Episode 288.
WA:       A bitterly cold fall has descended on Peyton Place.  And with 
          the sudden turn of the seasons, Martin Peyton has come down 
          from his house on the hill.  The entrance of his limousine 
          into the square heralds an extraordinary event.  The man who 
          is the symbol of the town whose antecendents once owned and 
          ruled all of what is now Peyton County.  This man, Martin 
          Peyton, is steeling himself for a rare public appearance.  He 
          will testify for the prosecution in the preliminary hearing of 
          Lee Webber, accused of the murder of Ann Howard.  

          Martin Peyton has spent most of his mature years walking away 
          from questions, [knocks camera to the ground] questions about 
          his personal life, about his control of the town.  About his 
          manipulations of human life.  Now, District Attorney John 
          Fowler has forced him to submit to an interrogation.  Martin 
          Peyton knows that his answers could determine the course of 
          countless lives for many years to come. 
Intro:    Peyton is being driven into town in his Rolls Royce limousine.  
          He is assisted out of the limousine by Thomas.  He 
          acknowledges a photojournalist by knocking his Speed 
          Graphic® camera out of his hands using one of his canes.  
          Peyton using both canes walks up the courthouse steps and into 
          the courthouse. 
Scene 1:  Rodney greets his grandfather inside the courthouse.  Rodney 
          invites his grandfather to sit down a second.  Rodney offers 
          to get Peyton something to dring, water.  Peyton says he'ss 
          take brandy.  John Fowler offers the old man a drink of water.  
          Peyton in annoyed that everyone is trying to get him to drink 
          water.  Rodney telephones Dr. Rossi at the hospital to tell 
          him that Martin Peyton is already at the courthouse.  Steven 
          talks with Betty.  Steven asks to speak with John Fowler.  
          Steven says he wouldn't miss the chance to cross-examine 
Scene 2:  Rita is returning from the storeroom as Norman comes in the 
          pharmacy carrying eight school books.  He asks Rita to take 
          care of the books.  He cautions her not to get catsup and 
          mustard on them.  He doesn't want them messed up when he tries 
          to sell them at the end of the semester.  Rita observes that 
          Norman has cut a class.  He started to go to court but decided 
          not to and then came to the pharmacy.  Norman says that he 
          wants his own family.  Rita encourages Norman to show respect 
          for his mother by going to court to see his grandfather.  That 
          Peyton is his mother's father.  Norman kisses Rita.

Scene 3:  In a crowded courtroom, Peyton is being examined by John Fowler.  
          Chris wEBBER is seated to the right of Sandy.  Fowler asks about 
          Peyton's relationship to Hannah Cord.  Rossi comes in during the 
          testimony and sits on the aisle on Rodney's right.  Peyton has 
          an attack and almost collapses.  He is taken to the judge's 
          chambers.  Lee asks Steven where he fits into all of this.  He 
          says that he doesn't want to be the forgotten man.  Hannah, 
          still seated waits.

Scene 4:  Rossi examines Peyton in chambers.  Peyton says he is not in 
          pain, but has a tightness in his chest.  Rossi takes Peyton's
          blood pressure while waiting for Rodney to bring in the EKG 

Scene 5:  Steven Cord and Betty Anderson Cord talk about the trial and 
          Peyton.  Steven says that Peyton is faking.  Leslie comes up 
          and talks briefly with Steven and Betty.  

Scene 6:  Rossi uses the portable EKG machine on Martin Peyton to 
          produce an electro-cardiograph.  He tells Peyton that there is 
          nothing abnormal.  Rossi says that his optimism is justified.  
          He can return to the witness stand.  Fowler and Judge Irwin A. 
          Chester go back in chambers and talk with Martin Peyton.  
          Fowler offers Peyton to get a second medical opinion.  In the 
          courtroom Hannah asks the judge if she can go in to see 
          Peyton. Judge Chester tells her to go in.  She talks briefly 
          with Peyton and tells him that he is scared.  Peyton says to 
          Hannah, "Let's get it over with." 
Scene 7:  Jack Chandler drives up in his red 1957 Ford panel wagon and 
          parks it directly behind the Peyton limousine.  He skips up 
          the 6 steps 2-at-a-time and goes in the main entrance of the 
          Town Hall.  He walks past Judge Chester's courtroom and goes 
          into the police station.  At the desk, he announces to police 
          Sgt. William Wilson Walker:  "I've come for Rachel Welles."  
          Walker replies, "Is that so?"  Chandler says, "Ok.  My name's 
          Chandler.  I've got a farm in Hastings Valley.  I've come to 
          get Rachel Welles, my niece." 
Preview:  Chandler talks with Rachel.  Martin Peyton shouts at Steven 
          Cord.  Lee jumps up and denies killing Ann Howard.  Steven 
          Cord speaks.  Judge Irwin A. Chester reprimands Cord. 
          JC:  I fixed up things around home so you'll be happy there.  
               You're going to like her, Rachel.  I know you are. 
          RW:  I won't come.  Don't, don't. (screams).
          MP:  You're defending a man who murdered your own sister.
          LW:  I didn't murder anybody.
          SC:  We're going to inspect this, Mr. Peyton.  We're going to 
               inspect all of it. 
          JC:  Mr. Cord.
Judge Irwin A. Chester-Jon Lormer.
EKG machine.
Ralph, the bailiff-Gino De Agustino, uncredited.
The camera knocked to the ground by Peyton was probably a Speed Graphic®.

There was no preview in the previous episode.

In Episode 59, George tells Paul Hanley that Betty referred to the 
Harrington mansion as the Harrington Castle.  In episode 66, Rossi asks 
Claire to go out with him to the Castle Farms with him.  In Episode 
101 a reference is made in the Clarion to Schuster's paperwork castle.
These are the only episodes in which the word Castle is used to refer 
to the Peyton-Harrington mansion.  The movie "Return to Peyton Place" 
refers to the Castle.