Episode 291.
WA:       Dr. Michael Rossi has committed himself completely to the 
          protection of his patient, young Rachel Welles.  Today, he has 
          given permission to Constance Mackenzie to see the girl.  It is 
          this meeting between the two women that the doctor sees as the 
          last best hope of getting information about the missing Allison 
Intro:    Outside of Doctors Hospital.  Then inside, in the corridor.  
          Dr. Rossi comes out of his office and goes to the nurses duty 
Scene 1:  A volunteer, Mrs. Healey, wife of the of Peyton County coroner, 
          is helping Rachel with her hair and grooming.  Rachel tells 
          Mrs. Healey that she uses ordinary hand soap to shampoo her 
          hair.  Rossi gives Mrs. Healey the $5.00 that Mrs. Burrows had 
          left for Rachel.  He tells her that Mrs. Carson wants to see 
          her.  He also talks about the harassing phone calls Constance 
          has been receiving.  He talks about losing Ann.  Rachel agrees 
          to see Mrs. Carson.  She said that she didn't know that Rossi 
          was bereft. 
Scene 2:  Sandy, carrying sandwiches, walks up to the Shoreline Garage 
          and goes in.  The sandwiches are $3.75 and she puts them on the 
          tab.  Sandy briefly hits on Rodney.  Rodney doesn't respond to 
          the overture.  Sandy leaves. 
Scene 3:  Norman comes in to see Rodney.  Norman tells Rodney that he 
          needs Sandy, like he needs pierced ears. 
Scene 4:  In the Cider Barrel, Chris teases Sandy about her relationship 
          with Rodney.  Chris speaks about the bloom on the vernal rose.  
          Hannah has walked up outside. 

Scene 5:  Hannah has gone down to the wharf and is standing in front of 
          the Cider Barrel.  Tommy Magnuson, the lobsterologist, walks up 
          and asks Hannah how the lobsters went over, that he had sent to 
          Mr. Peyton.  Hannah replies that they were fine and that Mr. 
          Peyton enjoyed them.  She looks at the stairs which lead up to 
          Mrs. Hewitt's boarding house, where Ann had rented an 
          apartment.  The Chowder Pot is to the west (left) of the stairs 
          and under the stairs that lead up to Mrs. Hewitt's.  Tommy 
          Magnuson is not actually identified in this encounter.
Scene 6:  Back at the Cider Barrel Diner, Sandy Webber mentions to Chris 
          that Hannah has gone to the boarding house.  Mrs. Hewitt has 
          been unable to rent Ann Howard's apartment since her death 
          because it seems nobody wants it.  
Scene 7:  Steven visits Lee in his cell.  Lee says that the jail is getting 
          on his nerves and he wants out.  Lee complains with vigor. 
Scene 8:  Rodney is working under a car with a tag number K84-635.  
          Norman is nominaly helping him.  Norman gets a box wrench and 
          a hose clamp at Rodney's request.  [This is a technical error, 
          because it would be pointless to ask for a box wrench without 
          specifying a size.  The hose clamp presents the same problem].  
          Norman goes outside for the soda and returns to tell Rodney 
          that he saw Lady MacBeth.  Hannah is scheduled to testify the 
          next day.  Norman opines that she might be heading to the bluff.
Scene 9:  Constance talks to and comforts Rachel.  Rachel tells Constance 
          that she never saw Allison.  Constance says that Rachel would 
          have liked her.  Rachel says she was 8 when she lost her 
          parents.  Constance says that she loves Allison very much.  
Preview:  Betty and Steven talk.  Martin talks to Hannah.  Chandler tells 
          Rachel not to raise her voice. 
          BA:  Once you break your mother into a thousand little pieces, 
               what then, what else will break? 
          SC:  What?
          BA:  What else.  It not only going to be your mother that's 
               going to be broken.
          MP:  Remember what's best for us.  Best for both of us. 
          JC:  What do you know about the bracelet?  Don't raise 
               voice, you understand.  Don't raise your voice.

The tab, euphemism for credit.    
Mrs. Healey-spouse of Peyton County Coroner Dr. Clarence L. Healey.
The price of the sandwiches seems relatively steep considering the sign 
  in the Cider Barrel promoting a sandwich for 30 cents. 
Tommy Magnuson, lobsterologist-Charles Thompson.