Episode 289.
          Jack Chandler comes to the hospital for Rachel Welles. 
WA:       Today, a Hastings Valley farmer, named Jack Chandler, has 
          driven into Peyton Place.  While the attention of the town is 
          on the courthouse where Martin Peyton is being interrogated by 
          Steven Cord, this man Chandler has come to claim the girl he 
          calls his niece, Rachel Welles, the girl who was found with the 
          bracelet of the missing Allison Mackenzie. 
Intro:    Chandler drives up in front of Doctors Hospital in his red 
          10-year-old 1957 Ford panel wagon. 

Scene 1:  The duty nurse at the Information Desk is talking with Mrs. 
          Montgomery about the lab work, as Jack Chandler walks up.  He 
          tells her that he wants to see Rachel, but the nurse tells him 
          that his niece is not allowed to have any visitors.  She tells 
          him that Miss Choate left instructions.  Chandler tells the 
          nurse that Rachel is his niece.  The nurse says that he must 
          follow instructions.  He asks about a gift shop and is told 
          there is one across the street.  The duty nurse apprises miss 
          Choate about Chandler.  Choate picks up the phone and tells the 
          operator to get in touch with Dr. Rossi and to have him call 
          her immediately. 
Scene 2:  At the Elliot Carson house, Eli Carson and Ed, the 
          deliveryman, are unload a large, but not very heavy crate 
          from the pickup delivery truck.  Rita opens the front door 
          and asks what's in the box.  Eli tells Rita that the crate 
          contains a baby elephant.  Rits calls to Constance.  
          Constance comes in with Matthew.  Rita tells her that the 
          crate contains a baby elephant.  Eli proceedes to opens the 
          crate.  Inside the crate is a magnificent perambulator.  The 
          card inside reads, "To start Matthew off on the right road, 
          Grandfather Carson."  Matthew is put in the perambulator and 
          Rita starts outside with him.  Eli warns Matthew that women 
          will push him around all his life. 

Scene 3:  Back in the courthouse, Peyton is testifying at Lee's hearing.  
          In this very long court scene, Steven cross-examines Peyton at 
          length.  Steven oversteps the bounds and is sent to chambers 
          and fined $500.00 and Judge Chester adjourns the court.  Ralph, 
          the bailiff, ushers Steven Cord to the Judge Chester's 

Scene 4:  Rachel is in bed in her second floor hospital room reading as 
          Mrs. Healey, wife of the Peyton County Coroner, wearing a red 
          plus + uniform, has pushed in the bookmobile.  A NO VISITORS
          sign is prominently displayed on Rachel's door. 
          Ignoring the sign, Chandler walks in with chocolate caramels 
          for Rachel.  He explains to Mrs. Healey that he is not a 
          visitor, he is a relative.  He tells Rachel that he has gone to 
          Maine to get his sister, Rachel's Aunt Meg.  He tells her that 
          her Aunt Meg will take care of her when they return to the 
          farm.  Mrs. Healey, a volunteer, has difficulty dealing with 
          Chandler and telephones for backup. 
Scene 5:  Miss Choate talks with Dr. Rossi on the phone and tells him one 
          of the volunteers is having trouble with Chandler.  Rossi 
          arrives, confronts Chandler, and takes him out in the hall.  
          They go to the linen closet to talk.  Chandler asks what 
          happened to Rachel.  Rossi explains that Rachel cut her hand.  
          Rossi tells Chandler to stay away from Rachel.  Chandler 
          threatens to take Rossi to court.  Rossi tells Chandler that 
          he is unfit to be her guardian.  Chandler leaves, none too 
Preview:  none 

Matthew Carson-Derek Camp [Derek Schultz].  
Aunt Meg, Rachel's aunt by marriage.  
Mrs. Healey, spouse of coroner, Clarence L. Healey is a hospital 
  volunteer who pushes bookmobile and combs hair. 
Mrs. Montgomery, out-patient.  
Eli is right-handed.