Episode 290.
WA:       Dr. Michael Rossi has been pulled away from the Peyton County 
          Courthouse where he was an observer to the testimony of Martin 
          Peyton, to look into a strange incident at Doctors Hospital. 
          One of his patients, young Rachel Welles, was admitted here 
          with a self inflicted wound.  A deep cut in her hand designed 
          to keep her in the sanctuary of the hospital.  But the 
          sanctuary has been invaded by a man who identified himself as 
          Rachel's uncle. 

Intro:    Dr. Rossi drives up and parks in the hospital parking area.  
          [In reality this is a 20th Century Fox parking lot.]
          He rushes in the hospital without his bag or looking for 
          traffic.  He speaks to miss Choate at the Information Desk.  
          Rachel's hand is bandaged. 
Scene 1:  Rossi comes in to talk with Chandler.  Chandler asks Rossi if 
          he is threatening him.  Chandler threatens to get a court 
          order.  Rossi says he'll take him to court as an unfit 

Scene 2:  Rossi goes into room 101 where Mrs. Healey is tending to 
          Rachel.  Mrs. Healey is trying to get Rachel back in bed.  Dr. 
          Rossi tells Rachel that he has talked with Chandler.  He tells 
          her that Chandler is gone and he won't be back.  Rachel says, 
          "Thank you."  Rachel asks Rossi if he was frightened of 
          Chandler.  He tells her to get back in bed.  Mrs. Healey helps 
          Rachel back in bed. 

Scene 3:  Steven talks with Betty about poor Ann.  Betty hugs Steven and 
          tells him (Steven) that she loves him.  Leslie comes in the 
          courtroom.  Betty tells Leslie to leave them alone.  Betty 
          tells him off.  Leslie obliges by leaving. 

Scene 4:  Peyton and Rodney leave the courthouse and Thomas helps Peyton 
          in the limousine.  Rodney gets in after him.  Thomas walks 
          around to get in.  He is told by Peyton to drive around a bit.  
          Peyton says, "Let's go home."  

          Steven and Betty leave the courthouse.  The shadows indicate 
          that the courthouse faces south and it is about 1:00 pm.  They 
          walk down the sidewalk in the direction of the Colonial Post 
          Inn and the Bank building.  The limousine drives by the General 
          Store, the Clarion, the Peyton Place Professional Building, 
          Roode's Jewelry and Peyton Place real Estate, the Book 
          Gallery, Les Femmes, and the Pharmacy. 

Scene 5:  Peyton comes in the mansion followed by Thomas.  Peyton puts 
          his hat down by the front door and tells Hannah that he looked 
          for her.  She says that she walked home.  Hannah asks him if 
          he would like some brandy.  She tells him that she is quite 
          tired and will lie down until dinner.  Peyton says that he did 
          what had to be done.  Hannah tells Peyton that he wasn't hurt 
          at all, he came off quite well.  She said it was painful 
          watching Steven.  Hannah quotes from the Bible, "Thy money will 
          perish with thee."  

          The phone rings.  Hannah anwswers it.  Steven has called.  He 
          asks her to come over to his home.  She says that she will be 
          there."  Peyton says that Steven has thrown in the towel.  
          Peyton says he is sure that Hannah won't be called to testify.  
          [His prediction is wrong.] 

Scene 6:  In the Cord livingroom, Steven is drinking.  Betty is looking 
          out the window an the door chimes ring.  Betty goes to the 
          door and invites Hannah in.  Hannah tells Steven she is glad 
          he called.  She tells Betty that she has done marvelous things 
          with his house.  She asks Steven how he is doing.  Hannah 
          talks about Peyton's testimony.  She says that Peyton had no 
          right to humiliate him on the stand.  Steven gives the deed to 
          the house back to Hannah.  He calls the house an imposing 
          wedding gift.  Steven says that he is interested in the truth 
          and he doesn't care who it hurts.  Steven says, "I don't 
          care."  He hands her the deed. 

Scene 7:  Dr. Rossi goes to John Fowler to get him to take action 
          against Chandler.  Rossi talks about Chandler breaking into 
          Rachel's room.  Rossi wants a restraining order.  Fowler says 
          that the D.A.'s office has nothing to do with custody.   
          Fowler mentions Judge Andrews.  

Scene 8:  Chandler has been waiting outside.  As Rossi leaves, Chandler 
          and Rossi glare at each other.  Chandler goes on in and 
          introduces himself to John Fowler.  Fowler discusses the 
          problem of Rachel and Rossi with Chandler.  Chandler says he 
          has come to take her home.  Fowler says that it has been said 
          that he mistreated Rachel.  Chandler talks about how well he 
          and his wife took care of Rachel.  Fowler mentioned that 
          Rachel ran away.  Fowler says that Chandler boarded up his 
          house.  Chandler asks Fowler if he has any children.  He 
          doesn't.  Chandler leaves.  He doesn't speak to the secretary 
          on his way out. 

          [He should have asked where a barber shop was.] 

Preview:  Steven talks with Lee.  Constance talks to Rachel.  Sandy 
          talks with Rodney. 

          SC:  You put yourself in my hands, Webber.  And I could have 
               squeezed to death, out of sight, behind my back. 

          CM:  You know how the imagination plays funny tricks when you 
               don't know exactly what's happened.  If you know 
               anything, or anyone who does.  Tell me. 

          RH:  Look Sandy.
          SW:  I know it's wrong.
          RH:  Well, then why do you?
          SW:  Because, I can't seem to stay away from you.

Mrs. Healey, volunteer at the hospital, wife of coroner, Clarence 
  L. Healey. 
Jack Chandler-Jack Kellogg.
Chandler mentions his handyman, Jefferson, who has a key to the farmhouse. 
John Fowler mentions a Judge Andrews.