Episode 296.
WA:       Jack Chandler is a man with a mission.  He wants to return 
          young Rachel Welles to his world.  The isolated world of his 
          Hastings Valley farm.  He knows that he must tread lightly.  He 
          must find out the nature of the enemy.  The enemy?  Men like 
          Elliot Carson. 
Intro:    On the darkened square, by the bandstand, in front of the 
          Clarion, Jack Chandler stands and ponders how to get Rachel 
          back.  [Special effects, bottom lighting on Chandler's face to 
          make him look more evil]. 
Scene 1:  Elliot is operating the typewriter in the Clarion office as 
          Chandler comes in.  He introduces himself.  Elliot asks him 
          what he can do for him.  Chandler says, "Nothing special."  He 
          compliments Elliot on his editorials.  He then says that he 
          can't put more than three or four words in a row without 
          getting them all "molly stepson." Elliot says he is pressed for 
          time.  Chandler says he is sorry about what happened to 
          Elliot's daughter.  Elliot thanks him for his concern.  They 
          talk about Rachel, Allison, and the bracelet, and the navy.  
          Elliot asks Chandler how long he has lived in Hastings Valley. 
          Chandler is evasive.  Out of the blue, Elliot asks if he has 
          ever been in the navy.  He says whatever Rachel told him is 
          true.  Chandler says, "Nice talking to you," and leaves. 
Scene 2:  In the Peyton livingroom, Leslie is drinking with his feet 
          propped up on a foot stool.  Peyton is listening to Leslie 
          talk.  Leslie talks about the 25 years he has tolerated things.  
          He talks about being a dock worker at the mill.  Peyton says 
          that he didn't belong.  They trade barbs.  Peyton tells 
          Harrington that his taste and deportment are hopelessly 
          pedestrian.  Martin says that Leslie will always be common.  
          Martin says that Leslie is inferior.  Leslie says that Martin 
          manipulated his daughter's wife.  Martin says that Leslie is a 
          fool.  Martin says that Norman went to the cemetary.  Martin 
          asks what Leslie's price is to let things lie.  Leslie says no 
          deal.  Martin asks if Leslie would like to resign from the 
          management of the mill.  Leslie says he never felt comfortable 
          in this house.  Leslie asks Martin how it feels to live in 
          "solitary confinement."  Martin tells Leslie goodnight.  They 
          depart confirmed enemies. 
Scene 3:  Rita and Rodney are talking.  Rodney thinks about going to 
          White River to look around for Norman.  She asks how the garage 
          is going.  About then, Norman walks in.  Norman asks if they 
          are having a party.  Rita says that she was worried.  They talk 
          a while and Rodney leaves. 
Scene 4:  Rossi goes to Steven Cord's office and finds Betty at the 
          typewriter but not typing.  Rossi offers Betty a ride home.  
          Rossi asks where Steven is.  Betty offers to leave a note.  
          Steven is also gone. 
Scene 5:  At the Carson house, Constance is caring for Matthew.  She 
          finishes applying a diaper and puts talcum on his stomach.  
          Elliot talks about Chandler and the bracelet. 

Scene 6:  Rita comes in barefoot and finds Norman asleep in an easy 
          chair.  She says it is late.  He says he knows.  She asks if 
          he's going to school, tomorrow.  Rita says that she is lonely.  
          They talk.  Norman says, "Look, if you want to have a baby so 
          badly, you better cash in that ring and go out and get yourself 
          a cat with a healthy pedigree. 
Preview:  Steven talks with Betty.  Rodney talks to Peyton. 
          SC:  I can fight him and I can win.  I want to give you so 
          BA:  Don't Steven.  Don't pretend it's for me.  You've been 
               honest with me so far.
          RH:  Every word Hannah Cord said on that stand you knew 
               about.  All these years you've known it.  And you 
               used it to manipulate people's lives.

Molly Stepson-an expression used by Jack Chandler.