Episode 287.
WA:       Rachel Welles, in a single violent moment has shown those 
          people closest to her, how deeply she fears to return to the 
          custody of her guardian.  A single violent moment and Rachel 
          has forced Dr. Michael Rossi to take her back to Doctors 
          Hospital where she knows she will be under his care and his 
          protection, at least for the time it takes to examine and bind 
          her wound.  To the young Harringtons, the incident can only add 
          to their guilt, their feeling of responsibility, too loosely 
          taken.  To Dr. Rossi, the incident pulls him irretrievably into 
          the life of this frightened young girl. 
Intro:    Rachel picks up a surgical knife and stabs herself in the 
          wrist, and arm. 
Scene 1:  Dr. Rossi asks Rachel if she has had stitches before.  He 
          injects novocaine into the cut so it won't hurt.  Rachel 
          compliments Dr. Rossi on his sewing skills.  She says that 
          Chandler married her aunt Lucy just to get the farm.  Chandler 
          sometimes used his belt on Rachel as punishment.  Rossi asks if 
          the cabin where Norman and Rita found her is what she refers to 
          as that special place.  Rossi asks Rachel to tell him everything 
          that happened.  When Rossi gets through bandaging Rachel, he 
          hugs her.  Rossi promises Rachel that she won't have to go back 
          to the farm with Chandler. 
Scene 2:  Rossi, Rachel, Rita, and Norman go out in the hospital corridor.  
          Rossi asks miss Choate to take Rachel to the second floor and get 
          her settled.  He goes to the phone and asks the operator to get 
          Steven Cord for him.  Rossi again asks miss Choate to take Rachel 
          to the second floor.  Miss Choate takes Rachel to the elevator.  
          [The elevator was just an ordinary door in the early B&W episodes.  
          A water fountain has been added to help clutter the corridor and a 
          "Quiet Please" sign has been posted above the fountain.]  The 
          operator tells Rossi that Steven Cord is at Ada Jacks' Tavern.  
Scene 3:  Rossi goes to the phone and talks to Steven Cord.  Steven asks 
          how to go about getting a restraining order against Jack 
          Chandler.  Steven says he is tied up with Lee Webber's 
          preliminary hearing.  Steven suggests contacting Ted Dowell who 
          he says is much more of an authority than he is in matters like 
Scene 4:  In the backyard of the Carson house, Eli talks to baby Matthew 
          about the seven seas and the actual thirteen seas.  Four
          great oceans, Pacific, Indian, Artic, and the Atlantic.  Elliot 
          complains to Constance about Eli talking to the helpless baby all 
          afternoon.  Eli promises Matthew that he will build him a boat 
          when he gets older.
Scene 5:  Betty is sitting at the desk, writing a letter, with her left 
          hand. She moves a pillow, adjusts the poker chips on a table 
          and goes to the door.  Steven comes in and stumbles.  He shows 
          signs of being sobriety challenged.  She seats him on the 
          couch.  Betty asks if he would like her to fix him something 
          and if he would like to talk.  She tells him that she went 
          shopping today.  Not for antiques, for houses.  She mentions 
          the Boison's place out on the ridge is for sale.  It needs 
          work, carpets, and drapes, but has a terrific view.  Steven 
          tells her that he went to Ada Jacks' Tavern.  Betty says that 
          Ada called her.  Steven will have to cross examine Peyton.  She 
          tells Steven to let it all out. 
Preview:  none 
Miss Collins, nurse.
Rossi hugs Rachel. 

The four oceans: 
   1. Atlantic 
   2. Pacific   
   3. Indian  
   4. Arctic 
The thirteen seas:
   1. Adriatic sea 
   2. Andaman sea 
   3. Baltic sea 
   4. Black sea 
   5. Caribbean sea
   6. Coral sea 
   7. Dead sea 
   8. East China sea 
   9. Sea of Japan 
  10. Mediterranean sea 
  11. North sea 
  12. Okhotsk sea 
  13. Red sea 
  14. South China sea
  15. Yellow Sea