Episode 295.
WA:       Catherine Peyton Harrington.  Born 1918.  Died 1964.  
          Catherine's father, Martin Peyton, has rushed to the cemetary 
          as Hannah Cord completed her testimony in the Lee Webber 
          hearing.  Shocking testimony, that disclosed publicly that 
          Catherine was the mother of Steven Cord and Ann Howard.  And 
          that Martin Peyton spent the past 28 years of his life 
          concealing this fact. 
MEL:      Norman is at the cemetary because Catherine was his mother and 
          Ann Howard was his half-sister.  Martin is there because 
          Catherine was his daughter and Ann was his granddaughter.  
          Rossi is here because Ann was his fiancée and Catherine 
          was Ann's mother.  
Intro:    In the cemetary, Norman is standing at Catherine's grave.  
          After a while, Norman walks away.  Martin Peyton, a cane in his 
          right hand, flowers and a cane, in his left hand, walks to the 
          headstone of his daughter, Catherine Peyton Harrington.  The 
          Peyton family plot is enclosed by an iron fence. 
Scene 1:  Rossi calls out rudely and walks up to Peyton.  He berates 
          Peyton concerning his daughter, Catherine, and his 
          grand-daughter, Ann Howard.  Rossi says he doubts if Peyton 
          knows the color of her eyes and if he ever heard her laugh.  
          Martin says her eyes were blue.  He never heard her laugh.  
          Rossi says that he had heard her laugh.  Peyton asks if Rossi 
          wants an apology.  He promises Rossi that Lee Webber will pay 
          for the murder of Ann.  [One of the many predictions in the 
          series few of which actually came true].  Peyton starts to 
          leave and almost collapses.  Rossi comes over and helps him 
          walk to the limousine.  The chauffeur is not shown in this 
Scene 2:  With piano music in the background at the Colonial Post Inn, 
          Leslie is drinking as Rodney walks up.  Rodney is concerned 
          about Norman, who is missing.  Rodney says that he checked with 
          Rita and Mrs. Carson.  Leslie asks if Rodney wants a drink.  
          Leslie tells Rodney to sit down, he is making him nervous.  
          Rodney sits at the table and says that he would like Leslie to 
          help search for Norman.  The waitress brings Leslie another 
          drink.  The hostess hands Rodney a menu.  Leslie explains why 
          he and Catherine had to get married.  
          Leslie says that he had to elope with Catherine because Peyton 
          had threatened to run him out of town if he came within 40 
          miles of his daughter.  He says that it is possible that he was 
          married by the same man as Norman and Rodney were when they 
          eloped.  The man looked like an undertaker.  [Not likely 
          because Rodney and Betty went to White River, Massachusetts and 
          Norman and Rita went across the state line to Owens Ridge, 
          state not specified.]  He wasn't good enough for Peyton's 
          daughter.  Catherine married Leslie to spite her father.  
          Catherine lived in the same house as Steven and ignored him.  
          Leslie talks about Rodney's legacy.  Leslie tells Rodney he 
          wants him to leave the Peyton house.  Leslie wants to throw the 
          bargain back in Peyton's teeth.  Leslie wants Rodney to leave 
          the mansion and go away with him. 
Scene 3:  Betty is pacing in the courtroom.  She pounds the gavel and 
          tells Steven that she is hungry.  She is deliberately being a 
          pest.  He suggests she go to the inn (on the same block).  
          Steven says, he's not hungry.  She asks him to go watch her 
          eat.  Ralph, the bailiff, brings Steven some papers.  He 
          apologizes to Steven for keeping him waiting.  Betty continues 
          to annoy Steven.  She says they have an appointment to see the 
          Tobin house. 
Scene 4:  At the mansion, the chimes ring.  Mary greets and admits 
          Leslie.  He asks her to tell Peyton he is there.  She goes to 
          get Peyton.  Leslie goes in the livingroom and helps himself 
          to a drink.  He looks at the portrait of Catherine and takes a 
          drink.  Hannah comes in the front door.  Leslie greets her.  
          Leslie asks Hannah what she will do now.  She says that she 
          never received anything from Martin except her wages as 
          housekeeper.  Leslie accuses Hannah of possibly pushing that 
          poor unfortunate girl.  Leslie says that he expects Martin to 
          close down the house and return to Boston.  Martin comes down 
          and tells Leslie he intends to stay in Peyton Place.  He asks 
          Hannah to excuse them and leave Leslie and himself in private.  
          She leaves, apparently back out the front door.  Martin says 
          that he supposes Leslie has a great deal to say.  Leslie does. 
Scene 5:  Rossi is in his office as Rachel knocks and comes in.  Rossi 
          apologizes for not bringing her back from the police station to 
          the hospital [a block and a half].  Rossi asks Rachel what 
          happened in the meeting with Chandler.  He wants to know what 
          Chandler said.  The meeting lasted over five minutes.  Rachel 
          tells him that Chandler wants her to come back to the farm.  
          She is his only living relative.  She told him that she would 
          run away if she had to go back with him.  She asks for 
          permission to go back to her room.  Rossi says no.  About then, 
          Constance knocks and comes in with Matthew.  She is here for 
          Matthew's checkup.  Wide eyed, Rachel asks if this is Matthew.  
          Constance and Rachel talk.  Rachel asks to hold Matthew and 
          Constance hands him to her.  Rachel says he is a fine baby.  
          Rachel talks about taking care of babies.  That she is good 
          with babies. 
Scene 6:  In the Clarion, Elliot is talking with Jerry, the composer.  He 
          says he just doesn't like it.  He wants more two column heads.  
          And more graphics.  Jerry says no problem and goes back in the 
          composing room.  Eddie, the postman, brings Elliot a package.  
          Eli comes in and greets Eddie.  Elliot is not in a hurry to 
          open the package.  Eli starts to grab the package when Elliot 
          grabs it.  The package is old newspapers from the state prison.  
          Elliot is looking for the name Jack Chandler.  Eli mentions the 
          rocky soil in Hastings Valley.  Elliot says that her aunt went 
          to visit a cousin in Charlestown, the state prison.  She came 
          back with Chandler who had only the clothes on his back.  Eli 
          says that Elliot is not a newspaper man.  He is a father and a 
          husband.  He looks at the prison paper headline: 

                           VISITORS OUTPLAY CONS  
Preview:  Rita talks with Norman.  Chandler talks with Elliot.  Leslie 
          talks with Peyton. 
          RJ:  You can't just make up your mind about a thing like this 
               without discussing it with me first.
          JC:  I did have something I wanted to say to you.  Not about the 
               paper.  About your daughter. 
          EC:  About my daughter?  What about my daughter?
          LH:  You can't make Steven legitimate.  But are you going to 
               recognize him?  You asked me to think about my sons.  
               Well, I am.

Eddie, the postman-not credited.
Composing room at the Clarion-run by Jerry