Episode 293.
WA:       Today, the Peyton County Courthouse is a magnet drawing to its 
          matter-of-fact corridors and rooms an extraordinary variety of 
          people.  Martin Peyton and Hannah Cord arriving together.  
          Peyton, to remind her of her obligations.  Mrs. Cord to testify 
          as to her knowledge of the death of Ann Howard.  Elsewhere in 
          the courthouse, young Rachel Welles has been placed on a 
          different sort of witness stand by the man who calls himself 
          her uncle, Jack Chandler. 
Intro:    The limousine drives up and Peyton and Hannah get out and go 
          into the courthouse.  [A very brief shot of the building across 
          the street east from the Pharmacy is seen.  In the early part 
          of the series it was the Interstate Bus station and later on it 
          was the PEYTON movie theater.] 
Scene 1:  In a private room, Rachel tells Chandler that she is not coming 
          back to the farm with him, ever.  She threatens to tell the 
          police that she found Allison's bracelet on the floorboard of 
          his car. 
Scene 2:  As he is leaving the police station, Chandler speaks to Dr. 
          Rossi and tells him to thank Mr. Fowler.  Rossi tells the 
          officer to take Rachel back to the hospital.  The interested 
          townfolk file back into the courtroom. 
Scene 3:  The court reconvenes.  Rossi, Rodney, Elliot, Fowler, and many 
          other citizens of Peyton Place are there.  The court clerk 
          calls the court to order.  Hannah identifies a photograph of 
          her daughter, Ann Howard.  [Ann Cord Colby Howard.]  Hannah 
          says that she gave away the girl to her father, Brian Cord.  
          She kept the son, Steven.  Hannah says that Ann was accused of 
          pushing Chris Webber off the bluff, at Sailors' Bluff.  The 
          next time she saw Ann was 28 years later, only a few months 
          ago.  Ann came to the Peyton door unannounced.  She had just 
          found out that Hannah was her mother.  Hannah asks Steven for a 
          moment to collect herself.  Judge Chester recesses the court 
          for one hour. 

Scene 4:  In the police station, Elliot talks with Sgt. Edward Goddard.  
          Elliot says that he recognized Chandler, but he can't remember 
          from where.  Sgt. Goddard isn't of any help.  Elliot leaves the 
          police station.  Elliot calls to Ralph, the bailiff. 
Scene 5:  Elliot goes outside and finds Dr. Rossi on the Bandstand.  He 
          asks Rossi is he knows anything about Chandler.  Rossi says he 
          doesn't.  Elliot allows that he has seen Chandler somewhere 
          before.  Rossi is disturbed by Hannah's testimony.  Eli takes 
          Matthew in his General Store and talks.  The stove is a 
          colonial antique. 
Scene 6:  Elliot comes in the hospital supply room and startles Rachel 
          causing her to drop a bottle.  He apologizes for startling her.  
          Elliot asks Rachel where Jack Chandler came from.  Rachel says 
          that she has told him everything she knows.  Elliot tries to get 
          information.  Rachel says, "I didn't talk to him much.  I don't 
          want to be around him anymore.  I don't want to think about him 

Preview:  Martin Peyton addresses Judge Chester and the courtroom.  In 
          the corridor of the courthouse, Dr. Rossi talks with Rachel.  
          Hannah accuses Lee Webber.  Lee denies the accusation. 
          MP:  This is a Peyton World.  I have been patient,  
               remarkably patient.
          JC:  Mr. Peyton.
          MR:  Now, you come with me.  
          RW:  But, Is it important?
          MR:  Yes, it's important to me.  That's why I don't want 
               you to make a cheap sideshow out of it.
          HC:  She was pushed.  He pushed her.
          LW:  That's a lie.  I didn't push anybody.

Court clerk-Victor Izay.