future."  He asks Betty to help him with 
          his cuff links.  She does.  He then puts on his tie and ties 
          it.  Steven says that Peyton despises Harringtons as much as 
          the Cords.  He talks about church and birthday parties.  Steven 
          says, "I am a Peyton just as much as they are."  [Reminds us of 
          "Young Frankenstein"].  He says, "You want what I want.  Betty 
          promises to help him.  He asks for her pin to wear when he goes 
          to battle in the courtroom. 
Preview:  Judge Irwin A. Chester talks to John Fowler.  Martin talks to 
          Steven Cord.  Sandy talks with Chris. 
          JC:  I deal in the law, Mr. Prosecutor.  The law fortunately,
               means hard evidence.
          MP:  You're still destructive.  Just as when you were a 
               child.  The grown ups follow you cleaning up the mess 
               you've made.

          SW:  Are you going to try and bluff it out.
          CW:  I'm not going to bluff it out.  I'm just not going to 
               let him get away with Ann's murder, and that is a fact. 
Judge Irwin A. Chester-Jon Lormer.
Mrs. Linden-Les Femmes saleslady. epi 297, 299, 326,