Episode 292.
WA:       The Peyton Place square is a crossroads.  On the one side, it's 
          the only logical place for a new mother like Constance 
          Mackenzie Carson to show her new baby.  For Constance,  this 
          presentation of Matthew Carson has added meaning.  It is a time 
          to put aside the dispair caused by the disappearance of her 
          grown daughter Allison.  And it is a time to put aside the 
          tragedy of Ann Howard's death, the subject of a preliminary 
          hearing on the other side of the square.  And to put aside the 
          sudden entrance into her life of a young girl, Rachel Welles, 
          who her husband believes has knowlege of Allison.  But today is 
          Matthew's day. 
Intro:    Eli is changing the population sign from 8867 to 8868.  He is 
          wearing a gray sweater and an apron.  As he finishes, Constance 
          comes around the corner in front of the Pharmacy, pushing the 
          tram.  She meets up with Eli in front of the Clarion. 
Scene 1:  The "old coot with the walrus mustache" is taking Polaroid® 
          pictures and is generally making a nuisance of himself.  He 
          asks Constance to go over to the bandstand to have her picture 
          taken.  He then goes into the Clarion to get Elliot and then 
          helps Constance across the street.  He holds up traffic 
          annoying a lady driver.  Elliot, wearing a black suit, comes 
          out of the Clarion and stands by Constance for a picture.  A 
          boy named Newton tries to edge into the picture.  Behind the 
          old coot, Jack Chandler is seen getting out of his 57 Ford 
          panel wagon and going in the side entrance of the police 
          station on the east side of the Town Hall. 
Scene 2:  District Attorney John Fowler is listening to a 5 inch reel-to 
          reel tape recording of his own voice.  His secretary Mary Ann, 
          buzzes him saying that a Jack Chandler wants to see him.  
          Fowler says he has to go to court but can see him tomorrow.  
          Fowler relents and talks with Chandler.  The farmer wants to 
          see his niece, Rachel.  Chandler says he doesn't want to cause 
          any trouble. He further says that he is her only living 
          relative.  Fowler asks Marianne to get Dr. Rossi at the 
          hospital.  Using a pencil, she dials 6 digits on a rotary dial 
Scene 3:  In John Fowler's outer office, Chandler asks the secretary 
          where a barber shop would be.  She says, "Two blocks to the 
          right, one to the left." 
Scene 4:  Betty is talking with Steven as he prepares for the day.  
          Steven can't find his wristwatch.  He had left the watch on the 
          table by the couch.  Evidently he hadn't lusted after Betty the 
          night before. 
Scene 5:  Norman, wearing a suit, is waiting for Rodney, wearing a white 
          shirt and tie, as their father, Leslie, joins them.  Leslie 
          expects Martin Peyton's name to be smeared in court today.  He 
          thinks the three Harrington men should make an appearance 
          together.  They agree to go. 
Scene 6:  In the Peyton mansion, Hannah is waiting.  She looks hatefully 
          at the portrait of Catherine.  One can only imagine what her 
          thoughts are.  Martin comes in and asks Hannah if she is all 
          right.  He asks further where she was last night.  They prepare 
          to ride to the courthouse together. 
Scene 7:  Peyton's Rolls Royce limousine pulls up in front of the 
          courthouse.  Thomas gets out on the left, the driver's side, 
          and goes around to offer his gloved hand to Hannah to help her 
          out.  Martin Peyton slides over and is helped only minimally to 
          get out of the car.  
Scene 8:  Rossi brings Rachel to the police station for a meeting with 
          her uncle, Jack Chandler.  Rossi wants the meeting to be 
          supervised meeting.  Fowler wants it private with police just 
          outside the door. 
Scene 9:  Reluctantly, Rachel talks with Chandler.  She screams and the 
          officer comes in.  He checks with Rachel and exits.  Chandler 
          and Rachel talk some more. 
Preview:  Steven examines Hannah on the witness stand.  Rachel complains 
          to Elliot. 
          SC:  To your knowledge, did she ever know that I was her 
          HC:  Yes, she found that out.  
          SC:  When was that? 
          HC:  The day she ... 
          SC:  The day she what, Mrs. Cord?  The day she what, Mrs. Cord? 

          RW:  I don't want to be around him anymore.  I don't want to 
               think about him anymore.
Polaroid® camera.
The name Mary Ann may actually be Marianne or even Marian.
In any case, John Fowler's wife is named Marian.