Episode 294.

          Steven learns of his true parentage.
WA:       Elliot Carson has taken advantage of the long court recess to 
          satisfy his curiosity about Jack Chandler.  He has questioned 
          Chandler's niece, Rachel Welles, and found her deliberately 
          vague and evasive.  But her attitude has only strengthened 
          Elliot's determination to learn all he can about the man who 
          seeks permanent custody of this frightened girl. 
Intro:    Leaves on the ground.  Car drives up in front of the 
          courthouse.  Elliot gets out and goes up to the entrance.  He 
          watches as a Police car drives up and Rachel gets out and goes 
          in the courthouse.  Elliot follows her in.  This is possibly 
          the only good view of the north side of the bank building and 
          Doctors Hospital. 
Scene 1:  Constance is inside waiting.  Constance and Elliot talk briefly 
          with Rachel.  Rossi walks up and talks briefly with Rachel.  
          The police had brought Rachel back to the police station to be 
          interviewed by a Mrs. Franks, Child Protective Bureau agent.  
          Elliot and Constance talk with Rossi.  Constance asks Elliot if 
          Chandler may retain custody.  Rossi talks with Rachel.  Rossi 
          goes inside the courtroom and sits.  He turns around and sees 
          Rachel.  He gets up and takes her to the jail waiting area. 
Scene 2:  Back in the courtroom, Lee is sitting at the defendant's table.  
          Steven continues to question Hannah Cord on the stand.  Peyton 
          interrupts the proceedings.  The Judge, Irwin A. Chester, tells 
          Ralph, the bailiff, to remove Mr. Peyton.  Ralph starts to 
          remove the old man, but the judge relents and lets Peyton stay.  
          Hannah says, "I would have been Mrs. Martin Peyton except for 
          Catherine."  [Hannah Cord's testimony monopolizes the majority 
          of this episode].  Steven ends the examination by saying, 
          "Mrs. Cord, no--further--questions." 
Preview:  Leslie talks to Hannah.  Steven talks with Betty.  At the Inn, 
          Rodney talks to Leslie. 
          LH:  It's quite possible, isn't it, that Lee Webber wasn't 
               there, and that you pushed that poor unfortunate girl. 
          SC:  Not now. 
          BA:  When?  Tomorrow, when it's over. 
          SC:  It won't be. 
          BA:  It will be.
          RH:  You can't use me to make your bargains anymore.  And you 
               can't make me love her any more or any less by dragging her 
               memory through the garbage heap.
Judge Irwin A. Chester-Jon Lormer.
Mrs. Franks, Child Protective Agency-only mentioned
Ralph the bailiff-Gino De Agustino.